Mental health liaison

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The Mental Health Liaison Service (MHLS) provides specialist multi-disciplinary, liaison psychiatry specialist assessment, support and treatment for 16+ years old in acute hospital care also presenting with diagnosis, management and care needs related to mental health needs and dementia.

The services are provided across the three acute care hospital (ULHT) sites in Lincolnshire: Lincoln County Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital in Boston and 
Grantham Hospital.

The service also plays a key role in subsequent signposting and discharge planning for these service user groups with direct links to all other LPFT services and external community services and agencies to support smooth transitions of care.

Aims of the Mental Health Liaison Service

The primary aims and objectives of the MHLS include:

  • Provide emergency departments with rapid access to specialist mental health assessment to avoid hospital admission where possible.
  • Provide pro-active case finding to assist in the identification and management of mental health and dementia-related needs.
  • Provide effective mental health interventions in emergency departments, Medical Emergency Admissions Unit (MEAU) and acute care hospital inpatient wards to improve the quality of care in these environments and reduce the length of stay.
  • Liaise with a range of community services to promote a holistic approach to facilitate the onward care of people into a safe community setting.
  • Train and supervise general hospital staff in the recognition and management of common mental health presentations.
  • Help identify cases of possible dementia early and provide a direct referral pathway to memory and assessment services as required.
  • Support and facilitate onward referral/signposting to other specialist mental health services not covered within the liaison service.

Mental Health Liaison Service is aligned to LPFT Quality Priority 2017/19 ‘Improving services for people with mental health who present to A&E’.

Hours of operation

The MHLS operates 7-days per week:

  • Lincoln County Hospital: 08:00-22:00
  • Pilgrim Hospital, Boston: 08:00-22:00
  • Grantham Hospital: 09:00-17:00

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