Meaning of Abbreviations and Jargon

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We often use words in our everyday language that you maybe don’t understand so we thought a jargon buster might help just so you know what it means if you hear these terms from nurses and doctors!!

  • PRN – as and when required medication
  • BD – twice a day – usually talking about a frequency of medication
  • TDS – three times a day – usually regarding medication frequency
  • QDS – four times a day – usually regarding medication frequency Mane – in the morning – usually regarding medication frequency
  • Nocte – at night – usually regarding medication frequency
  • IM – intra muscular (injection) – an injection given to the patient into a muscle Depot – antipsychotic medication given in the form of an injection
  • MDT – multi disciplinary team made up of doctors and nurses and other professionals
  • MDM – multi disciplinary meeting where all the professionals involved meet up RC – Responsible clinician – usually the consultant psychiatrist involved with care
  • CTO – Community treatment order – restrictions apply when out of hospital. This can be around compliance with medication RI – restrictive intervention – a taught technique whereby staff physically hold a person to prevent them from hurting themselves or others
  • AMHP – Approved mental health professional – usually a social worker or nurse who assesses mental state under the mental health act
  • EDT – Emergency duty team – an out of hours service of AMHP’s

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