Lincolnshire Recovery College

Welcome to Lincolnshire Recovery College!

Are you finding life challenging or supporting someone who is? Do you want to learn from people with real life experience, alongside education and health professionals? If so, the Lincolnshire Recovery College could be for you.

We offer free educational courses about mental health, recovery and wellbeing. Courses are open to anyone aged 16+ who lives, works or studies in Lincolnshire. There is no referral needed, you can choose the sessions that you would like to come to and register using the online form.

Sessions are held online via Microsoft Teams and in person at a variety of locations and venues across the county.  Have a look at the timetable to find out when and where these will be held. 

If you are a new student with us for this academic year (from Sept 2023) please complete the registration form to request the sessions that you would like to attend. We will then be in touch with more information about your courses. Please make sure to book as group sizes are limited. 

You can come along with a friend or supporter, they will need to register and book a place too.

If you would like more information, please contact us via email or by telephone on the details found in the blue box on the right of this page.

More information

Student feedback

What was good about the courses you attended? 

"Interaction between presenters and attendees, and the interaction between the two presenters. Clear messages conveyed throughout presentation."

"Engaging trainers who added really well to the slides and brought the information to life. They made everyone comfortable and the pace was good. Useful information."

"It felt very inclusive and the hosts made an effort to welcome everyone by name. The course was delivered succinctly and was clear, and prompted lots of involvement throughout, ensuring diversity of feedback and thoughts on ways we could implement and understand the course materials and objectives."

"Very polite, warm and welcoming course leaders. It was easy to understand and has taught me a few things. I felt heard and understood."

Let’s talk about it – Mental Health

“Extremely well delivered. Very interactive with contributions encouraged. Highly interesting statistics that both shocked and intrigued me. This course encouraged me to expand my knowledge. People delivering the session discussed their own experiences. Everyone felt comfortable to contribute to the session.

"There is useful information that makes attending worthwhile for everyone. Nothing short of fantastic, thank you very much.”

Drama for wellbeing workshop

“I will smile when I think of this workshop. The ideas covered were great and facilitators made participants feel comfortable.”

Dreaming of a better sleep

“Everyone contributed their own experiences, struggles and tips. I am normally shy to contribute but felt comfortable. It felt inclusive, especially as the trainers shared their experiences.

"The course was engaging and there was space to discuss, which I found helpful. The session felt respectful and non-judgemental. It was a safe space to explore the topic and share.”

Creative Connections

“A fantastic session! It was amazing to see other people’s creativity and the enjoyment they feel. Tutors were really encouraging of all the creations that were displayed!”

Meet the team

The College has qualified teachers and trainers, and experienced health professionals. Our teaching team also includes people with lived experience of mental illness. 

Sara Brewin - Service Manager for Allied Health Professionals, Recovery and Inclusion

Sara Brewin updated.jpgSara started at LPFT in 2003 as a Community Support Worker in a Community Mental Health Team. In 2011, she qualified as an Occupational Therapist.

Sara is passionate about mental health, recovery and inclusion. She values the role collaborative working plays in a person’s recovery. Actively working alongside the College, Sara champions the team's fantastic work.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys being a mum. She spends time with family and friends, and going on walks for mental wellbeing.

Amy Day - Recovery College Manager

Amy_Day.jpgAmy has worked in NHS mental health services for over 20 years. She has a background in health and wellbeing, recovery and teaching. Amy works with the team, volunteers and students to provide an inclusive and collaborative service. 

She considers the College to be a valuable community asset. It provides the opportunity to learn about mental health, recovery and wellbeing. She believes in celebrating strengths, inspiring hope, creating opportunities, and learning together.

Ed Stables - Recovery College Occupational Therapist

Ed_Stables_photo.jpgEd completed an apprenticeship in cabinet-making but mental ill-health led to a change of direction.

He combined practical and creative skills with an interest in fostering health and wellbeing. He re-trained as an occupational therapist and worked for 23 years in this role.

Ed loves to share his knowledge and skills. He remains passionate about the importance of meaningful activities for recovery.

John Bowtell – Recovery College Drama Worker

John_Bowtell.jpegJohn’s background is as a theatre director. He has worked for over 20 years in the NHS. This includes being a drama therapist. John is interested in how we can use creativity to develop our roles to act in everyday life.

