Consultants and Specialists (SAS)

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  • The medical education team takes an active role in supporting our established clinicians in the Trust. 
  • This includes supporting consultants and SAS doctors in keeping up with their CPD and educational requirements as well as statutory and mandatory training. 

  • Doctors’ wellbeing is part of the core fabric of our culture. 
  • Many people come to work in Lincolnshire for the quality of life that is available in this beautiful county.
  • We want to support your work life to be as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.  
  • Our consultant body and SAS body has a strong sense of community and we are very cohesive.

  • There are numerous opportunities for our established clinicians to get involved in medical education as educators and trainers and become part of the medical education family!   

  • We are a trust that has a well-defined SAS developmental programme for career development.
  • This applies to those SAS doctors that want to pursue the CESR route or who wish to apply for MRCPsych qualification and ST training. 
  • Speciality doctors and staff grades have a range of opportunities available to them, including progressing to associate specialist.
Supervisors_and_Consultants.jpg Consultants and SAS Doctors Consultants and Supervisors at leaving party

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