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Public Governors

We have eight governor seats which represent residents in the various areas of the county and surrounding areas.

Emma Slack

Emma Slack.png​​

Constituency: Public Governor - East Lindsey

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Election statement: I feel I will be a valued Ambassador/Governor for the Trust of East Lindsey. I am a carer of a child with severe learning difficulties. Since 2012 I have run a parent support group called Sharing Minds. We have for many years run family swimming sessions backed by charitable funding raised for us. Though the sessions are closed at present due to COVID-19. From 2012-2015 I was a parent governor at my older sons school King Edward V1 in Spilsby and he is now aged 20. My husband and I are self employed and together we run our bed and breakfast business in our adjoining annex. Being self employed gives me flexibility to attend meetings and fully commit to the role. I have knowledge and experience that I feel would be helpful in this role, from all aspects noted previously in my statement. 

Thomas Ellis


Constituency: Public Governor - City of Lincoln

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Election statement: I beleive I have the compassion to continue as the City of Lincoln governor. MY work with Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire compliments being a governor and brings me into contact with those that are using the LPFT services. Gaining original information from those using the service helps me to ask questions and to give feedback to the rest of the governing body which can be vital in making sure the services are fit for purpose, as well as giving value for money. 

I feel this is so important especially now living in the times of a pandemic where the issues around peoples mental health and wellbeing are paramount given the self-isolation and restrictive conditions we have been living under these last 12 to 18 months. 

I will continue to try and offer my best attention to serving this valuable community in Lincoln to the best of my ability.

Victoria Thomas

Victoria Thomas.png 



Constituency: Public Governor - Rest of England

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Debbie Abrams


 Constituency: Public Governor - South Kesteven

 Lead Governor

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Election statement: Having recently retired from working at a small hospice means I have time to volunteer as your governor representative. With over 1000 members we are a community that deserve a voice in shaping mental health and learning disability services. I will strive to be accessible and listen to help represent our constituency. I am passionate about our local NHS and believe that services are better when people are engaged in developing them. Our combined learned experiences of mental health and learning disability services are fundamental in helping the Trust deliver a quality service. This last year has been difficult to ensure continued access to local services. Being a fairly confident person I constructively challenge and speak up when required for all. I worry especially for young people who have missed being with their friends, and have had to adapt their learning experiences. The increase in young peoples mental health problems, including eating disorders is of concern but just as much a concern is the depression faced by older people from months of isolation and loneliness. It is particularly important that people’s rights should be respected, especially those who are vulnerable who may need more support and who may need that support locally. I will campaign to help us keep local services.

Carole Hagan


 Constituency: Public Governor - North Kesteven

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Election statement: As a parent of a young adult with autism, epilepsy and learning disabilities, I have accessed LPFT services through GP surgeries, specialist clinics or Accident and Emergency. I have been a trustee of the charity that represents my daughter's medical condition and also a member of the charity's research committee. I worked as an Inclusion Consultant for North Yorkshire LA supporting primary and secondary schools. I had a responsibility for introducing schools to the Autism Inclusion Development Programme. Recently I worked alongside Care Quality Commission Inspectors as an Expert by Experience, visiting care homes for adults with autism and/or learning disabilities. My role was to ensure that the service users' voices were represented and valued in inspection reports. As a Governor I will endeavor to represent the views of constituents in North Kesteven.

Marlene Fullwood

Marlene Fullwood.png​​

 Constituency: Public Governor - Borough of Boston

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 Election statement: I am the Mum and Carer for my 18 year old son who has learning difficulties, Autism and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, we face daily struggles with him having both a mental and physical disability. I would like to make a difference and help people who are in a similar situation to us as not everyone has the confidence to speak out when they are having difficulties. I have been a School Governor in the past which has been both challenging and rewarding and has given me some insight how Governing Bodies work.

David Docherty

David Docherty rounded.png​​

 Constituency: Public Governor - West Lindsey

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Election statement: Having for the last year served as the elected West Lindsey LPFT governor I believe I have represented the public position whenever asked. My history is one of passionate dedication gained during my 40+ years of service to healthcare, both at home in the NHS and alongside the British Armed Forces, who I worked alongside in a supporting role during the 1990s as part of the international stabilisation forces shortly after the Balkan conflict. After retiring as an active NHS employee, I recently returned on an Interim basis to assist the East Midlands Ambulance Service and have remained in post assisting frontline staff, whenever I can, during these distressing times. As the face of the NHS changes, I am acutely aware of the strategic challenges it is currently facing, and am passionate about helping deliver the strategic patient centric Integrated Care system recently brought into legislation. As a supporter of a less fragmented approach, adjoining local Trusts and Local Authority care facilities, means mental health should begin to enjoy the same footing as, acute, community and social care, which in turn helps eliminate the most common complaint about the NHS, which is, the frustrations patients experience accessing a multilayered system which is not designed to smoothly provide answers to complex needs which cross over all aspects of healthcare. I relish the opportunity on behalf of West Lindsey to continue to influence that whenever I can.


