Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service

The Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion (CJL&D) service supports vulnerable people whilst in contact with the criminal justice system.

The service is available to anyone who is being investigated for criminal activity. The service is available at the point of need in the custody suites and magistrates courts.

The CJL&D service is provided by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) in partnership with Lincolnshire Action Trust(LAT)

As commissioned by NHS England, the service provides vulnerable people with:

  • a 7 days a week, 365 days a year, available service
  • Supports through criminal justice proceedings
  • Access social care and housing providers 
  • Access to services to help reduce reoffending

How to Access the Service

The police or other authorities can refer anyone who suspected of committing a criminal offence. 

If you are in custody or are going through the criminal justice process you can self refer to the team.  To self refer please telephone 0303 123 4000 or email:  

The CJL&D service is available seven days a week in police custody suites in Lincoln, Grantham, Boston and Skegness.

The service is also available in magistrates courts in Lincoln and Boston. 

The Team will also meet you at location you are willing to attend.   


What does the Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion (CJL&D) Service do?

The CJL&D team of clinicians and practitioners are here to support you with any difficulties you may have whilst in custody. These difficulties may range from homelessness, use of drug and alcohol use, financial concerns, mental illness or social issues.  

The team support people from all age groups and those most vulnerable such as people with learning disabilities. 

With your consent, the CJL&D service will:

  • liaises with other professionals you are already engaged with
  • refer you to other services 
  • support your individual needs
  • offer advice and support for criminal justice proceedings such as information of what to expect when going to Court  
  • offer short-term support when you are released from custody to help you engage with these services
  • refer you to services to reduce the risk of reoffending 


Lincolnshire Action Trust

LAT is a registered charity providing advice, guidance and advocacy to people to reduce reoffending.  LAT works with people across the nine pathways to reduce reoffending (as per the diagram below). 

Becoming involved with the criminal justice system can happen for a number of reasons.  It can be a scary and daunting time, whether it’s the first time or not. Lincolnshire Action Trust supports people entering the criminal justice system via:

  • Police custody suites
  • Going through the court process
  • In prison
  • About to be released or serving a sentence in the community.

Call us on 01522 806611 or e-mail LAT.  Further details of services can be found on the LAT website.  


RECONNECT caters for prison leavers aged 18 and over who may struggle making the transition to community-based services.

The service is countywide and works within HMP Lincoln and HMP North Sea Camp providing staff that work in the prison environment and the wider community.

The service is run in partnership with Lincolnshire Action Trust (LAT).

Find out more on the RECONNECT page here

Mental Health Treatment Requirement (MHTR)

This pathway aims to divert people away from receiving custodial sentences and instead be referred to have treatment in the community in the form of psychologically-led therapy sessions.

The aim of MHTR is to reduce reoffending and to provide alternatives to short custodial sentences by addressing the underlying issues, which may be contributing towards the offending behaviours.

Find out more about MHTR on our webpage here

The Service is Located:

Custody Suites in:

  • Lincoln 
  • Skegness 
  • Boston 
  • Grantham 

Magistrates' Court in:

  • Lincoln 
  • Boston 

Any other voluntary attendance location



Tel: 0303 123 4000

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Lincolnshire Action Trust

Twitter: @CJLandDLincolnshire