International recruitment

As a Trust we are committed to delivering outstanding care for our patients, service users and carers.

We are determined to be a model employer and deliver an outstanding staff experience.

We are working hard to retain our existing people, encourage people who have left the NHS to re-join us, and to recruit more people to create a diverse workforce of all the talents. 

Part of this is innovating to increase our homegrown supply of staff, but we know that ethical international recruitment is also crucial for achieving our commitments.

In recruiting internationally, we are following the guidance issued by the Department of Health and Social Care and updated in November 2021. Use this link to read more about the Code of practice for international recruitment of health and social care personnel in England.

As we welcome our international recruits into the Lincolnshire family, we will play an active part in sharing our knowledge with the countries of origin, for example supporting with nurse training and other initiatives in the spirit of partnership and to acknowledge the countries in which our international recruits undertook their original training.

Listen below from one our newest recruits, Sabita about her experiences since joining the Trust from overseas.

If you are interested to learn more about our international recruitment please contact us at: