Candidate journey

If you are thinking of applying for a role with LPFT or have already applied, please read the Candidate Journey processes. Application and Shortlisting Processes gives advice and guidance.  The Interview and Pre-employment Screening information gives the Candidate an overview of what to expect and be prepared to provide.    

Application process

LPFT advertises all current vacancies on NHS Jobs.  Please read the Job Description and Job Specification.  Please check you have the essential qualifications and knowledge required.  To make an application, you must complete the online form.  All applications are submitted through NHS jobs online portal. 

You will need to list your qualifications and employment history.  Personal and Referee details should be provided.  You will be asked safeguarding and monitoring questions.  The Supporting Information section gives you the space to highlight your own talents and strengths.  When completing your application please remember to:    

  • Read all guidance and follow all instructions in full on the application form.

  • Please complete the application form in full, answering all relevant questions on all sections.

  • Use clear, plain English.  Do not use jargon and abbreviations.

  • Keep your sentences short and easy to read. It is easier to read two sentences rather than one very long sentence.

  • Complete a spell and grammar check.  Check your application to ensure there are no mistakes and or missing information.  

  • Make yourself stand out in the Supporting Information:  

    • Explain why you would be suitable for the role 

    • Pay close attention to the job advert, job description and person specification

    • Describe how your skills and experience, to date, match with the job description and person specification for the role 

  • Check, check and check again.  If you can, give your form the 'overnight test'.  Revisit it again, on the following day with a "fresh pair of eyes".  This will help you to identify any mistakes or gaps.  It may help to get someone else to read it for you.  

More detailed tips for your application can be found on the NHS jobs website.

Shortlisting process

All applications will be reviewed after the post advert has been closed.  The recruiting team will consider each application against the job specification criteria.  A shortlist of candidates to be interviewed will be created.    

If you are shortlisted for interview, you will then receive an invite by email via NHS jobs.  Interviews will either be in person or via video on Microsoft Teams.  

If you are not short listed, you will either be notification through the NHS Jobs portal, or sent an email thanking you for your application, but confirming that your application has not been successful.  


You have been invited to interview – what happens next?

During your interview, the interview panel will ask a series of questions. These questions will be based on the essential skills required by Job Specification.  All candidates are asked the same questions. Your response will be recorded by a member of the panel.  Our interviews normally last 45 minutes. This may vary between the role and department.

You may be required to carry out a test, provide a presentation or attend an Assessment Centre. The Recruiting Manager will provide further details if this applies to the interview.   

We have put together a Guide of Interview Hints and Tips. This guide provides useful insights into a successful interview. 

If you are successful at interview, the Recruiting Manager will contact you as discussed in the interview.  

If you are unsuccessful at interview, the Recruiting Manager will contact you as discussed in the interview.  If you wish for feedback the Recruiting Manager will provide this.   

Pre-employment screening

If you are successful and accept the employment offer, you will be contacted the HR Team. The HR Team will begin the process for pre-employment checks. As an NHS Organisation we have certain checks we must carry out to ensure the safety of our services and meet NHS Employers Standards. These checks include:

  • References for the most recent 3 years employment (if you have been out of employment during this time, further advise can be given)
  • Right to Work Checks
  • Identification and Proof of Address Checks, including receipt of an ID Photo
  • Occupational Health Clearance (you will be directed to an independent system to complete an Occupational Health questionnaire)
  • Disclosure and Barring Service Check (once ID is received, you will be directed to an independent system to complete the questionnaire)
  • We also request all candidates to complete a Disclosure Statement, to provide you an opportunity to disclose any convictions, cautions, reprimands you may have at the earliest possible opportunity
  • Qualification Checks
  • Professional Registration Checks (where required) with your registering body
  • Alert List Checks

Your start date will be confirmed, by the Recruiting Manager, once all checks have been approved. You will receive your contract of employment which includes the Main Statement of Terms and Conditions. We would advise not to hand your notice in until receipt of this contract.We would advise not to hand your notice in until receipt of this contract.

We wish you every success on your recruitment journey with LPFT.

Contact us

For further information, please contact: 

The Recruitment Team
Welton House
Lime Kiln Way


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