2022 Team LPFT Values Awards

2022 shortlist and winners

Open the drop down options below to view the shortlist and winners for each of our 2022 Team LPFT Values Awards categories! Congratulations to our winners Phil Green, Sexual Assault Referral Centre Crisis Workers, Ben Raynor, Meika Woods, Mental Health Liaison Service Steering Group, Bridget Goard, Mental Health Support Team, Helen Bussey, Jayne Ashton, and the International Recruitment Team.

Everyday Excellence Awards (Individual)

Abbie Parish, Nurse at the Hartsholme Centre

Abbie has been a newly qualified nurse at the Hartsholme Centre since October 2021 and within that time, she has been a shining example, throughout challenging circumstances. She epitomises the Trust and nursing values and is committed to care which is patient-centred and least restrictive. Abbie always takes time to check on staff wellbeing in the team and is an excellent clinical supervisor.

Deborah Hussey, Quality Improvement and Assurance Lead

Deb’s caring and compassionate leadership has earned the respect of her colleagues and she is committed to working across teams to support the delivery and continuous quality improvement of safe, effective, responsive and caring services. She is a passionate advocate for service user and carer involvement, which has led to many patient led improvements.

Dr Mary Jinks, Clinical Forensic Psychologist in the Community Forensic Team

Mary is passionate about supporting the team, bringing them together, recognising their individual skills, helping them to develop, and always making time to help someone in need. She goes above and beyond to provide ongoing person-centred and compassionate care for her clients and utilises her specialised psychological knowledge to offer the most appropriate support.

Phil Green, Estates Manager

Phil will go out of his way to ensure our Trust environments are as safe and efficient as possible, always with a smile on his face. Phil and the team are dedicated to delivering their service to the best of their ability and no ask is too big. He acts swiftly in an emergency and has made himself available out of hours to make sure problems are resolved and excellent patient care can continue.


and the winner is... Phil Green!

Everyday Excellence Award (Team)

Conolly Ward

The Conolly Ward team continue to overcome challenges they face, showing dedication to the acute inpatient care and supporting each other through what can be demanding and emotional events. The team openly value and encourage debriefs and collaborate by listening and then formulating action plans to tackle any potential issues.

Older Adult Mental Health Home Treatment Team

The team have reduced hospital admissions significantly since launching in 2018, ensuring beds are available when required and at the point of need. The team frequently innovate and engage service users to make improvements and have undertaken additional learning to improve their knowledge and skills.

Out of Hours Clinical Coordinators

Clinical teams are always grateful to have the Out of Hours Coordinators to call on for clinical advice, problem solving and direction. Nothing is too much trouble for this small team who often work with system partners to achieve the best patient outcomes. The coordinators kept services running during challenging staffing situations and provide a high level of clinical supervision and debrief after any incidents.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre Crisis Team

The crisis workers are the foundation of SARC and show care and compassion for every client, still managing to put them at ease whilst wearing PPE. During the pandemic, staff continued to be on call and cover shifts where required to ensure there was always someone available to help clients in need. Little acts of kindness of the team go a long way in supporting service users and colleagues in the most challenging and distressing of circumstances.


and the winner is... the Sexual Assault Referral Centre Crisis Team!

Innovation and Improvement Award

Ben Raynor, PMVA instructor

Ben always thinks outside of the box and strives to be actively involved with innovative projects which can reduce the use of restrictive interventions on our wards. His work ethic, passion and willingness to learn inspire his team every day. Recently, Ben had an active role in devising a new seclusion technique which will replace the previous method and this has led to safer patient care.

Carer Champions - Adult Inpatient and Urgent Care Division

The Carer Champions make a huge difference to carers and their involvement in their loved ones care. They are committed individuals with a passion to listen, support and amplify the carer voice. The feedback from carers is outstanding, with consistent narrative that carers feel supported and involved.

