Patient, carer and public participation

We have a dedicated Participation Team committed to ensuring patients, carers and members of the public are properly consulted and involved in how the Trust is run.

How to get involved

There are a range of ways in which you can get involved:

  • patients
  • carers
  • staff
  • governors
  • volunteers
  • public
  • stakeholders


This involves working together with communities, staff, patients and carers to help co-design, co-produce and co-deliver services. This is done by holding service advisory groups to act as a critical friend by checking and challenging the services. For example:

  • Personality and Complex Trauma Reference Group
  • Building Together Focus Group
  • Adult Eating Disorders Involvement Group
  • Mental Health Liaison Steering Group


By being a key partner to work alongside project leads to co-design new or changing services, for example Future of Adult Acute Inpatient Provision Advisory Group.


Taking part in engagement events held around the county or via virtual platforms. For example:

  • taking part in recruitment of staff and,
  • having a say on a specific service such as Community Rehabilitation, Older People and Frailty services.


Asking for community and individual views and feedback as part of a review of a service via surveys, evaluations and focus groups.



  • patients
  • carers
  • staff
  • governors
  • volunteers
  • public
  • stakeholders

with information about:

  • care
  • support
  • services
  • changes
  • opportunities.

This is done by email, website information a letter via our engagement contact list.

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Involvement Charter

Together we believe we can make a real difference for everyone affected by mental health difficulties in Lincolnshire.

The Involvement Charter sets out what is important to the organisation. How it involves patients, staff, the public and others in the work that we do and in making decisions about what we do:

  • Founded on respect - we will listen, without judgement, to others and provide a safe space in which to talk.
  • We will involve everyone in our service and give them the chance to have their say.
  • We will all work and learn together - the Trust staff, patients, carers and volunteers.
  • We all understand that recovery is a journey. Better choice and opportunities lead to hope and better outcomes.
  • We know that good patient experience leads to better outcomes. Involvement should build on good experience and aim to make the experience positive for all our patients.
  • Sharing your story, good or bad, helps people and inspires and offers hope when it is most needed.
  • We can all make a difference if we have our say.
  • We understand that connecting people with similar experiences and getting involved in our communities creates support networks.
  • The most important piece of this charter is you. Your involvement means we can deliver better services for everyone.
  • Together we can make a real difference to everyone and enable people to live well in their communities.


Why is it important to be involved?

“It is important to involve people in the development of services because ultimately there is no service without the people who use them.
Involvement and co-production help mental health services to be built around the needs and views of the people who use them - for the people, by the people. The views and experiences of service users, lived experience, carers and stakeholders also provide a voice for those who may not be able to speak for themselves.
The engagement team create a safe and welcoming space for people from all walks of life to come together and have a say in how services are shaped and provided - including interview panels, conferences and service development co-production groups.
Also, it's nice to meet the faces behind the service! Professionals throughout services set co-production events up because they're passionate about including people in important decisions. Your contributions are always valued and appreciated”.   

Quotation from a service user taken from the Involving People Policy


"We [Carers] have lots of experience of what works and what doesn't for those we care for. Using our expert by experience to shape the future of services and the way the system works with the service and the service user is vitally important for Carers. They are able to give a non-clinical point of view and often give feedback that clinicians may not have considered in their role. Being involved helps carers to feel part of the system and not left out in decision making which often affects their caring role and their ability to care.

Co-production of treatment and services shows that carers are valued and enabled to fulfil their vital role in the service users' recovery journey. It gives them the ability to really focus on the things that matter to the service user and to the carer. 
It also gives carers the opportunity to enhance their own lives with experience and interactions they might not otherwise get. Carers often think of others before themselves and miss out "on life" and become socially isolated. Being able to be part of something bigger gives carers the opportunity to go out and meet with other people outside of their caring role and develop friendships and skills they would otherwise miss out on."                                                         

Quotation from a carer taken from the Involving People Policy

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