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The National Quality Board, sponsored by Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer in England, has recently published new guidance for providers and commissioners about staffing. This guidance describes approaches to organisations' reporting on staffing levels on a monthly basis and to make the right decisions about nursing, midwifery and care staffing capacity and capability.

We have published the relevant staffing reports and any related documents on this page and will continue to do so each month. Each of the safe staffing reports provides numbers on a per ward basis for the Trust.


"High quality, compassionate care is about people, not institutions. In every ward and clinic, in every hospital, health centre, community service and patient’s home across the country, nursing, midwifery and care staff work to provide care and compassion to people when they need it – whether it is at the beginning, or end of their life; in times of illness or uncertainty; or as part of helping people with long term conditions to stay as healthy and live as independently as possible."

We must all find the provision of sub-standard and unsafe care to patients intolerable and do all we can to support our staff to provide high quality, compassionate care.

That is why members of the National Quality Board, which brings together the different parts of the NHS system with responsibilities for quality, alongside patients and experts – and the Chief Nursing Officer, England, have come together to set out collectively the expectations of NHS providers and commissioners in this area.

Safe Staffing Reports and Documents

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