LPFT Heroes

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The LPFT Heroes awards are in place to celebrate and reward our staff on a quarterly basis. They are nominated by colleagues, managers and patients for their outstanding work.

Here are our LPFT Heroes:


Jackie Sendall

Jackie-Sendall-LPFTHEROES.jpgJackie has been invaluable in supporting the Charlesworth Team and a patient through an extremely challenging set of circumstances. Jackie is compassionate, empathetic, kind and caring.

Congratulations for this recognition and thank you for your continued hard work.

Legal services and mental health act admin team

MHA-LPFTHEROES.jpgIn the last year the team have developed extensive new in house skills and services, resulting in a more personalised and cost effective service for our clinical staff, service users and carers. They have transformed from a central service to a distributed service with individualised reports and support to each division via their divisional management teams, leading to more effective reporting upwards to the Board and its committees. This is just a snapshot of the work they have done to develop the service and support the Trust to save money and maintain performance against legal duties of the MHA.


Natasha Cutts

Natasha-CuttsLPFTHero-cropped2.jpgSince Natasha has been in post she has spread her positivity throughout the team and the Trust. Natasha has worked tirelessly to increase engagement with hard to reach young people through a variety of creative ways.

She started a young person’s choir and a staff wellbeing choir. A colleague of Natasha’s said:  

“It is incredible that someone has come into the team and made such an impact on staff wellbeing.”

Estates maintenance

EstatesMaintenance2.jpgThe Estates Maintenance Team has been integral during recent essential improvement works at Carholme Court.

They all worked above and beyond to ensure that the unit was ready to welcome patients as quickly as possible - working out of hours to ensure the water quality issues were resolved thoroughly and safely.

Celia Ellis

Celia-Ellis-crop2.jpgCelia always puts the patients at the heart of her work. Not only is she patient-focused, she is extremely caring about her colleagues and wider teams; recently taking on her role of Wellbeing Champion with great enthusiasm.

She has been described by colleagues as humble, inspiring, always willing to try new things that take her out of her comfort zone, and a pleasure to work with.

Informatics team

Informatics-LPFTHeroesQ4-edit2.jpgThanks to their hard work and total commitment to improving patient care the informatics team has wowed us all by achieving the impossible. When the supplier of our main clinical system gave notice that they were pulling support by the following September – the trust was faced with delivering the most important but most risk laden project it had seen. Some suppliers even said it couldn’t be done.

In this remarkable timeframe the Informatics team has:

  • Trained over 1500 staff in the new system
  • Successfully implemented the new system including a full archive that links seamlessly
  • From day 1 continued to operate business as usual – producing all the required data reports for service managers, commissioners, regulators and the board
  • Worked long hours and weekends to ensure no deadline was missed
  • Offered their time as “floor walkers” to frontline services during the first few weeks of “go live”

The informatics team through this work has represented all the values that NHS support functions should aspire to – commitment, collaboration and pride.

Recruitment Team

img_9607.jpgThe Recruitment Team were nominated for having worked exceptionally hard to engage the newly qualified nurses in the recruitment process, to ensure that all of them had completed their induction by the start of September. The newly qualified nurses mentioned the team when giving feedback about their experience and were very positive about how efficiently the process was managed. This is just one example of how the team go above and beyond to ensure the recruitment process is as quick and easy as possible.

Edmund Uweh

img_9671edit2.jpgEdmund was nominated for always going above and beyond to support the ward with safe staffing during busy periods. Thanks to Edmund’s hard work covering shifts and taking on additional hours, there has been minimal impact on the delivery of patient care. Edmund consistently demonstrates the Trust’s core values; particularly integrity, pride and compassion. He regularly exhibits sound clinical practice and is a role model to both staff and students.


Sophie Broady

Sophie was nominated for her continuous hard work and dedication to the Lincoln South Community Mental Health Team (CMHT), but also for a specific occasion where due to staff shortage, she managed all of the Assertive Outreach service users for the South CMHT.  

