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Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act 1983 covers the rights, assessment and treatment of people suffering a mental health condition. It details the process that needs to take place to compulsorily detain a person under a section of the Mental Health Act and the rights of the individual.

Through the Mental Health Act 2007, the 1983 Act has been updated to ensure it keeps pace with the changes in the way that mental health services are - and need to be - delivered.

The majority of the changes have taken place from 3 November 2008, however some amendments will take even longer to be introduced.

Mental Health Act office

Our Mental Health Act office ensures the administration of the Act. The team aim to:

  • hold the original detention papers for all service users being detained for treatment by us
  • organise access to mental health review tribunials and Mental Health Act managers meetings for detained service users
  • liaise with solicitors representing detained service users
  • co-ordinate responses to Care Quality Commission (CQC) visits
  • provide information on the Mental Health Act

For further information, please contact our Mental Health Act Team.

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Mental Health Act Team

  • Telephone: 01522 309190

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