 Constituency: Public Governor - South Holland

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Service user and carer governors

We have seven service user governor seats which represent the views of people who have used or are using our services.

As well as four carer governor seats which represent the views of people who care for someone with a mental health problem.

Amanda Whitehead

Amanda Whitehead.png

Constituency: General Carer Governor

Election Statement - I think I would be a great asset as a Carer Governor as a carer for my daughter who has accessed various parts of LPFT over a lengthy period of time. My mission and passion is to make a difference in this world and impact lives in a positive way, starting with those closest to me in Lincolnshire. I know I cannot do this on my own but believe this position is the perfect way to create a community of likeminded people and help those who are at their most vulnerable. 

As a holistic health and nutrition coach, I am passionate that everyone should be viewed as a whole being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and this is how I believe the care system should work too. I passionately believe in parity of esteem and that people suffering from mental health conditions should get the same care as people with physical conditions.

As an LPFT carer I believe that I can influence the care of patients, service users and carers in a positive way. I know that through my knowledge and experience, I can work with others to help bring positive change and let those we represent be guided through the darkest times in their life. For all of these reasons, I believe I should be selected for this role.

Sally Spencer

Sally Spencer

Constituency: General Carer Governor

Election statement - My name is Sally Spencer and I am a carer for my son who has Autism and mental health issues and I also previously cared for my mum who had Dementia. I have lived in Lincoln most of my life. As well as working full time, I like to read, walk, go on holidays and catch up with friends. Caring for others has given me insight into the caring role and the impact this can have.

I am part of LPFT’s Carer Education Group which I have attended for over 5 years and I am also a member of the LPFT Carers Council. Being part of these groups has helped me gain knowledge and increased by confidence in my caring role and enabled me to learn how I can best support my loved one. It has also helped me learn about services and working alongside them to ensure we shine a line on the value of carers and their involvement when looking at future services. Both of these groups have been life changing for me and have empowered me to navigate my journey as a carer and support my loved one Services have treated me as an equal partner when looking after my loved one and this has been invaluable in my caring role.

I am very passionate about this and would like to help other carers have a voice in their journey as well as work with services in partnership to help make positive change for everyone involved.

Diane Fox

Diane Fox.png

Constituency: Young People Carer Governor

Election statement - I am carer for my autistic child. I would like to work towards helping LPFT improve provision for autistic people in Lincolnshire and their families. It can sometimes be hard to access services and know where to get support. I am particularly keen to improve access to support for autistic women during pregnancy and while transitioning to motherhood.

In my professional life I work as a Midwife in Lincolnshire and enjoy meeting and supporting families with all kinds of issues and situations. I would welcome the chance to be part of the Governors Team at LPFT and support the work it does in Lincolnshire.

Lucy Picksley

Lucy Picksley.png

Constituency: General Carer Governor

Election statement - I am a 46, a mother of 2 boys and I am the Participation Worker at the University of Lincoln in Health and Social Care. I support service users & carers to use their voice to influence course design that reflects the needs of our growing workforce, support the selection of students to programmes to ensure that they display the right vales and, to share their lived experiences in a variety of ways with a broad range of our health care students. I have a real passion for my role and believe whole heartedly that Service Users & Carers should be front and centre of all policy making and delivery hence my application for this position.

I have direct experience myself of accessing mental health services across Bassetlaw and Lincolnshire over the past 7 years. My son is now 16 and for many years we have sought and received a variety of support from the Local Authority and LPFT. The challenges faced for us as parents at times has been arduous at best but we now receive ongoing support that has been lifechanging and lifesaving to us.

My application therefore reflects the personal and professional desire to advocate for others (students, families, young people, staff), be a voice and representative on behalf of a constituency and ensure that the continual improvement and patients / families first approach sits at the heart of everything that we do. Thankyou for considering me as your representative, Lucy Picksley.

Zachary Kellerman


Constituency: Service User Governor
​​​​​​Election statement: I have been a Service User Governor now for three years and stand for re-election. It has been a very challenging three years with Covid-19:- not just for the logistics of effective Governance and care provision within the LPFT, but for the mental health of our country as a whole.

