The Neuropsychology Service is a countywide community service.  It supports people with neurological conditions and acquired brain injuries.  The team conduct assessments as part of the complex neurological diagnoses process.    

The Neuropsychology Service provides neuropsychological input to inpatients at Lincoln County Hospital.  The service supports the Clinical Psychologist within the Community Stroke Service.

The majority of the team’s work is offering guidance to patients, families and carers.  They work together with other professionals to support people.  


Referral to the neuropsychology service is usually made via GPs and other health professionals.

Common reasons for referral include difficulties with thinking, memory, concentration and emotional and behavioural changes.


At your first appointment, we will ask you:

  • What kind of problems you are having 
  • How you are feeling and coping

If appropriate and with your agreement, you will then be asked to complete a series of cognitive tasks and questionnaires.

This type of assessment aims to identify:

  • The specific problems you are experiencing 
  • Your personal strengths to help you overcome and manage these weaknesses.

On completion of your assessment, the results will be discussed with you.  We will make possible recommendations for your future care and day to day coping.

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Neuropsychology Service
Witham Court
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North Hykeham

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