Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment

Our Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Service supports people experiencing a mental health crisis.  The Teams provide planned care in your own home to improve your mental health. The Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams are part of the our Acute Inpatient and Urgent Care Services.  These community based teams help to reduce the need for hospital admission. 

visual summary of Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Services

If you need help urgently contact the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Service on 0303 123 4000 

Please use the Need Help Now for details of other services which can also support you.  

Crisis Resolution

A Mental Health Crisis is considered to be when your normal methods of coping with your mental health are not working. When in Crisis you will struggle to manage your mental health. It may mean that you need professional psychiatric support.

Crisis Resolution is a rapid response for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. The Teams provide assessment at short notice. The Teams will stay involved and provide support until appropriate care has been arranged.

The teams provides support and care daily if required.  They focus on:

  • Identifying early warning signs
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing coping strategies
  • Medication management
  • Signpost you to other agencies who may be able to help 

The Teams will work with you to make decisions about the need for Crisis House admissions and/or hospital treatment.  If you are admitted to a Crisis House the teams will continue to offer daily contact during their stay.  

If you are admitted to hospital the teams will offer support to prepare you for discharge back into the community.    


Home Treatment

The Team provide intensive home support for around six weeks. This Home Treatment will support any existing care you may already received from a Care Coordinator or Key Worker. This additional support aims to prevent you being admitted to hospital.

You will be visited at home by a member of the team for an agreed period of time.  The team will assess your needs and create a plan of care to meet these needs.  The Team can refer you to other professional psychiatric teams. This support will help you to stay in your own home environment.  As your mental health improves, the frequency of our visits will be less until you are referred to another team or discharged.   

The Home Treatment Team works with patients in hospital to prepare for discharge.  The Team will support you to visit your home whilst still in hospital.  Once discharged the Team will visit you and provide Home Treatment.   


How can I get help urgently?

For Urgent Help make a Referral to Crisis Resolution and Home Teams

A referral to these Teams can be made by anyone. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis then you can refer yourself.  Referrals are accepted from Healthcare Professionals, carers and family members. 

To make a referral for yourself or for someone else please contact:

  • SPA on telephone 0303 123 4000 
  • More support and guidance is available at Need Help Now 

If are an existing patient and have a Care Coordinator or Key Worker, then please:

  • Ask them or their colleagues to contact Crisis Team for you
  • Use your existing Crisis and Contingency plan as agreed with your Care Coordinator 

Home Treatment Referrals

Your Care Coordinator or any one else involved in your care can refer you to the Home Treatment Service.  

Who works in the team?

The Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams are part of our Adult Inpatient and Urgent Care services. There are four Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams across the county.  These teams cover the area surrounding areas of:   

  • Lincoln 
  • Louth 
  • Boston/Skegness/Spalding
  • Grantham/Sleaford/Stamford  

The Teams work daily including weekend and bank holidays. The teams include following skilled staff:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Social workers
  • Community Support Workers

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment 

To contact any teams call Telephone: 0303 123 4000

Peter Hodgkinson Centre
Lincoln County Hospital
Greetwell Road
Lincoln  LN2 5UA

Windsor House
Windsor Road
Louth  LN11 0YG
Department of Psychiatry
Boston Pilgrim Hospital
Sibsey Road
Boston  PE20 9QS
Sycamore Assessment Unit
Beacon Lane
Grantham  NG31 9DF

Other Useful Contacts - All Free To Use

Lincolnshire Mental Health Helpline Telephone 0800 001 4331  

Samaritans Telephone 116 123 

Shout Text SHOUT to 85258