Older adult inpatient wards

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We provide specialist acute inpatient care for older adults if your needs are too complex to be safely and optimally managed within the community. We provide separate specialist inpatient wards for the following needs:

  • The experience of complex needs related to dementia (at any age) 
  • The experience of complex and acute mental health.

Our wards are part of a care-management pathway, linked to our community-based services, to provide short-term specialist assessment and treatment interventions at times of crisis or complex need. If you have been assessed by our Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) or Home Treatment Team (HTT) and it is felt that the crisis you are experiencing cannot be dealt with in the community, with your agreement we will seek to admit you on a short term basis for care on one of our wards.

This will generally only be done if you are a risk to yourself and others or you have major stressors at home or in the community which may prevent your recovery. You will be consulted about admission and treatment options throughout the whole process.

The purpose of admission is to enable safe and timely holistic assessment and treatment by specialist staff, and the development of individualised care and management plans to facilitate safe and effective discharge. The service aim is to return service users to the community as quickly and effectively as possible.

Key interventions provided by in-patient wards include:

  • A safe care environment
  • Holistic multi-disciplinary team assessment
  • Medical assessment and treatment
  • Person-centred collaborative care-planning
  • Socio-psychological assessment and interventions
  • Sensory pathways
  • Brief psychological therapies
  • Individualised meaningful activities and engagement
  • Joint working with community services to plan for discharge

To meet the requirements set out in current government guidelines and ensure we keep everyone safe our visiting arrangements during COVID-19 are as follows:

  • Visiting is by appointment only and for the moment will take place between 10am and 6pm at weekends.

  • Visits will be limited to one hour, unless in exceptional circumstances and must be agreed when making the appointment
  • Only one visitor per patient. 
  • Visiting will take place in designated outside space, with access to a room off the ward in adverse weather or where outdoor visits are not possible. 
  • In line with government guidance, we are asking all visitors  to wear an appropriate face covering. This will be provided if you do not have your own.

  • Children are not permitted to visit.

  • You will be asked to confirm that you and members of your household do not have symptoms of coronavirus.

  • Visiting is not permitted if you have been told to self-isolate or shield for health reasons.

  • Staff will explain any restrictions or need to  carry out discrete patient observations during your visit.

 Read more about our current visiting arrangements in our leaflet here

The following is our normal visting arrangements, however this is not available at this present time

Carers, family and friends will be allowed to visit you whilst on the wards. The visiting hours are:

Langworth and Brant Wards, Lincoln

2.00pm – 4.30pm and 6.00pm – 8.00pm

If these times are difficult or inconvenient, your friends/family members can speak to the ward manager to make and agree other arrangements. We will try to be flexible to meet your individual needs.

The Older Adults Division is signed up to John’s Campaign. We are committed to being flexible and supportive to your loved ones visiting you on the ward. Please feel free to discuss with staff on the ward.

For more detail about the remit, standards and practices of our in-patient wards please see our Admission and Discharge Operational Protocol within LPFT’s Service Operational Protocols page.

Contact details

Witham Court
Fen Lane
North Hykeham
Lincoln  LN6 8UZ
For all teams, tel: 0303 123 4000

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