Staff Excellence Awards categories

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There are 10 categories for the Staff Excellence Awards, this includes the Chair's Award which is decided by the Chair and not open for nominations. Both Team of the Year Award and Unsung Hero Award have an option for clinical and non-clinical. Please see the list of categories below.

The People’s Award

To recognise an individual or team dedicated to providing good quality patient care and an exceptional level of service above and beyond the call of duty. Nominations are made by members of the public.

Making a difference Award

For an individual or team, clinical or non-clinical, demonstrating an improvement or innovation which has made a positive difference to our population, patients or staff.

Inspirational Leader Award

This award is not just for those in a management position, anyone at any level can be a leader and make a difference to service delivery. This award recognises someone who leads and empowers others to stretch themselves. We are looking for a role model who lives our Trust vision and values, and creates a positive impact in the development of those around them, through their leadership style and willingness to help people to be the best they can be.

Team of the Year Awards – clinical and non-clinical

To recognise a new or established team that can boast an impressive achievement through excellence in teamwork. We are looking for a team that can demonstrate great patient care and/or continuous quality improvement throughout their work. We are also looking to hear how team working was vital to success, either within the organisation or across boundaries.

Equality and Inclusion Award

To recognise an impressive dedication to ensuring that equality and inclusion lie at the heart of their day to day work, and in their belief and commitment to the Trust, its vision, values, processes and behaviours, particularly with regard to the Equality Act protected characteristics.

Unsung Hero Awards – clinical and non-clinical

There will be two awards, to recognise a clinical and non-clinical colleague. The Unsung Hero award is awarded to a member of staff to ensure they get the recognition they deserve for performing above and beyond the call of duty, whilst reflecting the Trust’s vision, values and behaviours.

Volunteer of the Year Award

With committed volunteers, peer support workers and governors giving their time and energy to support the Trust and help us to provide high quality patient experience, this award recognises the outstanding commitment made by our volunteers.

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