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We employ people in a range of roles, both clinical and non-clinical, and some of our staff have agreed to speak about their experience of working for us.

MP - mental health practitioner

Today I hung up my swipe and alarm to leave the ward. I was the first paramedic to be employed by LPFT as a mental health practitioner and have to say the experience has been amazing. From the warmth of the welcome I was given to the emotional farewell I received, it has been fantastic.

I would like to thank everyone who has been there to support and guide me. They even have to re-write policies to accommodate me! My biggest thank you goes to the team on the ward. I took up the post knowing female acute is a very challenging area to work but I have never come across a more dedicated, hard-working and supportive team in my 25 years of working in the NHS. They should all be very proud of what they do.

I have been extremely impressed with LPFT as an organisation which values and supports their staff. I'm leaving to move on my career path, but do so a little heavy-hearted.

Deborah Blant

Ward manager, older adults acute services, Manthorpe Centre, Grantham

“Older people’s mental health services have often been seen as a Cinderella service, but with many people living longer and the demographics of our population changing, it is becoming increasingly important. Older people deserve respect and as high quality care as anyone.”

“The majority of our patients are cognitively impaired to some degree, but this often means that people rely on their emotions a lot more – feeling a lot, but perhaps being unable to communicate as they once could. It is very important to the team that we see people as individuals, putting their needs first and not labelling them with simply their diagnosis. That is why it matters so much to take a person centred approach, to find out what they like, what they used to do and who they were, in order to help them maintain their identity.”

“I love working with older people, they have so much life experience and knowledge. When they are poorly it is so challenging to care for them as their mental health needs often come hand in hand with increased physical care needs.”

Jane Lancaster

Acute care manager, Crisis Response and Home Treatment Service, Grantham.

“I’ve worked in practically every area of mental health but I love working in acute care as no two days are the same for either managers or practitioners.”

“I enjoy seeing members of staff come in to the unit and develop – it’s a good feeling. I provide them with regular supervision and help them develop their nursing skills and strengths to enable them to progress and deliver the high standard of services required.”

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