Social Worker case studies

Angela Sheerin.jpgAngela Sheerin - Strategic Social Work Lead

"My role involves supporting all professional development, including attracting social work students, supporting newly qualified social workers with an established ASYE programme, leading on the various routes to train as a social worker with the Social Work Apprentice and Think Ahead Programme, as well as supporting Social Work England CPD requirements and ensuring the Trust is meeting the standards of employers of social workers in England.

"My interest is promoting and encouraging reflective good quality supervision, including promotion of self-care strategies to develop resilient confident social workers within the organisation.

"It’s a real privilege to support the next generation of social workers who will be delivering the best social work practice within our communities!"


Jenny Perrin.pngJenny Perrin - Head of S75 Social Care

"I qualified as a social worker in 1992 and have worked in many roles within adult social care for individuals experiencing mental health needs and also those with a learning disability. I have worked in LPFT for 15 years. My current role has put me in the privileged position of being able to work in partnership with other system leaders to shape and influence service delivery. I am pleased to be able to say that social work has received significant recognition over recent years within the Trust and there are well over a hundred social workers employed in LPFT.

"For me, social work is about using skilled interventions to form relationships which empower individuals to be in control of their own choices and make changes which enable independence and a sense of wellbeing. I am delighted to see social workers contributing their skills a wide variety of roles across LPFT."


Emma McDonald.jpgEmma McDonald

"I graduated as a Social Worker in 2011, however I didn't start out working as qualified Social Worker. I did however work within different support roles across several different countries, both within the private and public sector. I also became a parent and my social work registration eventually lapsed.

"In 2020, I moved back to the UK and I was successful in applying for a secretarial job at LPFT. I was inspired by the fantastic work of the staff at LPFT which led me to think more seriously about social work again.

"To become a Social Worker I needed to complete a period of updating my skills and knowledge. I approached my line manager and she was incredibly supportive. The Trust allowed me to undertake supervised practice within the team.

"I have now started my Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) programme and am feeling very excited about what my future in social work holds, a future that wouldn’t be possible without the support from LPFT!"


Danielle Jackson.jpgDanielle Jackson

"My name is Danielle Jackson and I have been a Social Worker within the LPFT Boston Core CAMHS Team since 2016, after qualifying as a Social Worker in 2012. I initially worked in the Older Adults Social Care Team but I always had a passion for working with Children and Young People and was thrilled to be successful in securing a position within CAMHS. 

"I feel very privileged to be part of the journey of young people and seeing my patients’ mental health improve, taking a holistic approach in my work and looking at systems and influences around the person to understand how best I can support them. I feel very proud to see the young person from the start of needing specialist intervention and how they progress to better managing their emotional wellbeing with my support, the support of their family and their own determination."


Sally Farrelly.jpgSally Farrelly

"Hi I am Sally Farrelly and I have been a Social Worker for the past 13 years, previously working in unqualified positions within the health and social care sector. I currently work within the field of mental health. For me, the most rewarding part of being a Social Worker is having the privilege to work with others, play a part in their journeys and contribute to supporting others to make positive changes to their lives.

"The sense of achievement that is felt when you see a person making changes, achieving independence and reintegrating into society, far outweighs the challenges. Social workers enter a person’s life at some of the most difficult and traumatic times and make a real difference."


Amy Jones.jpgAmy Jones

"My name is Amy Jones and I am an Advanced Practitioner within the CAMHS Crisis & Enhanced Treatment Team (CCETT). My roles and responsibilities include supporting services involved with the children and young people accessing health services within LPFT and identified social care needs accessing services within Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) to appreciate and understand one another’s role, responsibilities, service offer and limitations to promote joint care planning and strong working together practices.

"My role includes being a link worker between LPFT and LCC, ensuring that the best provisions are in place which includes completing Early Help and Social Care referrals utilising a strengths-based model including signs of safety and restorative practice models."


Social Work Apprentices

Vicki Warman.jpg







Daniel Thompson

"I am a Social Work Apprentice in my first year of the degree. I had previously worked for LPFT on an inpatient ward for year.

"It is a three-year course, where I work in the Section 75 (north) Social Work Team for three days a week, and study for the other two days. There will be opportunities for me to do smaller placements in other social work teams across the Trust and local authority over the next few years. I thought the possibility of me going to University had passed, but the course has a wide range of people from different organisations, who are aged in their 20s to their 50s. It’s never too late.

"I am so grateful for this opportunity with LPFT and the University of Lincoln. There are many positives to the apprenticeship – learning on the job, set days to study, getting paid a wage and the course is funded. There is still a long way to go until I graduate but I am looking forward to the journey and the opportunities this will give me in the future."

Leigh-Anne Love

"I am a Social Work Apprentice within the Section 75 team. I was working within LPFT as a Social Work Assistant when I applied for the apprenticeship.

"It’s been my dream to gain a degree in social work. The apprenticeship route is a fantastic way to achieve this. I attend university one day per week, have a study day and work within a social care role for the rest of the week. Earning a wage whilst I learn has enabled me to help balance family life, work and study."

Vicki Warman

"I am a Social Work Apprentice Student within the Core CAMHS service. I did a Health and Social Care course when I left school and wanted to be a Social Worker. Since then, I have worked in different caring roles to gain experience and did my counselling training.

"I love working with young people and am passionate about supporting people with their emotional wellbeing from a young age. The opportunity to train to be a Social Worker as an apprentice came up and I just thought it was a perfect way to progress in my career."