Lincolnshire has been especially vulnerable with its large student population having been far from home and many Lincolnshire locals living within our large and in areas, isolated county. We now face an unprecedented demand for services as we process the collective trauma we've all faced as a country over the last two years, with our post-covid, 'new normal' -whilst the uncertainty over the cost of living crisis further impacts many people's mental health. 

As both someone that has had to access services for a long time and continues to fight for my own care needs; I also hold / have held positions in professional mental health spheres over the last decade, both in clinical and non-clinical settings (Therapist, CQC Inspector and Community Mental Health Representive being some examples). 

With this, I have very relevant experiences which helps me have perspective to understand service users' needs and will utilise that to serve our population well. Let me be your voice on the board of Governors:- any faith will not be misplaced. Change is coming and frankly overdue in mental health services:- and the right people are very much needed at that helm to steer direction.

Rebecca Mezzo


Constituency: Service User Governor/Deputy Lead Governor
Election statement - I have been a Governor since August 2020 and in January 2022 was elected by the Council to hold the post of Deputy Lead Governor. Due to Covid-19 I haven’t met many people as most meetings have been through Microsoft Teams but I have met some inspirational people.

I have a keen sense of honesty, I question, I empathise, I hate jargon and abbreviations. I love to meet new people and I have through the interviews of staff/management, getting involved with the Mental Health Liaison Group, with the Older People and Frailty Division, sharing my knowledge in the community of people living with dementia, through the Recovery College which has benefited my own mental health and also being part of the Standards Committee for Governors.

I have a passion for helping other people and in particular suicide intervention (for which I am trained) and those diagnosed with dementia and their carers/family too. Opportunities have been taken up for helping to put together training for governors, writing for Better Together, enabling short forms of very long reports that are better understood and presenting at the NHS Providers meeting.

I have learned so much from my fellow governors, patients and Trust staff (who I would like to thank for their support and consideration during my first term) and hope to learn more. I would like to continue what I have started – 2 years is too short.

Michael Regan

Michael Regan.png

Constituency: Service User Governor

 Election statement - Hello my name is Michael Regan, an elected Service User Governor with a track record of working with other Trust Governors to ensure that all service users receive the most appropriate treatment for their needs. We liaise with LPFT Board Directors, Non Executive Directors and senior staff. As a team, and individuals, we listen, observe and speak as and when necessary in the interests of our main objective; to achieve the best possible outcome for all service users, carers and the general populace of Lincolnshire.

A veteran with a history of PTSD, I empathise with, and advocate for, veterans and other members of our community needing support by discussing these issues and, if appropriate, signposting them to the relevant services. I bring a wealth of skills and experience acquired during my military and business careers and have sat on various subcommittees as well as on interview panels for key LPFT appointments.

Governors attend regular meetings to consider reports and make recommendations. This can be challenging and requires a high level of expertise and commitment. Myself and the other Governors became adept at virtual meetings during the pandemic, thus ensuring that proposals and general issues relating to our community’s mental health were discussed in a timely manner and the necessary action taken.

I take great pride in representing all service users and carers. During my term of office I have strived to achieve the best possible results and hope that you will give me the opportunity to continue to do so.


Constituency: Service User Governor


Constituency: Service User Governor



Constituency: Service User Governor



Constituency: Service User Governor


Staff Governors

We have nine staff governor seats which represent the views of our staff this is changing to nine in the 2017 staff elections.


Constituency: Staff Constituency - Adult Inpatient Services


Helen Smith


Constituency: Staff Governor - Adult Inpatient Services

Election statement - Having worked in the private sector for 13 years with adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, I then made the career change to join NHS LPFT as a Nursing Assistant at the Francis Willis unit - the reason to join this service was to further gain knowledge with the opportunities to develop as a person within an organisation who encourages, supports and rewards individuals. 

I already had an NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care when I joined LPFT.

Five years ago I was given the opportunity to change direction as Team Administrator where I gained my NVQ level 3 in Business Adminsitration and also IOSH (Building Administrator).

May 2020 I was presented with an Nursing and Care Superhero Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to care and practice. Staff Recognition Awards 2018 and 2019. 

LPFT as an organisation are Patient Centred with growth and development in its many services being paramount. As an organisation we may make mistakes, but we learn from them. 2020 has been such a unique year within Covid 19 and so much uncertainty, the commitment of our staff and the willingness to adapt to its needs have been amazing. 

I would like to be your governor as I am proud of the organisation I work within, and feel my qualities as a people person with an inquisitive mind and drive will work well within the elected team. 

Christine Coupar


Constituency: Staff Governor - Adult Community services

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Election statement: I have 25 years' experience of working within the voluntary and public sector. I joined LPFT in 2003 as a Social Worker and I am currently working in the Adult Community division as a Service Manager. 