Sophie worked long hours but always took the time to ensure service users were safe and treated with compassion and care. She is a passionate nurse, and is described by colleagues as always giving 110% in all that she does, ‘words cannot do her justice’.

Bed Management Team

lpftheroes-bedmanagers-hi-res.jpgThe Bed Management Team were nominated for being hard-working and dedicated to their roles. The team has made a positive impact on Trust services, eliminating non-specialist out of area mental health placements is a national and local priority, and the bed managers have enabled significant progress towards achieving those targets, with a large reduction in the number of people placed outside Lincolnshire.

Vanessa Martin

vanessamartin3.jpgVanessa was nominated for this supporting the oversite and work in relation to the Trust-wide CQUINs (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation). Through her attention to detail, respectful challenge and determination she ensured the Trust received payment for the Alcohol and Tobacco CQUIN which has proven to be a challenge to deliver operationally. This along with her other work ensures the Trust receives maximum income in often challenging situations. She is always ready to help, is prompt in her support and advice, and has been described as an 'asset to the Trust'.

Hayley Slater

hayleyslater-lpfthero-q1.jpgHayley was nominated for a specific case supporting a patient who had a child with disabilities who was receiving palliative care. Hayley took the time to understand other agency concerns and listened to her staff and patients, whilst ensuring the patient's rights were protected; the Trust's values and the NMC code were upheld. Hayley is an excellent role model and is greatly respected by her colleagues. The Lincoln Crisis team has been described as being highly motivated and thriving under Hayley's positive leadership.



Learning Disabilty East Hub team

ldeasthub-lpftheroes-cropped.jpgThe Learning Disabilities East Hub team were nominated for this award by Suzanne Chapman and Mark Halsall following a recent '15 Steps' / Quality Governance visit.

The team were accommodating, friendly and helpful throughout the visit. They demonstrated compassion and care, truly putting service users at the centre of everything they do.

Suzanne explained that they saw some fantastic examples of correspondence being tailored to meet the specific requirements of individuals, and wanted to thank the team for an ‘enjoyable and inspirational visit’.

Hannah Walker

hannah-walker-hero-q4_0038.jpgTeam Secretary for the Skegness Community Mental Health Team, Hanna Walker, was nominated by Assessment and Discharge Lead for Boston CMHT, Lauren Worthington.

Lauren said that Hanna always goes above and beyond to support the administrative side of the assessment role; she has helped develop new methods and shared her ideas which are always quick and efficient for booking in assessments.

Hanna has helped streamline the assessment process across three administration team areas, this has ensured that they are working together on the same system, has helped avoid cross-over or confusions, and is ultimately much more efficient.  

Hannah is the first administrator to be recognised as an LPFT Hero.

Patient Experience Team

img_8956.jpgThe work undertaken by the Patient Experience Team is always challenging by its very nature, and requires high levels of communication skills (both verbal and written), empathy, resilience and responsiveness. Critically, it needs a well-developed appreciation of the reality of service users' lives and experiences, and a good understanding of how our services are delivered.

Cathy, Alison, Heather and Amanda have significantly lifted the performance of this service over the past year. They have dealt with a number of very challenging and complex cases and have consistently maintained a high level of professionalism throughout. 

Kerry Hill

kerry-hill-heroesq3-17-18_0030.jpgKerry is an effective and proficient CAMHS nurse who works with children and their families to safeguard them in all circumstances.

Liz Bainbridge nominated Kerry for this award due to a recent audit under section 11 of the Children Act; Kerry's cases were shared with the auditors and her practice was highlighted for its tenacity and thoroughness. In one case example Kerry had persistently pursued the safety and wellbeing of a CAMHS child's sibling. Her practice was exceptional in light of the fact that she herself had never met the child that she was protecting.

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

picuheroes (1).jpgKay Gilman and Amanda Proud from the Learning and Development Centre nominated the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) team for the LPFT Heroes team award after being impressed by their hard work getting the PICU ready for action and also their lifesaving response to a diabetic crisis.

As part of their team induction they received the Physical Health Improvement Learning in Practice (PHILIP) training which covers awareness of type 1 and 2 diabetes and DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis).

