Council of Governors meetings

Our Council of Governors will meet at least four times a year.

In usual circumstances, Council of Governors’ meetings are held in public and therefore anyone is welcome to attend as an observer. There is also an opportunity to ask questions during the first 15 minutes of the meeting but only governors and invited guests may speak following this. 

Next meeting

The next Council of Governors' meeting will take place at 4pm on Thursday 25 April 2024.

You can join the meeting live here.

Please see the document library below for any relevant meeting papers once published. 

Upcoming meetings in 2024

  • 25 April
  • 25 July  
  • 24 October

Important note:

The majority of the trust meetings are now held online via MS Teams.

The most recent Council of Governors’ meeting was held on Thursday 25 January 2024 in the form of a video conference. 

To watch the meeting back, follow this link

We are aware that the documents on this page may not be accessible for all. We will be creating accessible versions of the documents as they are reviewed however in the meantime, if you need a document we’ve published in a different format, please email or telephone 01522 309194.

Search files

Thumbnail Title Size
PDF file icon APPROVED Council of Governors Minutes - 03.02.22.pdf 258.47 KB
PDF file icon Agenda CoG 3 February 2022.pdf 138.89 KB
PDF file icon 1.2) Declaration of Governors Interests as at 31.01.2022.pdf 167.94 KB
PDF file icon 1.3) Draft CoG Minutes 21.10.21.pdf 338.22 KB
PDF file icon 1.5) Schedule of Actions - February 2022.pdf 81.22 KB
PDF file icon 1.6) Board of Directors Minutes November and December 2021.pdf 114.63 KB
PDF file icon 2.1) Draft Minutes of Representation Committee Meeting - 13.01.21 Front Sheet.pdf 115.99 KB
PDF file icon 2.1a) CoG Representation Committee Minutes - 13 December 2021.pdf 208.95 KB
PDF file icon 2.2) Duties of the Governors - February 2022.pdf 117.11 KB
PDF file icon 2.3) Governors' Training Needs Analysis 2021 - February 2022.pdf 323.93 KB
PDF file icon 2.4) Governor Activities Report (October - December 2021).pdf 139.17 KB
PDF file icon 2.5) i'Log Report (October- December 2021).pdf 123.74 KB
PDF file icon 3.1) Chief Executive Report - February 2022.pdf 176.18 KB
PDF file icon 3.2) Performance Assurance Report - February 2022.pdf 339.25 KB
PDF file icon 3.3) Trust Strategy - February 2022.pdf 113.53 KB
PDF file icon 3.3a) Appendix 1 - Trust Strategy Refresh December 2021.pdf 155.15 KB
PDF file icon 3.3b) Appendix 2 - Trust Strategy December 2021.pdf 281.42 KB
PDF file icon 3.4) People Committee Annual Report - February 2022.pdf 102.13 KB
PDF file icon 3.4a) People Committee Annual Report 2020-2021 - December 2021 to January 2022.pdf 258.34 KB
PDF file icon 3.5) Sustainability Committee Annual Report - February 2022.pdf 103.19 KB
PDF file icon 3.5a) Sustainability Comm Annual Report 2020-21 Dec 21.pdf 226.17 KB
PDF file icon 3.6) Community Mental Health Patient Survey Results - February 2022.pdf 173.61 KB
PDF file icon 3.7) Quality Assurance Priorities - February 2022.pdf 167.19 KB
PDF file icon 4.1) Lead and Deputy Lead Governor Elections - February 2022.pdf 33.77 KB
PDF file icon 4.2) Audit Committee Annual Report - February 2022.pdf 102.44 KB
PDF file icon 4.2a) Audit Committee Annual Report 2020-21 Nov 21.pdf 247.11 KB
PDF file icon 4.3) NED Recruitment Process - January 2022.pdf 344.44 KB

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