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The Virtual Autism Hub is an innovative source of all age autism support to empower autistic people and their parents/carers.  We work closely with community groups and organisations to strengthen support for autistic adults, children and young people and parent/carers, increasing the range, breadth and reach of these groups.  

As part of this, we offer a grants programme. The 2023-2024 registration process for autism groups (existing or new) closed as of 31 January 2024. 

We have Specialist Autism Navigators who work directly with people across the county to help them access statutory services and other local support. This support is non-clinical and includes advice, signposting to local groups and services, information about autism and diagnostic pathways, as well as some practical support with things like filling out forms or accompanying to first meetings. 

This Special Autism Navigators support started on 1 February 2024 and the service is now open for enquiries using the contact details to the right.

We don’t have a referral process and this support is for parents, carers and autistic adults only, not professionals.   


Please note that this page is under development and will be updated periodically.

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