Transforming acute inpatient mental health wards at Lincoln and Boston

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We are creating a new standard for acute mental health inpatient care in Lincolnshire in Lincoln and Boston. 

This £37m programme enables us to create new ensuite bedrooms for patients at our inpatient mental health units - ending the use of dormitory accommodation.

‘Building Together’ with our patients and carers

We are working with our patients and carers to help shape our services. We call this collaborative approach to the way we work ‘Building Together’.

We'd like to hear from you, if:

  • you have experience of being on a mental health inpatient ward 
  • you are supporting someone as a carer

To join our ‘Building Together’ focus group or to find out more, please email or call the Engagement Team on 07773206341.

Our new development

Our new development to build two new acute inpatient wards at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre in Lincoln is part of our focus to provide ensuite accommodation for all our patients, finally removing outdated shared dormitory wards across all our sites.

The new wards named Ellis (male) and Castle (female ward) will replace the Conolly and Charlesworth wards at our existing premises on the Lincoln County Hospital site.

The two new 19 bed wards will provide separate ensuite accommodation for our patients with ground floor access to a courtyard area for peace and quiet. The outdoor environment offers major benefits to our patients helping to support their recovery.

The design of the new wards has been shaped using feedback from patients, carers and staff as part of our ‘Building Together’ programme.

Building works are well underway and are due to be completed by March 2023.


March/April 2022 Latest progress:

Golden Trowel event - Gary Hillary, Expert by Experience, and Sarah Connery, Chief ExecutiveThe Golden Trowel moment!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve started building the exterior walls of our two new purpose built wards at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre in Lincoln.

Sarah Connery, Chief Executive at LPFT, said: “These new 19 bed wards will provide so many additional benefits to our patients. Most importantly creating individual ensuite bedrooms for the very first time, but also improving natural light, outside views, access to outdoor space, and modern and relaxing therapeutic spaces.

"This is a major milestone in the project – and marks almost a year to when we are expecting our wards to officially open. We are really on a countdown now!

Chris Winspear, VINCI Building and Integrated Health Projects’ (IHP) Regional Director, added:

“Together with our specialist supply chain and subcontractor partners, we're delighted to be involved in supporting LPFT towards achieving their future vision for the Peter Hodgkinson Centre.

“It has been a real honour to work with staff and Experts by Experience to design and create these wards which will provide the best environment possible for those in mental health crisis.”

Gary Hillary, an Expert by Experience involved in the project, adds: "Working with the team is a real privilege and it has proved pivotal in my own recovery journey. Throughout the project, our opinions have informed and steered the way our new wards will look and feel for future inpatients."

The wards are scheduled to be open by April 2023.

Internal concepts chosen

The last few weeks have been extremely busy! Our design and quality, and Building Together focus groups have now agreed on a warm neutral palette - inspired by nature, for the internal colour schemes.

Working with staff and Experts by Experience, we hosted a showcase event with specialist mental health sector furniture providers. Looking at the materials, construction, durability and practicality of products available and making recommendations to the project team. This vital feedback will help influence any final selections.

Mindfulness Art Project

We're currently working with the University of Lincoln's School of Fine Art to see how we can work together to create artwork to display within the courtyards. We're hoping it will be used as part of a module for students starting in October and look forward to seeing what they

Patient Media Units

As part of the significant investment on the ward facilities, we will be installing media units in patient bedrooms and de-escalation areas. This new technology enables service users to have instant access to their information, such as the Mental Health Act and their care plan, as well as access to entertainment and interactive packages.

A huge thank you to our 'Building Together' group

We believe that the people who use our services – our Experts by Experience - have the knowledge, insight and expertise to support our design team in providing the best possible environment for patients.

Patients, carers and staff are always welcome to join the Trust’s ‘Building Together’ groups to share their experience and improve our services. There are always a wide range of opportunities to be involved, please email or call our Involvement Team on 07773206341.

Boston update

Demolition of the old buildings on the Norton Lea site is now complete and we're expecting staff and contractors to be leaving the site shortly.

Options under consideration

Although we've demolished the old buildings on the Norton Lea site, we wanted to let you know we’ve needed to pause the next steps of development whilst we review current plans.

We initially received £37million for developing in both Lincoln and Boston, which had been based on early assumptions for extending Peter Hodgkinson Centre and reproviding Ward 12 on the Pilgrim Hospital site.

However, once further project work began it was clear that adding to Pilgrim Hospital was going to be a challenge and that Norton Lea was our preferred location to reprovide the ward.

Costs have now escalated to over £30million for developing the Norton Lea site, which is unfortunately no longer affordable.

Therefore, we are re-looking at a number of options, which we will share as soon as we can.

We remain committed to making these important improvements for our patients and maintaining our presence in Boston and we are working hard to find ways to make this possible.

Help us shape the future of new mental health services in Boston

Do you know anyone who has an interest in mental health and would like to help us create our new ward in Boston? If this sounds interesting, please get in touch via or 07773206341.



Plans for new wards at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre, Lincoln Outside space at PHC - artist impression proposed bedroom at PHC

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