He trains internationally in Developmental Transformations, which draws on personal experience.


Daniel Fleshbourne - Recovery College Senior Occupational Therapy Assistant

Daniel_Fleshbourne.jpgDaniel trained in Information Technology and started his career as a technology evangelist.

Due to a family member having a long-term disability, Daniel switched focus and became a full-time unpaid carer. This has led him to work with local NHS services, charities and organisations.

He is passionate about unpaid carers being recognised and valued for their vital role. He wants carers to have the knowledge, tools and skills to support their own wellbeing.

Daniel shares his own lived experiences to support the growth of the College. He strives to empower people to choose their own path to wellbeing.

Andy Leaston - Peer Support Worker Coordinator

Andy Leaston.jpegAndy started his career with LPFT in August 2018 working as a Peer Support Worker within the Louth Community Mental Health Team. Before that, he had worked and volunteered in a wide range of community development roles in his hometown of Manchester. He uses his own lived experience to inform his work, acknowledging that this journey continues and that each day can present challenges. He strongly believes that compassionate person-centred care is at the core of the recovery journey.

Andy passionately believes in the empowerment of individuals and equipping people with the tools needed to break down barriers and to challenge stigma.

He enjoys family life and finds his mindful space in music and walks in all weathers.

Charlynne Wright - Peer Support Worker Co-ordinator

Charylnne headshot.jpgCharlynne has worked in the NHS for over 10 years, with almost 6 years of those being within the Perinatal Mental Health Team as a Peer Support Worker.  After the support of LPFT’s Mental Health services when pregnant, Charlynne decided to make it her mission to help others.

Charlynne became very passionate about the role of Peer Support Worker and is now a PSW Co-ordinator, hoping to help and guide all other PSW’s.  She loves to empower people and help them to use their experience’s of mental health in a positive way.

Mindfulness, singing and being with her family helps her to keep well and grounded.

Charlotte Toyne - Mental Health Practitioner - Family Hub

Charlotte_recovery_college.jpgCharlotte has worked for LPFT since 2019, initially training and working as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP). With her own personal experience of mental health difficulties leading her to develop a passion for ensuring mental health support is accessible to anyone who needs it.

After recently joining the Recovery college team, she is excited to get started working with the new Family Perinatal hubs. Outside of work, Charlotte enjoys going to gigs, reading, baking, and spending time with family and friends.

Liz Stradling - Senior Peer Support Worker - Family Hub

Liz.jpgLiz worked for the third sector in homelessness for many years. 

When an opportunity arose in 2015 to undertake PGCE in Secondary education, Liz jumped at the chance and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Liz has taught on community courses, including English, Maths and ESOL, for children, young people and adults.

Liz has her own lived experience of managing her mental health and maintains her well-being by spending time outside with her animals and appreciating the great outdoors.

Leah Booth - Peer Support Worker - Family Hub

Leah.pngLeah has a background in family support and the early years. She moved to the retail sector due to starting a family and her own personal mental ill-health. Since then, she has been inspired during her recovery to ensure that people’s voices are heard and can be supported by a peer.

Recently joining the Recovery College, she looks forward to supporting and educating people along their journeys.  Leah enjoys teaching Kickboxing and training, reading and loves days out with her family.

Mick Hickman - Peer support worker - Family Hub

Mick team photo.jpgMick has previously served in the Armed forces for 12 years, followed by 12 years as a Police Officer, he has recently moved over to LPFT from NHS Property Services. Over the years Mick has witnessed the best and worst that life can throw at you, and during that time he was also a single parent coping with Military and Police life whilst supporting and raising his daughter.

Mick is a published author and an award-winning photographer which he uses for his own mindfulness. Mick has a wealth of life experiences which he hopes he can use to assist others with their Mental Health and wellbeing struggles.


Izzy Kusyk (they/them) - Peer Trainer

Izzy_recovery_college.jpgIzzy first joined LPFT in 2021 as an Assistant Psychologist and has worked in adult mental health rehabilitation wards, acute settings and the core CAMHS team. Izzy supports people in their recovery through different episodes of mental health difficulties or illnesses. Outside of the NHS, Izzy is a grief and bereavement counsellor and has experience in supporting people through acquired brain damage rehabilitation as well as delivering various soft skills training.