Joshua Confue, Specialist Community Mental Health Pharmacist in the Integrated Place Based Team

Joshua has shown unwavering commitment, enthusiasm, and resilience in a new and innovative role in the Integrated Place-Based Teams. He works tirelessly to build relationships and network with colleagues across the Lincolnshire health and care system. Joshua is always looking for new ways in which patients can get the most from their medicines and is an advocate for patients being well informed.


and the winner is... Ben Raynor!

Leading by Example Award

Meika Woods, Steps2change Team Coordinator

Meika always makes time for her team and has kept morale up throughout the pandemic, sometimes even in fancy dress! She makes sure to recognise and thank her colleagues for their excellent work and supports them on a personal level, and with professional development. Even when delivering service improvements which can sometimes be difficult for the team to adapt to, Meika shows care and compassion for all.

Tony Mansfield, Head of Safeguarding, Public Protection and Mental Capacity

Tony is composed, empathic, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable, he supports his team and those across the Trust through personal and professional difficulties. He nurtures a learning environment and encourages staff to ask questions, no matter how ‘silly’ they think they are. The team feel inspired and valued and look to Tony as a role model.

Rachel Kitchen, Rehabilitation Service Manager

With a patient-centred approach, Rachel is dedicated to improving inpatient rehabilitation services and has led on ‘re-focusing’ events which provided the opportunity for those who work in, or receive care in our services to openly discuss their expectations and feedback. She has also supported ward managers to ensure safe staffing during the challenges of the pandemic, covering other roles where required. Staff across the service have expressed how Rachel makes them feel valued and listened to.


and the winner is... Meika Woods!

Service User Engagement and Experience Award

Dawn Parker and Jacky Tyson

For several years, Dawn and Jacky have worked hard to ensure that patient and carer voices are included in all aspects of the Older People and Frailty Services. They understand the importance of involving people and have delivered a wide range of engagement activities across the county to ensure that continuous engagement influences and informs service decisions. They create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment which enables people to talk freely and openly without judgement.

Mental Health Liaison Service Steering Group

The MHLS Steering Group was established in February 2021 with a view to developing and expanding the service for the benefit of service users. In that time, the group have been involved in several projects which have had a positive impact on those using the service and have been instrumental in the recent Royal College of Psychiatrists accreditation. Projects include creating a new user-friendly leaflet and developing online training packages for ULHT staff.

Lincolnshire Recovery College

The Lincolnshire Recovery College team adapted quickly during the pandemic and continue to provide online mental health and wellbeing courses which are co-produced and delivered with those with lived experience and qualified health and education professionals. New and interactive courses are developed each term, including courses to support carers and those with a cancer diagnosis. The team have welcomed several new staff members with lived experience this year, keeping co-production and development at the heart of everything they do.

and the winner is... the Mental Health Liaison Service Steering Group!

Valuing Everybody Award

Bridget Goard, Assistant Psychologist, Physical Health Psychology

Bridget’s deeply held values about equality for all underpin everything she does and enables her team to feel confident that the service they provide is as inclusive and supportive as possible. She spearheads change and challenges areas of the Trust where she feels improvements could be made. Bridget ensures appropriate language, educating her team, reviewing Trust documents and systems, and adapting the service to individual needs.

Holly Sexton, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Rehabilitation

During LGBT+ History Month, Holly worked with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team to design and deliver activities for patients on all our wards. Her work promoted access and inclusion for patients and staff around sexual orientation and gender reassignment. Holly has since shared examples of the impact this had for one patient, who spent time making a rainbow cake as part of their Eating Disorder recovery.

Dr Richard Pool, Consultant Psychiatrist, Community Forensic

Dr Pool values the contribution of all colleagues, volunteers, service users, carers and families, ensuring that those around him feel comfortable to ‘be themselves’. In a person-centred and inclusive manner, he promotes and enables access to services for people with protected characteristics. He demonstrates an awareness of intersectionality in practice and colleagues say that he is always approachable, with a helpful attitude.

and the winner is... Bridget Goard!

