GP Trainees

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  • We aim to give all our GP trainees a broad and stimulating experience of psychiatry.  A 2018 study showed that two in five (40 per cent) of GP appointments involved mental health issues. 
  • It is important to understand how to manage common mental health difficulties.
  • Understanding the complexities of managing patients with severe and continuing mental health problems is crucial.
  • We understand the significant challenges of modern general practice. We hope you will be able to learn about both conscious and unconscious ways in which our patients can impact us. We feel we are well placed to support you with this. 
  • This experience will be beneficial throughout your career. It will help to manage the many challenges ahead and to avoid burnout.

At the last GMC survey, LPFT had the best feedback for GP trainees in the East Midlands.

  • GP Trainee placements are in either Boston or Lincoln.
  • They include placements with older adults and working age adults in inpatient and community services.

  • Supervision is taken very seriously in psychiatry.
  • You will have protected time to meet with your clinical supervisor for an hour a week for clinical supervision.

  • The trust operates two resident on call rotas covering either Lincoln sites or the Grantham and Boston sites.
  • These are currently ‘non-resident’. 
  • Taxis are available to transport you between sites as needed.
  • Whilst on call you are supported by a Consultant.

  • There are numerous ways in which GP trainees can get involved in teaching. 
  • We host medical students in many different areas who greatly value GP trainee teaching. 
  • We look forward to discussing how you might want to get involved.

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