The training was received well by the PICU staff and within a matter of days of this training being completed an external contractor in the unit suffered a life threatening diabetic crisis.

Staff showed confidence in dealing with the incident through the knowledge gained in their recent training. The staff took lifesaving action which should be commended - the gentleman concerned recovered quickly.

The team’s fantastic work was recognised by the Executive Team by naming the PICU team as the LPFT Heroes.

Nicola Jackson

nj-heroes.jpgNicola Jackson, Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) Practitioner for Skegness steps2change, received this LPFT Hero nomination from her Team Coordinator, Kirsty Talkes. 

Nicola is a real ambassador for IPT; this is one of the many reasons Kirsty wanted to nominate Nicola for an LPFT Hero award. She is passionate about the therapy and is really positive about the benefit that it brings to her service users.

Kirsty went on to explain that Nicola had recently presented at the IPT National Conference and received some extremely positive feedback from her presentation.

All of this dedication and hard work was also recognised by the Executive Team by naming Nicola the LPFT Hero.

CRHT Boston and Louth

img_8334.jpgCrisis teams in Louth and Boston were recognised for their support to other colleagues and teams ensuring that patients are at the centre of all care given.

They demonstrated these values during the CQC inspections, explaining how they want to achieve the best standards of care to patients and others around them, and they still continue to demonstrate this approach every day.



Claire Ryan

img_7367.jpgClaire is the first individual from corporate services who was awarded LPFT Hero title since we started the awards in 2015. She has been nominated by her manager John Clarke who recognised her significant contribution to the successful delivery of the PICU Project.

John said that: “Claire worked above and beyond her job role with 

enthusiasm and true commitment. She is a great team player who works very hard 'behind the scenes' but doesn't often get the recognition she deserves.”

Claire's unwavering commitment to patient care is evident to those who work alongside her and her can do attitude has been the major driving force behind the PICU's success.

By choosing Claire to be one of LPFT Heroes, the Executive Team also recognised Claire’s commitment to providing excellent support for all LPFT services as part of her daily duties.

Jacqui Hunt

Jacqui, Team Coordinator of Boston CRHT, received a nomination from the Trust's Associate Director of Nursing and Quality Zoë Rowe, for the way she leads her team.

"Jacqui has already had such a positive impact on the team since joining earlier this year, she is such a strong and inclusive leader and absolutely deserves recognition for the difference she makes in her work for her staff and patients, said Zoë."


Safeguarding & MCA

img_6544(1).jpgThe Trust's Safeguarding & Mental Capacity Team has been selected as quarter one team winners for 2016/17. 

Nominated by manager Liz Bainbridge for their 'outstanding commitment to patient safety and their leadership and responsiveness across the Trust'.  

Liz added that it was the overall impact of her team that she thought deserved some recognition:  


"There are few teams who provide such an integral role to patients, staff in front line services and also have a corporate oversight.  With an increase in demand for training, advice and reviews of complex cases, the team has continued to demonstrate their professionalism and perseverance, to deliver safe, responsive, caring and well-led support to patients and the staff who provide care for them."

Laura Hall

Grimsby's North East Lincolnshire CAMHS team, Primary Mental Health Worker Laura Hall, was nominated by fellow CAMHS worker Laura Wivell.

"Laura is one in a million and I know that the rest of the team would support me in saying that NEL CAMHS would be a less brighter place without her around, said Laura Wivell.

For the past five years Laura has been undergoing treatment for cancer, yet you wouldn't know it if you met her. She has never once failed to stay passionate about her job and has always been back at work with her positivity and caring attitude."


Lincoln CRHT

img_6465.jpgLincoln CRHT & s136 Suite Team were chosen as this year's quarter two winners. Flexibility from the staff members and dedication to making sure service users are safe, spurred manager Gareth Price on to make a nomination.


"The team has worked incredibly hard dealing with a constant large number of referrals into the service, Gareth said.

