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Mental health and emotional wellbeing are as important in older age as at any other time of life. As well as the typical life stressors common to all people, many older adults have additional potential stresses more frequently encountered as we age that can leave them vulnerable to mental health problems.

These can include increased risk of physical health related conditions such as heart disease, or problems such as limited mobility, chronic pain or frailty.  In addition, older people are more likely to experience events such as bereavement, changes in socioeconomic status with retirement, or a disability.
Without proper recognition, assessment and intervention these factors, amongst others, can result in isolation, loss of independence, loneliness and psychological distress in older people.  LPFT dementia and specialist older adult mental health services' primary aim is to address and support these needs by putting the people who use our services at the very centre of decision making and working with them and their communities to shape and deliver care that achieves the best possible outcomes and experience.

We provide a range of community and inpatient services and contribute to all key care pathways for older adults with dementia or mental health-related needs.

  • Community Memory Assessment and Management Services (MAMS)
    For people of any age experiencing needs associated with suspected or diagnosed dementia and associated complex needs.
  • Older Adult Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs)
    For adults aged 65 years + presenting with complex mental health problems (e.g. severe depression, anxiety etc.) with specialist needs
  • Inpatient Services
    Separate specialist wards for people of any age with dementia with complex needs and for adults aged 65 years + with complex mental health needs.
  • Home Treatment Team (HTT)
    Provide intense short-term support and intervention to prevent unnecessary admission of older adults to hospital and/or support more timely discharge.

  • Providing quality care in terms of safety, effectiveness and patient experience
  • Specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Promoting optimal recovery and/or quality of life and wellbeing
  • A focus on individual engagement to promote choice and control in relation to their needs
  • High quality information to inform and support care
  • Connecting care through close working with other care providers to ensure joined-up care experiences for people using our services.

Direct referrals are made through local GPs via the Trust's Single Point of Access (refer to panel on right-hand-side of this page for contact details) and via county wide Neighbourhood Teams. 

Internal referrals can also be made professional to professional via service staff within the older adult community services, adult community services, mental health intermediate care and mental health liaison services.


  • Dementia card

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Useful contacts

Hours of operation:

Core hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

For support outside of these times, our staff do work flexibly within the community to meet individual needs.

Inpatient care teams

Witham Court
Fen Lane
North Hykeham
Lincoln  LN6 8UZ
Manthorpe Centre
Grantham Hospital
101 Manthorpe Road
Grantham  NG31 8DG

For all teams, tel: 0303 123 4000

Community mental health teams

Witham Court
Fen Lane
North Hykeham
Lincoln LN6 8UZ
Department of Psychiatry
Pilgrim Hospital
Sibsey Road
Boston  PE21 9QS
Holly Lodge
9 The Meadows
Lincoln Lane
Skegness PE25 2JA
Johnson Community Hospital 
Spalding Road 
Spalding  PE11 2DE
Manthorpe Centre
Grantham Hospital
101 Manthorpe Road
Grantham NG31 8DG
Windsor House
Fairfield Industrial Estate
Louth  LN11 0LF

For all teams, tel: 0303 123 4000

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