First NHS organisation joins Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

Published on: 30th May 2019

Over the last few years the Lincolnshire mental health and learning disability NHS trust has been working on making it a great place to work and receive care. Now Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) has signed up to the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter making it the first local NHS organisation pledging to go the extra mile for their staff and local community.

The charter was launched last year by City of Lincoln Council. It encourages organisations in Lincoln to undertake activities which benefit both their local communities and employees. This can include offering flexible working arrangements, recognition schemes, investing in staff development and more.

Through undertaking a range of socially responsible activities, employers can expect to reap rewards for their organisation such as increased staff retention, reduced recruitment costs, a more productive workforce, improved business reputation and recognition as an ethical employer.

As part of their commitment, LPFT has developed an extensive wellbeing programme which supports staff with their mental and physical wellbeing, encourages employees to be more active and offers sessions on menopause, sleep and men’s health.

The Trust also puts a big emphasis on equality and diversity, allowing people to be themselves at work. LPFT works on improving staff awareness of issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people, which helps to provide better care for patients. Senior managers are reverse mentored by staff from ethnic backgrounds, LGBT+ staff or those with lived experience of mental and physical health problems to help them understand barriers encountered at work and in the community.

Paul Devlin, LPFT Chair said:

As a local employer we have a responsibility that goes beyond the legal requirements and industry standards. This means looking after both our staff and the local community we serve.

As part of our commitment to the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter we want to take a firm, positive and ethical stance on issues like gender pay gap, offering apprenticeships and work experience, recruiting local talent and encouraging people to train, work and live in Lincoln.

Research shows that by employing young people from our local communities and having a workforce made up of all sections of the community, we are able to better understand our patients and provide better care that meets their needs.

The Right Honourable Mayor of Lincoln Cllr Sue Burke said:

We’re pleased to welcome the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to Lincoln’s charter of socially responsible organisations.
It’s fantastic to see that this organisation is making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of their staff, as well as the wider community.
We currently have 45 organisations signed up to the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter and this number is continuing to grow.
We are very pleased with the progress so far and look forward to welcoming new organisations on board.