Clozapine clinics

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Our clozapine clinics offer a holistic approach to meet the treatment needs of service users, who are prescribed clozapine, the antipsychotic drug. The overall aim is to promote safety, physical wellbeing and good health and concordance while reducing the risks associated with the possible adverse reaction to this medication.

How can this service help you?

At the clozapine clinic, we do mandatory weekly, fortnightly or monthly blood monitoring. We also check your physical health every month, assessing your weight, waist perimeter and ask you for all possible side effects that clozapine may produce. If necessary, we can also check how much clozapine is getting to your blood, which will allows us to treat you with the minimum dose necessary to avoid side effects

We also make sure you have been seen by your GP regularly - at least once a year you should be getting a full physical.

How do I access this service?

If you are taking clozapine, you are probably already seen at the clozapine clinic, either in Lincoln, Grantham, Louth or Boston.

If you would like the clozapine clinic to manage your care please contact your consultant psychiatrist or community psychiatric nurse who can refer you on to our service.

Clozapine clinics

Pilgrim Hospital, Department of Psychiatry
Tuesday 1pm-4pm
Tel: 01205 446506

Elm Lodge
Tuesday 9am-12pm
Tel: 01476 584004

Peter Hodgkinson Centre
Monday and Wednesday 9am-4pm Tel: 01522 573525

Windsor House
Thursday 9am-4pm
Tel: 01507 608959

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