Staff Excellence Awards categories

There are nine categories for the 2021/2022 Staff Excellence Awards. These include the People's Award and the Volunteer of the Year Award for which service users, carers, families and members of the public can submit nominations.

Nominations for the 2022 Staff Excellence Awards closed on 18 April 2022 and the shortlist was announced at the end of May.

Our judging panel enjoyed reading the nominations and recognising the fantastic contribution and dedication of our staff and volunteers. 

Staff Excellence Awards categories and criteria

Everyday Excellence Award - Individual or Team

To recognise a passionate individual or team who act with kindness and respect, and are an advocate for colleagues, service users or carers. The winner will be happy to help and go the extra mile, demonstrating empathy and compassion in everything they do.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • Continued dedication to delivering their local service to the best of their ability and going the extra mile.
  • Demonstrating the ethos of the Trust’s purpose, vision and values.
  • Showing genuine empathy and compassion for others and always being happy to help.

Innovation and Improvement Award

To recognise an individual or team who has aspired for excellence and improved our services by using an innovative approach. Building on learning from others and best practice, the winner will have developed and implemented their ideas to make a difference in the Trust.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • How the individual or team used an innovative approach to improve our services.
  • Learning from the experiences of other organisations to help make a change.
  • The difference implementing these ideas made for service users, carers, families or colleagues.

Leading by Example Award

This award is not just for those in a management position. Anyone at any level can be a leader and make a difference to service delivery. This award recognises a role model with integrity who creates a positive impact in the development of those around them. This is through their leadership style and willingness to help people to be the best they can be.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • How they have supported a local team through the challenges of the year.
  • Demonstrating inspirational qualities that motivate and support colleagues.
  • Embracing their own personal development and that of others in the team.
  • Making positive service changes and raising staff morale. 

Service User Engagement and Experience Award

To recognise an individual or team who provide excellent opportunities for patients to get involved with the development or improvement of their care or service. They will have encouraged the collection of feedback and implemented ideas accordingly which improve service user experience or safety. The winner will keep service users at the heart of everything they do.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • Engaging and actively involving service users and carers in service delivery and improvements.
  • Collecting and implementing feedback which improves service user experience or safety.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of this work for our services and service users. You may wish to provide a short comment from those involved.

Valuing Everybody Award

This award recognises a commitment to valuing everybody and always using an inclusive approach. This individual or team challenges discrimination, promotes equality and values the contribution of:

  • colleagues
  • volunteers
  • service users
  • carers
  • families.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • Promoting and enabling access to services for people with protected characteristics:
    • age
    • disability
    • gender reassignment
    • marriage and civil partnership
    • pregnancy and maternity
    • race
    • religion and belief
    • sex and sexual orientation
  • Ensuring that when at work, those around them feel able to ‘be themselves’.
  • Including and valuing the contribution of :
    • colleagues
    • volunteers
    • service users
    • carers
    • families.
  • Using an inclusive approach.

Working Together Award

Working together within the Trust with external organisations and with system partners is vital to effectively promote recovery and support and encourage independence. This award recognises an individual or team which works collaboratively and listens to the ideas and experiences of others to improve services.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • How the individual or team worked collaboratively with other teams or organisations to achieve a goal.
  • Listening to the ideas, experiences and best practice of others to improve services.
  • Feedback from partner organisations or teams involved.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Committed volunteers and governors give their time and energy to support the Trust and help us to provide high quality patient experience. This award recognises the incredible dedication of those who volunteer to support us.

Nominations can be made by:

  • staff
  • governors
  • stakeholders
  • service users
  • carers
  • families
  • members of the public.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • Supporting local teams and the positive impact on patients, service users or staff.
  • Helping people to access particular services or opportunities in the community.
  • Supporting the delivery of safe, high quality services.
  • Commitment, dedication and passion in their volunteering role. 

People’s Award

To recognise an individual or team dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and an exceptional level of service above and beyond the call of duty.

Nominations are made by:

  • service users
  • carers
  • families
  • members of the public.

We are looking for evidence of:

  • Doing something innovative or exceptional.
  • Demonstrating care and compassion and making a difference to someone’s experience and recovery.
  • Completing work which is ‘above and beyond’ or ‘going the extra mile’.

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