Working Together Award

Holistic Healthcare for the Homeless team

The Holistic Healthcare for the Homeless Team ensure that the physical and mental health needs of homeless/ vulnerable housed people are looked after and care is delivered to those living on the streets. Despite some staffing challenges, the team have always been responsive and have a can-do attitude, collaborating with other organisations to achieve the best outcomes for people. During the pandemic, the team helped primary care to coordinate a list of residents that were accommodated and ensured individuals were supported to attend their local vaccination centre.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Employment Service team

The IPS Employment Service work collaboratively with our services and external organisations, keeping individuals at the centre of everything and supporting those with severe mental illness to find and retain employment. Carer support and service user engagement are key to the development of the service and this is supported by peer focus groups, recruitment, and a steering group. Recently, the team also co-produced and co-delivered an employment course with Lincolnshire Recovery College, with helpful advice for those looking for work.

Mental Health Support Team

Our Mental Health Support Teams have developed their relationships within education settings and the wider system this year, working with the Local Authority and third sector colleagues on initiatives such as the Emotionally Based School Avoidance pathway, as well as having a focus on parent and carer engagement. The team have also continued to strengthen their popular podcasts, widening the variety of contributors and engaging with our partner agencies to explore the potential to connect and co-produce.

and the winner is... the Mental Health Support Team!

Volunteer of the Year

Celia Evershed, Recovery College Volunteer

Celia has supported the Lincolnshire Recovery College for many years and is involved with course design and creation, staff recruitment and service development. She is an asset to the team and incorporates her lived experience, role modelling hope, empowerment and self-management. Celia works in partnership with both healthcare professionals and educators at the College and is passionate about sharing her wisdom and experiences to help others.

Dawn Pearson, LPFT Volunteer

Dawn has worked in a variety of volunteering roles since starting at the Greyfriars drop-in group in 2015. She supported a variety of activities including arts and craft projects, baking and organising day trips. Last year she also volunteered at the vaccination centre in Grantham and has since secured a Peer Support Worker position with Shine Lincolnshire.

Don Rodd, Francis Willis Volunteer

Don has been a champion for volunteering both in his Volunteer Governor role and as a volunteer. He has so much experience, knowledge and passion to move volunteer services forward. Despite volunteering being largely on hold during the pandemic, Don has continued to do as much as he can to not only support volunteers but to also promote volunteering both inside and outside of LPFT

Helen Bussey, Recovery College Volunteer

Helen has embraced the world of online meetings and training over the last twelve months, supporting the delivery of Recovery College courses and regularly attending the monthly ‘Joint Cuppa’ with governors and volunteers. She also used her craft skills to help Langworth Ward’s Flower appeal and has more recently knitted squares for their Colourful Courtyard Garden appeal. Helen is passionate about volunteering and is a regular contributor to the Volunteer Newsletter.

and the winner is... Helen Bussey!

People's Award

Andy O’Connor, Senior Healthcare Support Worker, Rehabilitation

Andy always has a smile on his face and goes the extra mile to provide one-to-one support and coordinate activities for patients on the ward. He is supportive, approachable and compassionate, and patients comment that he can always make them laugh, even when they are trying not to! Family members also appreciate how much Andy can make them feel at ease on their visits and the support he offers.

Elisabeth Britz, Occupational Therapist, Perinatal Service

Due to her caring and compassionate nature and desire to understand every patient as an individual, Elisabeth builds trust with service users and tailors their care to achieve the best outcomes and recovery. She advocates for service users and makes sure they feel heard, ensuring that she provides a consistent support system which they can rely on.

Jayne Ashton, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Learning Disability team

As a Support Worker, Jayne supports service users in a variety of ways, including helping find accommodation and arranging financial support. She demonstrates care and kindness in everything she does and her role in the lives of service users has been described as “life-saving”. Jayne offers a reliable source of support and adapts to the needs of her service users, whatever they may be.

and the winner is... Jayne Ashton!

Chair's Award

The Chair's Award, chosen by our Trust Chair Kevin Lockyer, is... the International Recruitment Team!

Invite_header_no_date.png Sexual Assault Referral Centre team Ben Raynor receiving his award Mental Health Support Team winners on stage Helen Bussey receiving her award