Home Treatment Team

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htt-home-treatment.jpgThe new countywide Older Adult Home Treatment Team started operating from October 2018.

The team operates 7-days per week within our continuous community and inpatient care pathway. The team will provide enhanced and intense support and intervention if you have escalating needs and complexity and are at risk of having to go into our inpatient care settings. Accessed via our Community Mental Health Teams, the Older Adult Home Treatment Team will generally become involved to try and prevent this happening.

The team will supplement your existing input from community team in order to provide short-term intense help and support in the least restrictive environment if your needs are escalating towards potential crisis, or to support more timely and appropriate discharge from hospital back to the community. Key aims of the Home Treatment Team include:

  • Close monitoring of your mental health
  • Support, education and advice for you and your family/carer
  • Help with managing your medication management
  • Help with personal care if this has been impacted on by your mental health
  • Assessment of activities of daily living
  • Support with effective coping strategies
  • If you have a care team, we will work closely with them and you to make sure you have the best possible care
  • If you are not currently receiving Trust services but require longer-term support, we will refer you to the most appropriate service(s) to meet your needs.

Working 7-days per week the team will also be able to support access to other short-term alternatives to hospital admission, such as the Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit (PCDU) at Lincoln and Crisis Houses at both Lincoln and Boston.

Our team comprises of:

  • Administrative support staff
  • Community psychiatric nurses including non-medical prescribers
  • Consultant psychiatrists
  • Health care support workers
  • Access/direct referral to:
    • Older Adult Community Mental Health Teams
    • Occupational therapists
    • Older adult psychology
    • Social workers
    • Neighbourhood Teams
    • Older adults inpatient wards
    • Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit (PCDU)
    • Crisis Houses

Hours of operation

The team operates 7-days per week from 8am – 8pm Mon-Fri and from 10am – 6pm at weekends.

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