They have been flexible in covering shifts and meeting the needs of those accessing the service. Staff have frequently altered their rostered duties and regularly stayed over their hours to make sure all work is complete and service users are safe."

Amy Semper

Amy Semper, Deputy Ward Manager received a special nomination from a former patient, who she had a remarkable impact on during her time on the ward.

An extract from the original nomination form reads as follows: 

"Amy has changed my life. She got loads of different people and services involved to try and help me. She is truthful and I always know where I stand with her.

She has been there for me recently, she is fair and kind hearted. She likes to help people and will always listen even if you don't like what she says, you know she is doing the best for you."

heroes-amy-semper.jpgIt is not often that we receive nominations for LPFT Heroes from patients. To have a patient in Amy’s care recognise the determination and continual support she has shown them, demonstrates how committed Amy is to her role. Such outstanding care deserver the kind of recognition that LPFT Heroes bring.

Amy has gone above and beyond her knowledge and expertise in providing care relevant to this service user, and the experience she has gained will undoubtedly help her in the future practice when caring for other patients.


Conolly Ward

connolly-heroes.jpgJames Smith, Ward Manager at Conolly Ward, said he wanted to make a team nomination as a way of saying a big 'thank you' for everything his staff do.



James said:

"I wanted to nominate them in recognition of the consistent hard work that they deliver on a day-to-day basis.

Conolly ward was chosen to lead on the acute inpatient services project in late 2016 and the team have really contributed towards developing new practice and new ways of streamlining the acute pathway. The work is currently being rolled out to the other acute wards while Conolly ward continues on its improvement journey.

The team consistently demonstrates and exceeds service expectations when it comes to delivering high quality person centred care.

Nominating them for staff recognition is a fantastic way to say thank you for all that they do and I'm delighted that they've been chosen as LPFT team Heroes."

The Wolds

q3-16-17-lpft-heroes-the-wolds-social-media.jpgThe Team was originally nominated by a former Ward Manager Steve Wyatt. In the nomination it was highlighted that the team always strives to be the very best they can and they have steadily improved over the entire spectrum of care delivery.

One of the examples given included a case when staff have altered their rostered duties when the ward has been short staffed due to sickness to ensure the needs of the patients they care for are met - all without complaint.

Staff at The Wolds are passionate about their patients, the carers and their fellow colleagues and show this on a day-to-day basis. They are always willing to look at ways to improve patient care in addition to their own knowledge, using the resources they have available.

Their ward manager said that she has witnessed first-hand, the commitment and dedication to their patients, carers and the Trust. The Wolds team deserve a lot of credit for their persistent improvement and attitude towards care.

The Fens

img_7267-social-media (1).jpgDawn Selkirk from the Informatics team nominated ward staff after being impressed by the significant improvement in the quality of daily clinical record entries on a recent audit. 

The team has designed and implemented a new template for recording their clinical notes, based on the MINOTAUR tool and they achieved 100% compliance in the audit. This was clearly noted for all team members and it was a great team effort to embed this in practice.

The Fens team has always been dedicated to improving patient care and patient experience, supporting the needs of patients within the service, developing new systems of collaborative care for treatment pathways via the care and treatment review process and instilling these values with all service users.

All of this dedication and hard work was recognised by the Executive Team by naming the Fens team the LPFT Heroes.

Kathryn Hopkins

img_7378.jpgKathryn has become the quality champion for Ash Villa and her tireless work, especially in the lead up to the CQC inspection, has improved the environment, experience and safety of the unit. She has put a great effort to involve patients in all the proposed changes and service developments. She has also engaged all staff and she ensures all newly qualified are considered for new opportunities.

Kathryn is a valued leader who is proactive and always has a can do attitude. She has been pivotal to the improvements on the ward and it is an absolute pleasure to present her today with this LPFT Heroes trophy that she absolutely deserves.


Debbie Barker

img_5314.jpgDebbie works with service users at our Discovery House café in Lincoln and scooped an individual Heroes award after being nominated by colleague Marina Keal for the way she encourages and motivates those who work alongside her. 

