Our nurses work in a range of inpatient and community settings. They work in child and adolescent services through to working age and older adult and dementia care. Mental Health and Learning Disability nurses work with individuals, their carers and the wider multi-disciplinary team to:

  • assess
  • plan
  • deliver
  • evaluate
  • care according to each individual's specific needs. 

Our nurses are skilled at establishing relationships with their service users to promote trusting, therapeutic relationships and advocate for them. Nurses often walk alongside their service users in the scariest of times. They will offer them hope, working with them to develop an understanding of their experiences. Nurses have the ability to establish coping mechanisms to manage their distress. 

We have over 600 nurses in the Trust and each one is as valuable to us as the next. There are a wealth of exclusive staff benefits available to nurses who choose to work with us. LPFT feels passionately about supporting learning and development to enable our nurses to be the best they can be. 

Living and working in Lincolnshire - Sue Brace, Ward Manager

Sue Brace is a Ward Manager at Brant Ward in the Older People and Frailty Team. She said:

"I moved to Lincolnshire to be near my family. I hadn’t even heard of Lincolnshire before, and had always lived in the southern part of the country. For example Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London.

“Living in Lincolnshire means that I have the best of several worlds. Lincoln is a beautiful city with a cathedral and a castle. The Lincolnshire countryside is gorgeous with lots of green fields and blue skies, plus I am only an hour from the seaside.

“Working for LPFT enables me to be an autonomous practitioner, with the freedom to innovate. I am supported in my role and feel inspired to make changes to improve services for patients, carers and staff.

“I live in the city but am only a ten-minute walk along the riverside to where I keep my horse."

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