Transforming acute inpatient mental health wards at Lincoln and Boston

We are creating a new standard for acute mental health inpatient care in Lincoln and Boston. 

This multi-million programme enables us to create new ensuite bedrooms for patients at our inpatient mental health units. This will end the use of dormitory accommodation.

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‘Building Together’ focus group

We are working with our patients and carers to help shape our services. We call this collaborative approach to the way we work ‘Building Together’.

We would like to hear from you, if:

  • you have experience of being on a mental health inpatient ward 
  • you are supporting someone as a carer

To join our ‘Building Together’ focus group or to find out more:


Telephone Engagement Team 07773206341.

(Please note: drawn images are artist impressions)

The two developments:

Peter Hodgkinson Centre, Lincoln

Our new development

Our two new 19 bed wards, Ellis and Castle, are now open.

All patients have separate ensuite accommodation for our patients. They all have ground floor access to a courtyard area for peace and quiet. The outdoor environment offers major benefits to our patients helping to support their recovery.

The design of the new wards has been shaped using feedback from patients, carers and staff as part of our ‘Building Together’ programme.






Norton Lea designs

Norton Lea, Boston

Position on site - proposed Site Plan 1 to 500-page-001.jpgProposed site plan


Norton Lea design_ 2023.JPG

Norton Lea _3.JPG


Current situation

Construction work has begun on the new mental health unit at Norton Lea, Boston. You can find out more here.

The building has been co-designed with our Experts by Experience, healthcare professionals and construction experts, so we are confident we will creatre a therapeutic space for those who receive care from us.

The new unit, which will be based at the Norton Lea site on London Road, will consist of a 19-bed mixed gender inpatient mental health facility for working age adults. This will mainly serve those who live to the East and South of Lincolnshire. 

It will be/have:

  • A new build of a 19 single bedroomed ward with ensuite facilities   
  • Dedicated areas for extra care and assessment
  • Direct access for patients to outdoor courtyards  
  • On site access to private, established green spaces 

Why are we doing this?

Our core aim is to provide services that are of outstanding quality and support people to live their best lives as part of their community. With this in mind, we want to:

  • Improve privacy and dignity standards for adult acute inpatients services by providing single ensuite bedrooms
  • Enable all our patients to have direct access to therapeutic outside spaces
  • Have Extra Care bedrooms which can be used flexibly as required. This will also help us be gender inclusive
  • Invest in the healthcare provision along the East Coast
  • Co-locate mental health support services including the crisis team

Get involved

If you have any comments or would like to be involved in the development, please get in touch. 


Telephone 07773206341

Drone footage below shows the start of construction work on the Norton Lea site in Boston.

Mental health hub at Norton Lea plans PHC at Lincoln Hospital Artist impression of a dayroom Outside space at PHC - artist impression