She supports service users who help out in the running of the café, where they learn to be responsible for themselves and practice good customer service and food preparation skills in addition to being mindful of their co-workers.

Debbie, who's worked for the NHS in Lincolnshire for 26 years, started working full-time on the café with the patients about two years ago and says it's one of the best things she's done.

"I'm absolutely over the moon to have been nominated.  It's amazing working with the patients, it definitely has the wow factor for me.  We go on a journey together and go through all the emotions - it's a privilege to watch them grow in confidence."

CAST team

cast-web.jpgOur Community Assertive Support Team (CAST) were nominated by parents of learning disabilities service users for their positive, compassionate and friendly approach at all times.

The staff members now work as part of the Trust’s new learning disability hubs across Lincolnshire and continue to support people with learning disabilities and their families in the community, to help them live as independently as possible.  Here's what some of the parents said about the team:

"We first came into contact with CAST at a very difficult time for both our daughter and ourselves.  We were somewhat overwhelmed by the situation and CAST bought a sense of order and relief by their positive, friendly and professional approach.  Throughout their time with us the team showed total respect and regard to our daughters situation and were imaginative in the support they gave, building a good relationship with our daughter.

CAST always went the extra mile, one example was when team members made time to be "Friendly Faces" when our daughter was admitted to hospital.

Their commitment to our daughters welfare was total, right through to helping her settle in her new supported living placement away from the family home.

The support they gave to us as parents was invaluable, we cannot speak too highly of their contribution."

Linda Taylor (Physiotherapist, Witham Court, Lincoln)

linda-taylor-web.jpgLinda was nominated by her former manager Val Smith for her tireless work in providing an invaluable service to our older adult inpatients.  Linda, who works across the Trust's four older adult wards, provides them with a sole physiotherapy service and Val said that her skills and knowledge are greatly valued by the whole multi-disciplinary team.

The patients respond to her calm and patient approach and Linda gives more than 100 per cent every day to improve the lives of our patients - if we could clone her we would.  Her nomination is in recognition of years of dedicated service above and beyond the call of duty to older adult services.

Linda said she was delighted to have been named as one of the LPFT Heroes.

"My biggest reward comes each day when my efforts at work make a positive difference to the service users.  It is good to know that physiotherapy input is recognised and valued by service users, their carers and multidisciplinary team members."

Skegness Older Adult Community Mental Health Team

img_5429.jpgThe Skegness Older Adult CMHT impressed a recent CQC inspector so much that their manager Jason Ingamells, thought they were well due some staff recognition.  During December's comprehensive visit, one inspector was heard to say 'the outstanding thing for your team is the passion and commitment that shines through in every one of you.'

"I think a CQC inspector saying that about one of the teams is well worthy of recognition,"

said Jason.

"I am absolutely delighted that the hard work and dedication of every member of the team has been recognised by the Trust.  This is an incredibly deserved choice for LPFT Heroes - as the whole team are heroes every single day."

Human Resources and Employment Services team

hr6.jpgThe excellent teamwork and high standard of customer service provided by the Trust's Human Resources and Employment Services department saw them chosen as team winners of an LPFT Heroes award.

They were nominated by Michelle Morton, Senior HR Advisor for 'supporting each other' and frequently going 'above and beyond the call of duty', with the team facing multiple challenges including an unprecedented amount of organisational change and managing high levels of recruitment.

Michelle said:

"As a non-patient facing service the focus of the team is always to ensure that everything we do is for the benefit of service users - from safeguarding meetings, disciplinary hearings or training, to working to try and improve service user involvement in recruitment.  They have made some real positive contributions and steps forward including providing bespoke support to staff at risk of redundancy, early implementers of regional recruitment streamlining initiatives and recruiting newly qualified nurses."

Helen Raggett, Head of Operational HR said she was tremendously proud of the whole team for all the hard work they have all put in over the last twelve months stating:

"We've had a number of recruitment challenges, change projects and complex employee relation issues to manage with a relatively small number of staff, some of whom are new to the department.  It's great to hear that the efforts of our high performing team have been recognised in this way."

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