Foundation Year Doctors

We have over 15 foundation years posts across the trust covering:

  • general adult (community and inpatient),
  • old age (community and inpatient),
  • child and adolescent mental health (community and inpatient) 
  • learning disability specialities.

Our foundation year posts are well received and we have received excellent feedback for these in the annual GMC survey.

Foundation year doctors will be supported with frequent 1 to 1 supervision with their clinical supervisor. On Thursday mornings they also attend foundation teaching provided by the local acute hospital trust and the postgraduate programme. 

"I'm an F1 at Pilgrim Hospital working on the Mental Health Unit. I recently graduated from the University of Sheffield's medical school.
My typical day at work starts at 9am, when I will get to the ward and do admin work, such as completing outstanding TTOs, discharge letters and re-writing drug charts. At 9.30am, we usually have a morning multi-disciplinary meeting where different members of the team meet to discuss the progress of each patient on the ward and their management. I work with a team that is friendly and massively helpful.  I feel really supported and welcomed as a new F1 by the other members of my team. After the morning meeting, the junior doctors, including myself, would either assist consultants in ward rounds or complete any jobs that have been handed over to us in the morning meeting. Administrative work is a big part of my job on psychiatry and working as an F1 on this unit has allowed me to familiarise myself with not only managing my patients clinically, but also handling the large amount of administrative work that doctors are expected to do whichever specialty they are in.
I chose Lincolnshire as it is relatively accessible from Sheffield where most of my friends are. It is also close to coastal towns like Skegness, which was really ideal for me as I enjoy days out at the beach! I would recommend working and living in Lincolnshire as there are big cities like Nottingham and Lincoln where you can enjoy the city lights, but also serene towns like Boston and Louth where you can enjoy some quiet time to yourself or with your friends and family."

Dr Wing Ki Chan, Foundation Year 1

"I am currently working as a FY1 with East Hub learning disabilities team.

I graduated from St George’s University of London. I started work at St George’s Hospital as an interim FY1 before commencing FY1 here in Lincolnshire.

My day involves many things. Sometimes I go for home visits with different members of the team e.g. Physiotherapist or Behaviour Intervention Workers, and sometimes I attend meetings where we discuss patients. I also liaise with health nurses and GPs regarding the optimal monitoring of patients’ physical health.

My work involves going for home visits anywhere in Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire is a very quiet place. It’s a nice and different experience coming from a city hospital. Being close to coastal areas is also a plus point."

Dr Zainab Athar, Foundation Year 1

foundation_doctors_and_GP_trainees.JPG Doctor at Witham Court

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