In their Recovery College Peer Trainer role, Izzy believes in the value and benefits of lifelong learning, personal growth and nurturing everyone’s strengths and potential to improve their wellbeing and mental health.  Having been through mental health rough patches themselves, Izzy can use their insight into mental health recovery, hope and the process of healing. Lived experience also helps Izzy to work in a non-judgemental way with compassion and understanding towards everyone’s individual struggles and unique recovery journey. Izzy is non-binary, Autistic, ADHD and part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Outside of work. Izzy loves books, nature, and staying active while practicing martial arts. Izzy restores their energy and motivation through spending time with their kids and four cats, taking photos of nature and being at the seaside.

Helen Bussey - Volunteer

Helen trained as a physiotherapist and moved into education when she started her family. Helen worked with children with special educational needs to enable them to access mainstream education. 

Following an episode of mental ill-health, Helen retired early. She enjoys helping at the College, supporting people on their recovery journey.


Abi Burgess – Part Time Administrator

Abi_Burgess.jpgAbi has a background in customer service and sales. Since 2013, she was a Mortuary Technician and later a Coroners Officer. Due to ill health and knowing that her wellbeing was compromised, she started a new career.

Abi believes her past experiences working with the bereaved help her understand how important wellbeing is. Along with hiking and walking, she draws mandalas as a creative outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the courses free?

Yes! All our courses are free and the Microsoft Teams app is free to download.

2. Who can come on the courses?

Anyone aged 16 or over and who is a citizen of Lincolnshire, can sign up with the College. You don’t need to be involved with mental health services. Many of our students are or have been supported by mental health services. However carers, health professionals, and anyone looking to improve their wellbeing can also benefit from learning with us. No referrals from health professionals are needed.

3. How many courses can I take?

We recommend you choose courses that will be most relevant and of benefit to your wellbeing.  We would suggest no more than between 5 to 7 per half term. This allows you to spread out your learning and put into practice what you have learnt.

4. Do I need any qualifications? Will I have to take any tests at the College?

No, you don’t need any qualifications to learn with us and there are no tests.

5. How many other people will be on the course with me?

We limit the amount of online learners to around 10 per course, as learners benefit from smaller groups. However, due to circumstances and demand, this may vary occasionally.

6. How do I enrol at the College?

Fill in the online registration form and we’ll contact you to book onto courses.

If you require support to complete the application form, please contact us. Call 01522 309333 (Monday to Friday 9am to 2.30pm) and we can complete the form over the phone.

7. During online courses, do I need to have the device camera on?

We would prefer it if you can as it easier for staff to engage with you. Please remember to switch it off if you require a break.

8. What should I do if I need to cancel a session?

Places on our courses are limited and many sessions become fully booked. If you’re unable to attend a booked session, we ask that you email us. Please do so at the earliest opportunity so we can offer your place to another student. 

If you don’t attend a booked session and don’t let us know in advance, we may cancel your remaining bookings. You’ll be able to re-book should you wish to continue learning with us.

Research - RECOLLECT

Exciting research opportunity!

Lincolnshire Recovery College is involved in the RECOLLECT 2 study, which is exploring how Recovery Colleges might benefit the people who use them.

We are looking for newly enrolled students to participate in the study. Taking part would involve you completing a set of questionnaires at 4 time points over 12 months. You would be reimbursed with a £15 voucher for each set of questionnaires you complete (£60 in total).


  • 18 years or older
  • you have recently enrolled at a Recovery College participating in RECOLLECT 2
  • you are accessing or discharged within the last 12 months from local secondary or tertiary NHS mental health services (e.g., a community mental health team, assertive outreach team) and
  • You have expressed an interest in the study to a Recovery College staff member or have contacted the RECOLLECT 2 team directly.

If you are interested in taking part, please follow this link to an expression of interest form:


Watch a video on YouTube about this

Registration process
If you require assistance with completing the registration form or have any questions, please contact the team using the details below. 
Contact details

Phone: 01522 309333 (Monday - Friday 9am-2:30pm)