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The neuropsychology service is countywide service that provides assessment, support and advice to people with varying aetiology including brain injury, neurological problems, multiple sclerosis, and people experiencing difficulties with memory and concentration with no known cause.

Referral is usually made via GPs and other health professionals. 

When someone has physical changes in their brain, their thinking (cognitive abilities), emotions, and behaviour can also change. These changes can be caused by, for example, brain injury, neurological disease, anoxia, or the cause might be unknown.

People can have changes in their thinking and emotions for other reasons, such as depression or physical illness, so part of our job is to try and work out whether the cause is physical or psychological, or both.

A neuropsychological assessment aims to find out about difficulties people may have with any of the following:

  • thinking
  • memory
  • concentration
  • emotional changes

At your first appointment, we usually ask about the kind of problems you are having and how you are feeling and coping. If appropriate and with your agreement, you will then usually be asked to complete a series of mental (or cognitive) tasks such as remembering a list of words. This type of assessment aims to identify the specific problems you are experiencing as well as your personal strengths to help you overcome and manage weaknesses. On completion of your assessment, the results will be discussed with you alongside any possible recommendations for your future care and day to day coping.

Useful contacts

Neuropsychology Service
Witham Court
Fen Lane,
North Hykeham
  • Telephone: 01522 508323

Useful websites

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