New mental health helpline launched across Lincolnshire

Published on: 25th March 2020

Lincolnshire has further bolstered its commitment to mental health with the launch of a new confidential mental health and emotional wellbeing helpline.

The new helpline, which was introduced in November 2019 and is a joint initiative across health, social care and the third sector, is available 24/7 and can provide emotional support, advice and guidance if you are feeling low, anxious or stressed, and think you might benefit from speaking to someone.

By calling 0800 001 4331 you can speak to a member of a highly trained and experienced team of support workers who will be able to provide appropriate support.

“You might be in emotional distress and feel that there is nowhere else to turn, equally you may be caring for someone else and finding it difficult to cope,” explains Rachel Redgrave, Head of Mental Health Transformation, Lincolnshire STP.

“In addition to providing the support, guidance and information you may need, contacting the mental health helpline can give you a feeling of relief, wellbeing and peace of mind.” 

Since its launch late last year the helpline has received more than 1,500 calls, most of which have been about mental health, anxiety, loneliness, depression, or social isolation.  Twenty five percent of callers contact the helpline daily for support.   

“The helpline is confidential and you will not be judged,” adds Rachel.  “Working with our partners across health and social care - including Lincolnshire County Council – and the third sector, we hope it will prove an invaluable resource to people across Lincolnshire, so please share the telephone number 0800 001 4331 with your family and friends". 

Eve Baird, Associate Director for Inpatient and Urgent Care at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The helpline will offer much needed and awaited support for anyone in Lincolnshire who is struggling with emotional or mental health problems. We know that often people wait too long before asking for help and bottle up their feelings until they can’t cope anymore. 

“We want people to know that it’s ok not to be ok. Even the most resilient of us may sometimes struggle, especially in times like now with the increased uncertainty and the need for some people to avoid social contact. Whatever you are struggling with, the mental health and emotional support helpline for Lincolnshire is here for you.”


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