Board of Directors meetings

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Our Board of Directors is made up of six executive directors, the Chair and five non-executive directors. Our Council of Governors appoint the Chair and non-executive directors for a fixed term of up to three years. The Chief Executive Officer and executive directors are appointed by the non-executive directors. 

Board of directors' meetings are held on the dates listed below and these meetings are open to the public. The agenda and papers for the meetings will be posted on this page approximately seven days prior to the meeting. 15 minutes is allowed at the start of the meeting to respond to questions previously notified from the public.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held at 9am on Thursday 1 December 2022 from 9am.

Please send questions to by midday on Tuesday 29 November.

Join the meeting on the day online on Microsoft Teams here

Board stories

A story involving our services, from either a patient or member of staff, is heard at each board meeting. These stories serve to highlight their experiences and are presented first-hand by the member of staff or patient if they are happy to speak at the meeting.

Information for staff, patients and carers who are presenting service experiences at a Board meeting:

When presenting a story, it is important to offer a balanced view of strengths and opportunities. It is also important not to disclose patient identifiable information and this may require some thought as to how to achieve this. For example, anonymous patient, ward, hospital and town names.

Think about the key issues for the service and the information the Board may require to make decisions or to make quality improvements. Meetings are held ‘in public’, which means that anyone is free to attend and with notice, may ask a questions. The Chair allows up to 15 minutes at the start of the meeting for this. It is quite likely that you will start within a minute or so of 9am.

The room will be set up in board room style (everyone sits around one table) There will be a projector and screen at one end of the room. Please email Karen Scott if you will be using PowerPoint or any other visual aids. This will ensure that the presentation is loaded and checked in advance of the meeting starting. 

The meeting will start at 9am prompt. It is recommended that you aim to arrive a few minutes before so that you can familiarise yourself with the room and the arrangements. Jenna and Karen will be in the room from 8.30am onwards. Please keep any story and presentation to about 10 minutes, which will be followed by questions.

The Chair will coordinate the questions and will invite individuals to ask these in an ordered way. This is a formal meeting, however, the Board will try to put the patient, staff and other attendees at ease. They will allow them to tell their story in a way that they feel best informs the audience. If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact Karen to discuss. Please send any presentation to them in advance of the meeting. 


Meetings in 2022

Please see the document library below for relevant meeting papers once published. Under normal circumstances, our Board meetings take place at:


St George's

Long Leys Road


LN1 1FS. 

In light of COVID19 (Coronavirus) and in accordance with NHS England Improvement’s advice, a decision was made to instigate emergency powers to manage Trust meetings. This has resulted in Board of Director meetings being held online since April 2020. This will continue until such time as the Coronavirus precautions are no longer required.

The majority of the trust meetings are now held online. Where necessary the frequency and agenda of meetings has been amended.

2022 meetings

27 January 2022

31 March 2022

28 April 2022

26 May 2022

28 July 2022

29 September 2022

3 November 2022

1 December 2022

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Contact details

Trust Secretary Office
Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
St George's
Lincoln LN1 1FS

Telephone 01522 309200


Head of Corporate Governance            Karen Scott



Director of Corporate Governance Jenna Davis                                        



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