Children and Young People Access Team

The Access Team make up part of Lincolnshire’s Children and young people's services. As a team we look at all referrals that are sent into Healthy Minds, the Mental Health Support Teams, or CAMHS to consider which, if any, of the teams are most likely to be able to provide the best support.

We also staff the 24/7 Lincolnshire Here4you line (0800 234 6342), providing advice to young people, parents, carers or professionals such as teachers. In this telephone call, we may give tips and strategies on ways you could help yourself, or we may agree together that you need some extra support from us. If we do not think we are the best place to help, we will always let you know who is and where to go next.

Call Handler(s)

The call handlers are the first voices you will hear when you call the line. They are like the front door to our services; they are not clinicians so won’t be asking much detail about the circumstances leading to your call. They will ask you a brief set of questions. They will need to know who you are i.e., if you are a young person, a parent/carer or professional, where you are calling from, and a very brief description of why you are calling the line.   The call handlers will try to put you through to a practitioner right away, however, if they can’t they will book you into an appointment slot.

All our call handlers are supported by our Lead Administrator, who sometimes may also take initial calls.


Staff Profile - J.pngJenny, Call Handler

Hello, My name is Jenny. I have worked for  Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust for over 10 years, I have found everyone that works for the Here4You Access team have been overwhelmingly welcoming and professional, their passion and commitment to the job that they do is undeniable.

I have a young boy and two baby pooches that like to keep me busy. In my spare time I enjoy going out for the odd day trip or weekend away but what I really enjoy is watching the latest film or programme and filling up on chocolate. 


Staff Profile - JJ.pngJo, Call Handler 

My name is Jo and I’ve worked as a call Handler with the CYP access Team since January 2023. Prior to this I have worked In Education for some 20 years! My last role as an Attendance Welfare Co-ordinator was challenging and made me realise just how many young people are currently struggling with their mental health, needing services such as this. I enjoy talking with people and love working and being part of such a caring and supportive team.

When I’m not walking my cat, I enjoy spending time with my family and going on weekend adventures, exploring new places or cosying up on the sofa to a good film!


Staff Profile Image - K Kaylea, Call Handler

I am Kaylea, a Here4You Access Team Call Handler. This is my second role within LPFT, previously I was a Senior HealthCare Support Worker on the PICU, so I am finding this role very different so far. I have always worked in care settings such as care homes, hospital wards and clinics.

I have three children, two cats and a puppy, all of which keep me extremely busy! I love meeting new people and in my spare time I like to go out and about with my children, walk my dog, cook, clean and decorate.


Staff Profile - MK .pngManjula, Call Handler

Hi, I am Manjula, a CYP Access Team Call Handler. I have been with LPFT for the past 2 years working as a Team Secretary in the Older Adult’s service. This role is very different to my previous one, but I already love being a Call Handler and being able to help young people, parents and professionals. I find the team welcoming, professional and passionate about their job.

I have 2 teenage boys, who keep me busy. I love reading and watching old or new films in my spare time with some nibbles. I like going for long walks and enjoy the countryside views.


Staff Profile - Sa.pngSandra, Lead Administrator

Hi! My name is Sandra and I am the Here4You Access Team - Lead Admin. My previous role was in Healthy Minds and I have been with the NHS for 4 years. Prior to this I was a PA in a school for nearly 10 years.

I love being part of the Access Team as I get to talk to lots of different people and I enjoy lots of the background admin jobs that forever need doing!

I love being outdoors, exploring the countryside, going to the beach and for walks and am looking forward to finding another doggie soon as mine sadly passed away during lockdown. I like exercising too and really enjoy Body Pump even though I often ache for days…!


Practitioner(s)/Senior Practitioner(s)

These are the people you will talk to about the reasons why you called the Here4You line and what you feel you need support with. If you submit an online referral a practitioner may call you back to get more information (we call this triaging). They also talk to parents/carers and professionals who call the line. The title ‘practitioner’ may sound a little scary, however be assured that they are there to listen and ensure you get the right help. All practitioners have relevant training and lots of experience working in a range of services- as you can see from our staff profiles!


Staff Profile - AC.pngAnge, Practitioner

I have previously worked in Healthy Minds and the adult Steps2Change service.

My favourite things in the world are being a Mum to my 3 children, I love cats and have 2 pet cats at home Charlie and Winston!

I love playing games with my family, hanging out with my twin sister and I collect crystals! I also love eating sweets and cakes and watching cooking programmes


Staff Profile - E.pngEmma, Practitioner

Hello, my name is Emma. I have recently joined the Here4You Access Team at Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, the team have been so welcoming, supportive, and always go the extra mile to support each other within the team.

I joined Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust as an apprentice administrator in 2015, since then I have worked within the trust in the adult division supporting those to live well in the community.

In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog, I have recently started swimming and love completing renovation projects in my home.


JG .pngJackie, Practitioner 

Hi! My name is Jackie and I have loved being a mental health nurse for over 20 years!  I’ve always enjoyed working with children and young people in a variety of roles for different teams such as CAMHS, Early Intervention and Compass Go.  I have even spent a few years working with indigenous young people in New Zealand!

