Clozapine Monitoring Service

Our clozapine monitoring service offers a holistic approach to meet the treatment needs of service users, who are prescribed clozapine which is an antipsychotic drug. The overall aim of the clozapine clinics is to promote:

  • safety
  • concordance
  • physical wellbeing  
  • good health

while reducing the risks associated with the possible adverse reaction to this medication.

How can this service help you?

At the clozapine clinic, we complete mandatory weekly, fortnightly or monthly blood monitoring. We also monitor your physical health at each appointment. This involves assessing your weight, waist perimeter and ask you about any possible side effects that clozapine may produce.

If necessary, we can also check the amount of clozapine in your blood. This will allow us to treat you with the minimum dose necessary to avoid or reduce side effects

We also make sure you have been seen by your GP regularly. You should be getting a full physical helath check at least once a year. If your GP hasn't seen you these checks will be completed annually at the clinic.

How do I access this service?

If you are taking clozapine, you are probably already seen at the clozapine clinic, either in Lincoln, Grantham, Louth or Boston.

If you would like the clozapine clinic to manage your care please contact your consultant psychiatrist or community psychiatric nurse who can refer you on to our service.

Clozapine Monitoring Service locations

Boston                                            Pilgrim Hospital, Department of Psychiatry                                 Tuesday 10am to 1pm                      Telephone 01205 446530 

Lincoln                                        Peter Hodgkinson Centre                Monday & Wednesday 9am to 3pm  Telephone 01522 573525

Grantham                                      Elm Lodge                                        Beacon Lane                           Tuesday 9am to 12.30pm              Telephone 01476 576661

Louth                                    Windsor  House                            Fairfield Industrial Estate                  Thursday 9am to 3pm                      Telephone 01507 608959

Gainsborough                       Hickman Street Clinic                        Once a month by appointment    Telephone 01522 309260

Skegness                                  Holly Lodge, 9 The Meadows        Once a month by appointment      Telephone 01754 800200