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How to access LPFT Services

To access our adult mental health and learning disabilities services please contact the Single Point of Access (SPA).  The SPA provides the first point of contact for people aged 18 and over.  

The SPA accepts both urgent and routine referrals.  The SPA is a 24/7 service.  It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

The SPA is staffed by a fully qualified and professional Healthcare Team. This team will answer any enquiries and signpost you to the appropriate service.  A triage process is used to identify if urgent care is needed.    

People can self refer to our Psychological Therapy Service.  This service is otherwise known as Steps2Change Talking Therapies.  Similarly, family and friends can contact Steps2Change to make an enquiry or referral. They must have the person's permission to do so.    

How To Make Referral

All referrals and enquiries are channelled into one central contact centre.  Written or verbal referrals are accepted.  A referral can be made using any of the routes below:  

  • Telephone Referrals:  Telephone 0303 123 4000
  • Post Referral:  Post to SPA Contact Centre, Sycamore Unit, Beacon Lane, Grantham, NG31 9DF
  • Email Referral Form:  Email to
  • Choose & Book: GPs can make referrals through the partial Choose & Book system.

How SPA Works

Having received a referral the SPA team will assess the referral.  The SPA will contact the patient to arrange a Triage Assessment.  This Triage Assessment will determine which service would best suit the patient's needs.The referral will be passed to the appropriate team as per our Commissioning guidance.  If the referral is an emergency, it will be referred to the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team.

Lincolnshire Mental Health Adviser Helpline

The Lincolnshire Mental Health Adviser Helpline is available 24/7.  This Helpline provides guidance and support for all mental health related issues.  Any professional from healthcare, social care, voluntary and third sector can contact this helpline.  

If you support a person or a service user and need advice, please contact the SPA on 0303 123 4000.  Then ask for the Lincolnshire Mental Health Adviser Helpline.

Useful contacts

Single Point of Access Contact Centre
Sycamore Unit
Beacon Lane 
Lincs NG31 9DF

Referring children and young people

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