I am passionate about mental health and tackling discrimination/stigma associated with mental illness and disabilities. It is also really important to me that I ensure that the voice of Carers and Service Users are heard alongside working with CMHTs to provide a positive experience for those using out services. 

I feel that I understand the challenges that face frontline staff and would like to be able to continue making staff voices heard and to improve service delivery. 

Andy Leaston 

Andy Leaston.png

Constituency: Staff Governor - Adult Community services

Jacky Tyson

Jacky Tyson.jpg

Constituency: Staff Governor - Older Adult services

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Election statement: I joined LPFT in 2011, working within the Older Adult Division and have been fortunate in working alongside a wide range of disciplines and gained an understanding of the varied roles that contribute to the services offered by LPFT. Locally in lincolnshire and nationaloly at Government level, older adults are often considered the poor relation in terms of health care provision. Being the Older Adult Staff Governor, addords me opportunities to ensure our patients, staff and carers have a voice at LPFT Board lebel, through the Board ensure our needs are considered at a national level and cascade any changes being considered that may impact on our staff and services we offer. 

I am currently seconded to the Quality and Safety team which, especially in the current climate, will give me a wider perspective of how decisions at Board and a national level will affect the Older Adult service. Working in Older Adults can be challenging and in current circumstances it is especially important that I ensure the concerns of staff working in Older Adults are heard and acted upon. I have particluar interest in safety and quality improvement (I am currently completing an MSc in this field) and I hope that through me as Governor, staff can not only raise matters of concern, but discuss policies, practices and procedure they believe LPFT can improve to benefit the service. 

I am proud to be able to champion the incredible work and care that staff in Older Adult services provide. 


Constituency: Staff Governor - Older Adult services

 Lisa Norris


 Constituency: Staff Governor - Specialist services

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Election statement: Hello my name is Lisa Norris and I am currently employed by LPFT as an Assistant Practitioner for Learning disability services. I have been in this
post for nearly 10 years and through these years I have seen many changes to the services that we provide for people with a learning disability. Previous to this I worked in a residential home for people with learning disabilities for 17 years.Due to some of these changes that learning disability services have gone through I decided to apply to be a staff governor 3 years ago and was successful in this post.

I am now applying again, to hopefully continue in the role of staff governor, as I feel it can take a couple of years to get into the role and to feel confident and start to make a real difference.
I feel very passionate about raising awareness for people with a learning disability and/or autism and if they are struggling with any mental health difficulties, by trying to ensure they get the appropriate support they deserve from mainstream services. The biggest change I have been a part of is the Transforming Care Agenda around supporting people in the community. Even though I have seen some big improvements for people with a learning disability and/or autism there is still a long way to go, as some can still face discrimination on a daily basis, and there is still much more I would like to achieve.


Constituency: Staff Constituency - Specialist Services

Laura Suffield

Laura Suffield rounded.png

Constituency: Staff Governor - Corporate services

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Election statement: When people think of the NHS they think of all the visible frontline staff who are vital in caring for people. I want to represent those of us who are in the corporate division, as our roles are integral to supporting all staff within our Trust and the people for whom they care.
I joined LPFT in October 2017 as part of the Engagement Team, a fantastic role in which I have worked with staff from all our divisions; having contact with services, carers and patients across the County. I am currently working in a seconded position as a Carers Lead, supporting carers of
patients across LPFT.
Both roles facilitate contact across the Trust and beyond, working with a range of services and people. I enjoy working as part of a team of people, all of whom strive to provide the best possible care and support for everyone accessing our services. I feel passionately about the life chances and care of people with mental ill health and/or learning disabilities and am also a carer for a family member.
I have previous experience as a Governor within an education setting, having been a school governor for 15 years in four different schools. This involved working with a range of stakeholders and agencies to benefit children and families in the schools within which I worked and led. I would like to represent you in a positive, constructive way to contribute to and influence the future direction of the Trust and its services.

Stakeholder governors

We have seven stakeholder governor seats who are representatives from our key partner organisations in the area that we serve.


 Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - LPFT Volunteers

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 Mark Gresswell

Mark Gresswell.png

 Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - University of Lincoln


 Cllr Colin Matthews


 Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - Lincolnshire County Council



 Cllr Robert Kendrick

Rob Kendrick


 Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - Lincolnshire County Council


 Pete Burnett

   Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)




  Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - Healthwatch



 Rachel Wright

  Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - Shine Lincolnshire


Chris Davison

Constituency: Stakeholder Governor - Lincolnshire Police



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