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Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is pledging their support for the national #hellomynameis campaign

What is #hellomynameis

#hellomynameis is a campaign launched by Dr Kate Granger, who had terminal cancer. Whilst in hospital as an inpatient, Dr Granger observed that members of hospital staff often failed to introduce themselves properly prior to administering their care. 

Dr Granger felt that a simple introduction by members of staff would go a long way towards putting patients at ease. As a result, Dr Granger decided to start the #hellomynameis campaign on Twitter and through her online blog. Her mission was to make a cultural change. Her aim was to get as many members of NHS staff to pledge to introduce themselves properly to their patients.

LPFT is promoting the campaign by raising awareness of #hellomynameis 

How LPFT is showing support

At LPFT we wanted to show our support for the #hellomynameis campaign. We are asking staff to make more of a conscious effort to introduce themselves to any patient the first time they meet. A confident introduction is often all it takes to put patients at ease and make them feel relaxed whilst using our services. 

We are also reminding staff to ask the patient how they wish to be addressed and ensure their name badges are visible at all times whilst delivering care. 

More information

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Dr Granger’s story is incredibly powerful, as anyone who has read her blog would agree. Her illness enabled Kate to experience patient care first hand where, despite her own medical background she felt many of the fears and concerns that all patients must share. She believed that all healthcare professionals could take simple steps to improve the hospital experience for their patients.


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