New patient postcard scheme launched across LPFT mental health wards

Published on: 1st May 2020

Laura and Donna crop 2.jpgAs patient visiting remains temporarily suspended across Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) wards, a new postcard scheme for carers, family and friends has been launched. This service will help patients to stay in touch with family and friends throughout this difficult time and bring them comfort during their treatment.

LPFT, the local mental health and learning disability NHS trust, has introduced the new postcard scheme as an alternative way for patients to receive messages from their loved ones. Family and friends can email our carers team with messages and these are transformed into ‘postcards’ and delivered to patients on the wards on behalf of the sender.


Jane Marshall, Director of Strategy, Planning and Partnerships at LPFT said: 

“We have an amazing team of staff on our wards that do a fantastic job of caring for patients and arranging interactive activities. I would like to give a special mention to Donna Bradford, Service Manager for Carers, and Laura Suffield, Participation Coordinator, for their hard work in setting up the ‘postcards for patients’ scheme, and their continued dedication to supporting carers during this time.

“We as a Trust recognise the importance of enabling patients to feel connected to others until visiting can resume, and understand that not everyone has access to technology to communicate. Social interaction and maintaining relationships are key to the progress and recovery of our patients. Sending postcards can be a great way to keep in touch”.

The postcard scheme accompanies existing efforts to ensure that patients do not feel isolated. For example, iPads are available on every ward and patients have access to video calls and WhatsApp messaging. 

Anyone who would like to send a postcard to a patient can simply email the dedicated carers email address at, with a message and full name and date of birth of the patient, as well as the ward where they are staying.  Messages can also be transcribed over the phone by calling 07966 834977, Monday-Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm. 

The Trust appreciates distancing measures may be frustrating for family and friends who would like to visit, and for patients themselves, but due to the scale and spread of the virus, this is what is required at this time to keep everyone safe. Ward staff are committed to maintaining contact with families and delivering these important messages that really do make a difference.

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