Crisis & Emergency Planning

When dealing with a crisis of the person you care for,  it is helpful to have reminders of how you should respond to detoriation in mental health.  Please see the guidance sheets below for help on how to talk to some having:

Crisis and emergency can happen for both yourself as a carer and the person you care for. 

To help you plan for either of these situation try to think of the worst case scenarios and:

  • how you might respond 
  • what information you or others need to deal with the situation. 
  • Bring together the relevant information together in a plan and put it somewhere easy to reach 
  • Ensure you discuss you plan with your friends, relatives and the person you care for.  Ensure everyone is in agreement with these plans.  This will help everyone to remain calm and secure if and when the plan needs to be put in place.   

Crisis & Emergency for Person you Care for

If the crisis is for the person with mental health issues, your plan should include

  • Guidance on how to respond to situations
  • Advanced Statements, Directives and Confidentiality statement
  • Contact details for Support Workers, CPN, Out of Hours service, CRISIS teams, Support Workers, Other Professional teams
  • Contact details of family and friends

Carer Crisis & Emergency

If the crisis is regarding your own ablility to care, your plan should include:    

  • The contact details of who to contact such as family and friends
  • Details of support workers, CPN and professional contacts for the person you care for
  • Details of who should be informed that you are not able to do your care role
  • Details of who will take on your Carer role and if necessary who the person you care for will go to live with in your absence
  • Notes of on the specific needs of the person you care for, from medication, routine, appointments, Advance Statements, Advance Directives etc
  • Details of Out of Hours service and actions to be taken if the mental health of the person you care for becomes unstable  
  • Make professionals and other support service aware of these contingency plans