Professionals - how to refer to the service

Who can make referrals?

Referrals must only be made with the mother's knowledge and consent, by a GP, obstetrician, health visitor or midwife.

Things to consider before making the referral

  • Is the mother taking any medication in relation to her mental health? Please provide details.
  • Is the mother open to other services, such as steps2change? If so a discussion with the professionals currently involved would be the first step.
  • Would the mother benefit from an Early Help assessment?
  • Is a referral to the crisis team approrpriate?
  • Is the mother the primary carer for the child? If no, unfortunately the team are unable to support.

How can you make a referral?

You can access the service by:

  • calling us and speaking to a team member to discuss concerns, ask for advice and make a referral. Call us on 01522 309540.
  • emailing us via

What is the next step?

The team meets on a weekly basis to discuss new referrals.

If appropriate, we will contact you directly.

Your referral may be signposted to a more appropriate serivce, but we will confirm any decisions in writing to you and the mother.

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