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Why mental health awareness & early intervention matters…

by Katie (18)


What is World Mental Health Day?

Word mental health day is a day to make people aware of the struggles people may face with their mental health, how mental health affects others, as well as how to find helpful resources to help bring down the walls of the stigma.

The importance of spreading awareness

It’s important for people to know where they and others can get help and what resources and support are out there, as sometimes people can find it hard to speak up- whether that be due to anxiety or other reasons.

"Raising awareness can help people speak up or even get help sooner, and knowing about what help is out there could make them feel able to speak up about the struggles they are dealing with, as well as feel they're not alone. It also helps give people information so they are more informed and able to spot the signs if them or someone else may be struggling."

My experiences

My experience was a bit tricky due to not knowing what help was available or even existed as many people didn’t really seem to know or talk about mental health in general. The first time I actually knew about Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) was when I lived in another county and I was in hospital.

" I remember being really shocked that it was a real thing and that help was available. Also, I felt relieved that I was able to get help…but also anxious and upset that I felt I could have got support sooner before I was in the current position."

With this in mind I personally I think schools and workplaces have an important part to play raising awareness of what help and support is actually available, even if it's just helplines on the pack of bathroom stalls or the back of classrooms or doors. It’s also important that your boss or teachers also send the message you can talk to them because no matter how small the act of awareness raising is, it could help or even save someone's life.

Helpful resources  


To find out more about our emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Lincolnshire, including CAMHS, visit our 'I need more help' webpage


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