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The Trust publishes all of its policies on this website. The list of policies below are links which will open each document.

Within each policy, the index page is a set of hyperlinks that take you directly to the section you require. You can click into any policy and right click anywhere in the document to open “find”. Type in the word you want to look for and the search tool will take you to every place in the policy in which that word is mentioned.

The policies contain links. These will take staff to the forms, leaflets and posters that they may need to deliver effective patient care.

All references to the duties and responsibilities of the Trust Secretary shall, with effect from 1 August 2022, transfer to those of the Director of Corporate Governance. For the avoidance of doubt, that shall include duties set out in but not limited to, the Trust’s Constitution, corporate documents, strategies, policies, procedures, plans, minutes, action trackers, forms, leaflets, posters, electronic workflows, the Trust website and on Sharon (the Trust’s intranet).  

As each of these documents and/or electronic processes becomes due for review, the title shall be changed. This is until such time any and all duties referring to the Trust Secretary shall be the responsibility of the Director of Corporate Governance. The Board further authorises that, where the only amendment needed to a document or webpage is a change in this title, it shall be carried out without the need for any further approvals via the responsible Council, Board, Committee or body of the Trust.

We are aware that the documents on this page may not be accessible for all. We will be creating accessible versions of the documents as they are reviewed however in the meantime, if you need a document we’ve published in a different format, please email lpft.communications@nhs.net or call 01522 309194


Thumbnail Title Size
PDF file icon 1. Clinical Care Policy 10.8 MB
PDF file icon 2a Medicines Management Policy 478.05 KB
PDF file icon 2b Medical Devices Policy 470.50 KB
PDF file icon 3. Human Resources and Workforce Development Policy Handbook 1.4 MB
PDF file icon 3a Conduct & Capability Procedure for Medical Staff 350.18 KB
PDF file icon 3b Code of Conduct for Private Practice by Medical Staff 321.26 KB
PDF file icon 3c Staff Experiencing Domestic Abuse Policy 245.54 KB
PDF file icon 3d Fit and Proper Person Policy.pdf 658.97 KB
PDF file icon 4 Health and Safety and Fire Policy 360.57 KB
PDF file icon 5a Board Assurance and Escalation Framework 430.55 KB
PDF file icon 5b Reporting Management of Risk Policy v 3.3.pdf 763.84 KB
PDF file icon 5c Duty of Candour Policy 580.08 KB
PDF file icon 5d Freedom to Speak Up Policy 548.44 KB
PDF file icon 5e Counter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption and Code of Conduct Policy Handbook 686.79 KB
PDF file icon 5f Learning from Deaths Policy 312.03 KB
PDF file icon 5g Clinical Audit Policy and Procedures 375.69 KB
PDF file icon 5h NICE Policy and Procedures 504.99 KB
PDF file icon 6a Mental Health Act Policy 1.1 MB
PDF file icon 6a1 Mental Health Act Section 117 Aftercare for Adults Joint Policy 325.14 KB
PDF file icon 6b Mental Capacity Act including DOLS Policy 1.6 MB
PDF file icon 7a Infection Prevention and Control 209.88 KB
PDF file icon 7b Hand Hygiene 588.36 KB
PDF file icon 7c Outbreak of infection 292.93 KB
PDF file icon 7d Methicillin MRSA 511.24 KB
PDF file icon 7e Management of Clostridium Difficile Infection 1.0 MB
PDF file icon 7f Isolation Policy 348.98 KB
PDF file icon 7g Decontamination 911.00 KB
PDF file icon 7h Surveillance of Alert Organisms and Dissemination of Information 434.08 KB
PDF file icon 7i Safe Management of Sharps and Avoidance of Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Viruses 770.99 KB
PDF file icon 7k Aseptic Non Touch Technique 393.86 KB
PDF file icon 7l Scabies Management 567.07 KB
PDF file icon 7m Transfer of Patient with Knownor Suspected Infection 256.73 KB
PDF file icon 7n Correct Use of Personal Protective Equipment in the Healthcare Environment 868.45 KB
PDF file icon 7o Animals in Healthcare Premises Guidance 243.09 KB
PDF file icon 8ab Data Security Information and Records Management Policy 548.77 KB
PDF file icon 8c Digital Systems Use Policy 793.45 KB
PDF file icon 8d Lincolnshire Inter-Agency Information Sharing Protocol 844.59 KB
PDF file icon 9. Involving People Policy 555.34 KB
PDF file icon 10. Trust Resilience Policy 1.2 MB
PDF file icon 11. Safeguarding Policy 1.8 MB
PDF file icon 12. Smoke Free Premises Policy 357.12 KB
PDF file icon 13. Social Media Policy 306.26 KB
PDF file icon Procedure for Trust Documents 983.12 KB

The Trust's corporate documentsstrategiesreports and accounts, as well as a range of information leaflets and service operational protocols can be accessed by clicking the links in this paragraph or via the 'Accessing our information' page.

All of these documents are maintained in accordance with the procedure for corporate documents and policies procedure.

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