International Medical Graduates

We have a highly successful MTI program that has run for a number of years in LPFT. We have a process of constantly reviewing the experience of our Trainees and introducing changes to improve their experience. We have a method of receiving feedback from our MTI’s and being responsive to their needs. We have carried out focus groups and surveys in receiving feedback from our MTI’s and currently provide an excellent training programme for them. Many of our MTI’s choose to stay in the Trust as Career Psychiatrists or go on to do Higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Overview

Our MTI program has an excellent reputation. We support up to 7 MTI trainees each year to train and work in the United Kingdom. We have an experience of psychiatry in the UK at the level of a Core Trainee Level 3 (CT3) for two years. Our MTI trainees provide a vital contribution to LPFT life and we look forward to welcoming our new MTIs each year from all over the world.

Knowledge of our scheme has spread by word of mouth from previous trainees and remains popular with our applicants. East Midlands is a great place to meet new people and undertake further psychiatry training in the UK. 


RCPsych (Royal College of Psychiatrists) MTI Scheme

The RCPsych MTI Scheme is suitable for psychiatrists who have qualified in their own country. It is relevant to those who wish to further their expertise in psychiatry in the UK by acquiring additional skills in their own specialty or in a subspecialty. Your role will be in line with a Core Trainee.  We would advise reading through the core training section for more details on what we will be able to offer as part of your training experience.


Interested candidates can apply to join the scheme between October and January each year. The eligibility criteria can be found on the RCPsych website as well as more information about the scheme. In February/March of each year the RCPsych interview all eligible candidates to determine their suitability.

Successful candidates are provided with a certificate of sponsorship. This allows them to complete their application with the GMC to join the medical register. During March and April of each year MTI candidates and Trusts are “matched”. Once all parties are in agreement, an application is made to the AoMRC. The AoMRC will then issue a Certificate of Sponsorship which allows the doctor to apply for a UK Tier 5 Visa.

WAST (Widening Access to Speciality Training)

We have signed up and have shown commitment to the WAST scheme.  This is a one year scheme where trainees have a broad range of experience, including 6 months in psychiatry.  We have committed to having more WAST trainees going forward.  Allocations and recruitment and centralised.  

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