Improving how we prescribe medication in Lincolnshire

Published on: 10th October 2022

We’ve identified that we need to improve how we prescribe medication in Lincolnshire. So, our doctors, hospitals, community, mental health and learning disability services, alongside social care and the voluntary and community sector are all working together to improve patient care and experience and make best use of the resources we have.

We know in Lincolnshire 50 per cent of patients do not take their medicines as prescribed, and between five and eight percent of all unplanned hospital admissions are due to medication issues. Lincolnshire is also a high prescriber and user of certain medications, when compared to the national average.

Having looked at this in more detail, there are three key areas that could vastly improve patient care and experience, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, and save money as a consequence.

These are:

  • Mental health prescribing
  • Use of opioids for long term pain
  • Regular medication reviews for those on multiple medications (polypharmacy)

We are asking patients to give us some feedback via an online survey about their experiences of being prescribed medication.

We want to particularly hear from you if you take medication for your mental health, severe long-term pain or multiple medications for a range of different health conditions.

If this describes you then please go to to read more about our review of prescribing or complete the survey by using this link.