I recently joined the Here4You service and feel very happy and proud to be working with such an enthusiastic, helpful and positive team. 

As well as nursing my other passions in life are my lovely family and friends.  We love our caravan adventures, especially when the beach is not too far away!  I love to be active and find walking  in the great outdoors the perfect way to unwind.


Staff Profile - KG .pngKaren, Practitioner

My name is Karen and I have been a mental health nurse for almost 25 years. I have worked in a variety of different mental health teams, but over the last 6 years I have worked in CAMHS, Healthy Minds, MHST and now the CYP Access Team. I live by the sea and enjoy taking my 2 dogs for a walk on the beach. I love animals and also have 4 cats, a bearded dragon and fish! I also love family time and we enjoy going to the cinema, bowling, days out and holidays.


Abi W.PDF.pngAbi, Practitioner

Hello, my name is Abi. I am a Here 4 You Access Team Practitioner. I have worked in the NHS since qualifying as a Paediatric Nurse in 2012. During this time, I have worked on a variety of children’s wards, and I have had the opportunity to work with children and young people’s services and supported Children and Young people requiring Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing needs. I am proud to be a part of the Here4You Team, everyone is caring, supportive and passionate about what they do.

In my spare time I love spending time with my Family and Friends, having days out and exploring new places, taking our dog out for walks and visiting the beach.



Kirsty, Practitioner

Hi, I am Kirsty and I am a CYP Access Team Practitioner. I have previously worked in the NHS as a staff nurse in Medical Outpatients, School Nursing Team, and School Aged Immunisation Service. More recently I have supported children and young people in various education settings. The whole team are very approachable, supportive and we all share a passion for what we do.

I enjoy a busy family life with 3 children and love to be active and outdoors walking my cockapoo, Reggie! I love yoga and more recently paddle boarding and hiking. My favourite places are my garden and the beach.


Staff Profile - P.png

Penny, Senior Practitioner

I was a Practitioner in Healthy Minds before working for the Here4You Access Team and I love my new role. 

My favourite things are my dog, Harry Potter, Disney and Marvel.  My spare time is spent spoiling my dog, going to the theatre/singing showtunes, watching movies and impressing everyone with my Harry Potter knowledge!

I also enjoy crafting and upcycling boring furniture.


Staff Profile - Sam Sam, Senior Practitoner 

Hi I’m Sam! I’m one of the Senior Here4You Access Team Practitioners. I completed my degree in Education and Psychology, and have used this throughout my career in Healthy Minds, a Mental Health Support Team and CAMHS.  I’m very passionate about the work that we as a team do, and they’re all so friendly and supportive to each other and everyone they speak to.

In my time away from work I enjoy going for walks with my dog, planning new travelling adventures and playing piano. I also am working on my yoga practice as it’s a great way to help me stay calm and feel revitalised, and to constantly feel challenged to push myself to achieve more. I sometimes spend time in front of the camera for local photographers to help them build their portfolios too!


Staff Profile - Sh.pngShurie, Bank Practitioner

Hi I am Shurie. I am a Here4you Practitioner, I have previously worked in Healthy Minds and CAMHS. Prior to this I completed my social work degree. Before my degree I worked with adults mainly within the learning disabilities sector.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and my dog Arnie.  I love to go out with friends especially if involves yummy food. I love all kinds of food and couldn’t pick a favourite. 

I enjoy decorating and transforming rooms and upcycling items.

I would really like to travel more, although not anywhere too hot as I am not one for the extreme hot weather.


Staff Profile - V.pngVicky, Senior Practitioner

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am one of the Senior Practitioners in the Here4You Access Team.  I am a Social Worker by background and have previously worked in Healthy Minds, Leaving Care and Domestic Abuse services. 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. My passion is travelling and visiting new countries, and the beach is my happy place where I feel calm and refreshed.  I also enjoy watching my children play various sports, and I like listening to live music. 


Staff Profile W.pngWill, Practitioner

I am Will, a Here4You Access Team Practitioner. I have previously worked in CAMHS and Healthy Minds.  I’ve been in the NHS for 6 years and previously have worked with Charitable Organisations. I also spent 24 years in the Royal Air Force Medical Services, serving around the world. 

I really enjoy my current role as I get to work in a fantastic team and talk to so many different people. In my spare time I enjoy watching classic movies, all types of sport, listening to all types of music (not too keen on Jazz), walking, cycling, aquacise, and continue to play as much golf as I can.

Team Coordinator

The Team Coordinator supports and coordinates the team and works behind the scenes to make sure that all processes work properly and oversees the day to day running of the service


BWB.pngBecky, Team Co-ordinator

I am Becky, I am the Children and Young People's Access Team Co-ordinator. I have previously worked in CAMHS and Healthy Minds and before that I have worked with adults and older adults; I’ve been around the NHS for a long time! I love my current role as I get to work with the loveliest people.

My favourite things are animals and eating cake. In my spare time I walk my dogs, cuddle my cat, watch lots of sport, eat lots of cake and try very hard (but not successfully) to play golf.