Higher Trainees

As a higher trainee in LPFT you will be made to feel a part of the LPFT family. We are a small trust so you will quickly get to know people.

You will be able to make the most of the opportunities available to you as you work towards CCT and your future as a consultant.

Posts available

Five posts are available for higher (ST) trainees but we are looking to expand this offer. We have Higher Specialist training jobs approved in Intellectual Disabilities, dual post (Psychotherapy/CBT and General Adult Psychiatry), dual post (CAMHS and Intellectual Disabilities) and Liaison Psychiatry:

  • three posts in General Adult Psychiatry
  • one post for CAMHS
  • one post for Older Adult Psychiatry.


There are a wide range of opportunities that you can involve yourself in including:

  • leadership and management
  • psychotherapy
  • medical education
  • research
  • QI projects
  • audits

As part of the undergraduate teaching team there are opportunities to take on posts as clinical teaching fellows.

The medical education team will support you to make the most of your time here. Your experience will be tailored to your training needs


On-call experience

You will have on-call experience on the consultant on-call rota.  You will be supervised by the consultant on-call as the ‘first on-call’ for queries from junior trainees and other issues requiring senior input out of hours.   There are also opportunities to complete out of hours mental health act assessments. A good work-life balance can easily be maintained due to the trust enabling flexibility with dates.


"I have done most of my training in LPFT; two years in core training and two years of my higher specialist training. Why do I keep returning to LPFT? I think the biggest reason is the working environment – it is a nice place to work where people want to support your growth and development.  It is a Trust which is actually interested in ensuring the trainees are happy, engaged and learning.  The Trust is also responsive to feedback from trainees. Lincolnshire is a large rural county which is great if you want to escape the city and be out in the countryside although travel distances for community jobs and on-calls can be longer than in other areas.  For higher trainees the on-call demands are significantly less that in local trusts on the higher training scheme."

 Dr Tracey Norwich, General Adult ST6