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When it comes to work experience, LPFT is now working in collaboration with United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) and Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS).

Therefore, all work experience placements are now facilitated by our partner ULHT under the logo of Talent Academy. To view and apply for any healthcare work experience within the Lincolnshire NHS, please follow the link below which will take you to the Talent Academy information pages.  

Lincolnshire NHS work experience information

Read here what our apprentices say about working for LPFT:

Lucy Treacy

Lucy Treacy, Apprentice at Learning Disability Team in Grantham

Lucy TreacyMy main role includes typing up outpatient letters from notes on our electronic system, arranging appointments for patients and, either confirming the appointment by sending a letter out, or phoning the patient to do so.  

I ensure that the doctors diary is up to date, with clinical supervisions and meetings.  I also complete weekly record sheets for the doctor to take into clinics  which include the latest outpatient letter.  

I answer the telephone and deal with any requests at hand, including booking out our meeting room.  At times, I have minuted the referral meetings which are held every Tuesday.

I am also the health and safety officer for my building, along with the team coordinator; therefore, every day I do safety checks, such as checking and recording fridge temperatures and ensure the water dispenser has been drained.

When I came across the job I’m doing now, I had no idea that the NHS were recruiting apprenticeships, where you earned and learnt at the same time.  I thought it was an amazing opportunity, and had to apply.  Luckily enough was offered the job I am in now.   

As part of this apprenticeship, you study Level 2 Business and Administration, spending one day a week out of the office, to complete your NVQ work.  There are regular visits from your College Accessor.  We attended workshops at the college, which are nice, as you get to meet with other Apprentices studying the same course but working in other areas.  

I have completed a Minute Taking course and I will complete First Aid and Fire Warden Training soon.

Courtney Olerenshaw

Courtney Olerenshaw, Apprentice at Communications Team

Courtney OlerenshawI am responsible for updates on social media.  These include, adding posts to Facebook and placing Tweets about upcoming national and local Trust events and campaigns.  My work helps communication and engagement with both staff and  members of the public. 

I help to organise events within the Trust.  Such as contacting a variety of venues, to discuss their rates, managing attendees via the Eventbrite booking system and greeting atteedees at the Welcome Desk.  I also monitor media coverage of NHS Organisations in Lincolnshire and complete a weekly ‘In the news’ log, recording whether it is:  positive, negative or neutral. This log is sent to Executive Team, Senior Managers and other local stakeholders. I update the Trust website and intranet, and I collate a staff e-newsletter called the "Weekly Word".  

When I first started I was booking meetings, dealing with phone requests, checking social and other media, as well as creating a weekly newsletter.  At the beginning, my job was quiet but as I gained confidence in my own skills and knowledge, I became more independent and my workload grew.  I’m enjoy working in a fast paced environment.

"The apprenticeship has given me the confidence that I needed and has made me realise that I can achieve anything once I put my mind to it."

Helen Deakin

Helen Deakin, Apprentice at Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team in Lincoln

Helen DeakinI carry out a wide range of administrative tasks to support the Nursing Team, from scanning in received documents to sending out letters of assessment, support or discharge completed by the team to GPs and patients.  I update the contingency folder with the patient information, to ensure that staff always have access to all relevant information in any circumstances.  I open and close referrals recieved by the team, and maintain the caseload that the team creates as a daily process.

I also take minutes as meetings and then distributed through to the team.

I manage the administration of Lease Vehicles for the team, liaising with the Leasing Company and associated garages by telephone and email on behalf of team members.  

I am married with children and originally returned to work as part time healthcare support worker with a local private hospital. I found that I enjoyed the mental health element and wanted to gain a better understanding of how and why people are so affected by their mental health.  However, I felt I would be better in an administrative role than a clinical role. So, when LPFT advertised for the apprenticeship role I jumped at it.  I did think I may have been too old for an Apprenticeship but it seems I’m not.

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