Stakeholder relations

The Trust is a full and active participant in the current Lincolnshire Integrated Care System (ICS) and leads on the mental health, learning disability and autism work within the Lincolnshire health and care system through the Mental Health, Dementia, Learning Disability and Autism Alliance. 

This alliance has set out several priorities which support the strategic direction and has a wide membership including the LPFT, NHS England, Lincolnshire NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB), primary care, local authority adult and children services, public health, police and crime commissioner and local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE).

Relationships with the ICB and local authority are strong and productive. The Trust, ICB and local authority mental health, dementia, learning disability and autism leads work in an increasingly integrated way, conducting joint planning exercises and are increasingly collaborative in decision making. This supports more effective and efficient use of resources and more joined up working in the development of services for patients.

The Trust is an active partner in several provider collaboratives. It is a member of regional collaboratives for perinatal, children and young people and adult secure care services, and is the lead for the integrated mental health service for veterans (Op Courage) in the Midlands. Within Lincolnshire, the Trust works in close collaboration with the acute trust, community trust, ambulance trust, primary care networks and the local authority to improve services and make best use of our collective resources.

The Trust operates a Section 75 agreement with the local authority to deliver delegated mental health social care duties on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council. The agreement is monitored on a commissioner/provider basis, but with a strong emphasis on shared working. This enables integrated and effective service provision for people with some of the most enduring mental health needs.

The Trust continues to develop relationships with local voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations. Partnership working with the VCSE is an integral part of the Trust’s long-term strategy to support mental health and wellbeing in the community and ensure the expertise within the VCSE is maximised and integrated within mental health, dementia, learning disability and autism service pathways.

The Trust has contributed to the Health and Wellbeing Boards’ Joint Strategic Needs Analysis (JSNA) and has ensured the needs of people experiencing mental health problems have been included in the analysis.

The Health Scrutiny Committee for Lincolnshire has invited and received regular updates from the Trust.

The Trust has a very active patient, carer, and family engagement programme. Engagement and co-production with local people and communities is a high priority for LPFT and there is continued emphasis on this. This takes place in multiple different ways, for example including patients within the Trust’s recruitment process (such as on interview panels), engaging people on areas of service redesign, change and transformation, formal consultation when required and through increasing the recruitment of experts by experience and peer support workers with lived experience, as part of the Trust’s core workforce.