Macmillan Cancer Psychology Service Lincolnshire - in partnership with East Midlands Cancer Alliance

The Macmillan Cancer Psychology Service Lincolnshire is a specialist psychology service. It is part of the Psycho-Oncology Physical Health Psychology speciality.

Psycho-oncology is concerned with the psychological, social and behavioural aspects of the experience of cancer. It can be difficult to cope with a cancer diagnosis, the treatment process and life after cancer.

Our service is designed to offer psychological therapy for adults living with, and beyond, cancer across Lincolnshire. It is delivered by a small team of Practitioner Psychologists who specialise in supporting adults experiencing emotional difficulties. Our team is made up of Clinical Psychologists and a Health Psychologist.

Our service works with patients, families, carers and staff to identify and address any challenges with coping with cancer. We work in partnership with other agencies to deliver a service which specialises in helping people with the most complex needs.

Who is the service for?

The service is for adults who are receiving support from cancer services in Lincolnshire.

We offer one-to-one therapy sessions, either face-to-face or via video call, to patients with all types of cancer.

What is a Practitioner Psychologist?

A Practitioner Psychologist is a non-medical doctor who uses psychological approaches to help you understand and manage stressful situations, troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Practitioner Psychologists are regulated by law and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

What can I expect?

You will attend a specialist assessment appointment where we will discuss your individual needs, goals for therapy and begin to develop a collaborative understanding of what brought you to therapy.

Treatment includes a range of evidence-based psychological approaches - these will be discussed with you.

Through these treatment sessions we offer you time to talk about the emotional andphysical impact of having cancer, helping you to manage any difficulties and supporting youto try out new ways to manage difficult emotions (such as anxiety and low mood) and stress.

We can give you time and space to think about what is important to you. We can also helpyou to access other services which may be of use to you.

How do I access this service?

If you feel that you would benefit from our help, please talk to a member of your cancer team who can give you more information and refer you to our service.

In partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support