Feedback from service users and carers

Below are just some of the fantastic feedback our teams have received recently from service users and carers. 

Adult Inpatient and Urgent Care Division

"I was referred to supportive groups that I required for the best possible help." - Service User (Mental Health Liaison Service, Boston)

"Everything was great and for me you definitely do not need to do anything better." - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit, Lincoln)

"Now I have reassurance of what this service really is, and the support I will receive, I feel ready for tomorrow." - Service User (Mental Health Urgent Care Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"Answered very quickly. Very empathic and caring, very understanding, listened carefully to everything I said. They challenged some of my negative statements in a very gentle way, and were very straightforward so I knew what was going to happen next. They introduced small amount of appropriate humour at an appropriate time but in a way that communicated that Greta really cared about me. They gently and kindly but assertively put in place a safety measure by asking me to promise I would always phone them if I had any more crises." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team, Louth)

"You have all been incredibly kind, reciprocated my feelings, and have put me into a much better state than I was in before. Thank you so much!" - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit, Lincoln)

"They kept me safe and recognised my needs, but never made decisions for me, so I was still in control. I felt safe and got time to think straight. You are all amazing. Thank you!" - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit, Lincoln)

"The staff were very helpful and comforting. When I was at a low point, the service provided me reassurance." - Service User (Urgent Care Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"I was treated with respect and they were very patient with me. They saved me." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Boston)

"Staff are very helpful, facilitating visits to fit round my visiting times, and the carers champion was invaluable for being a point of contact." - Service User (Castle Ward, Lincoln)

"It was good to receive extra support at home and be able to phone when feeling low. The online doctors helped me with tests and medication." - Service User (Mental Health Liaison Service, Boston)

"I was provided with all the advice I needed with short wait times and staff that were so understanding and validating of my feelings." - Service User (Mental Health Urgent Care Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"The girls were so lovely and helped me massively. They helped me in many aspects I was anxious about and came up with an outcome for every issue. Very polite & compassionate." - Service User (Mental Health Urgent Care Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"Staff gave me time to make a positive plan of action and really went above and beyond to make me feel safe, respected, and valued. Thank you." - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit Lincoln)

"Please refer to my handwritten 3 page review where I outline in detail my experience with your phenomenally amazing service! Thank you guys!" - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit, Lincoln)

"Eunice & Tracy were superb -- they made me feel heard & seen, and helped me dissect my problems and begin to formulate a plan. I'm leaving in a much more positive frame of mind." - Service User (Mental Health Urgent Care Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"Made me feel very comfortable able to actually talk and get listened to without being turned away." - Service User (Mental Health Urgent Care Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"I was taken care of to the best of their ability. I was taken seriously, listened to and treated with respect. I was offered all options that were open to me." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Boston)  

"I've been feeling so let down by the NHS, but I really enjoyed talking today and being listened to and not in my head. I am so thankful for the help and advice." - Service User (Mental Health Liaison Service, Lincoln)

"Having had a bad experience in another county with a crisis team, I wasn't expecting much and thought I'd be let down. The truth is that it couldn't be any further from that. You have all supported me to an extremely high standard and I have nothing but good words to say about you all. You are an amazing team." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Lincoln)  

"The Wolds has by far been the best care and preparation for a normal life. The doctors and staff have been exceptional. This time we feel more confident. A big thank you to everyone at the Wolds for everything." -  Parent/Carer (The Wolds Inpatient Rehabilitation, Lincoln)

"The ward is so much better then last time. Its more welcoming. I feel happier here." - Service User (Ellis Ward Adult Inpatient, Lincoln)

"My goodness, you all work long hours under awful pressure. Well done, and God bless you all. Many thanks." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Boston)  

"I feel listened to, understood and well supported." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Lincoln)  

"Very good staff. A knowledgeable and expert team. High quality care delivered." - Service User (Ellis Ward, Lincoln).

"You took over to support myself. I don't want to lose this support when I'm discharged from Crisis House. You were the first Lincoln team that listened with empathy and acted quickly on my crisis. You listened, respected, and showed empathy. Rosie and James from the crisis team treated me with empathy and like a human being, and they said positive things to me that made me feel valued." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Lincoln)  

  "Excellent all-round treatment." - Service User (Ellis Ward, Lincoln)

"Very good service." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Lincoln)  

"All staff were professional and had empathy. The treatment options were explained well and I felt well supported." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Boston )   

"Everybody was so nice." - Service User (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Boston )  

"Excellent food, sleep and staff." - Service User (Conolly Ward)

"The staff are always helpful, very kind and always there to support." - Service User (Maple Lodge)

"You are all amazing people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have also mended my soul. There is nothing I can see that you could have done better. Keep doing just what you are all doing. I know you can't help everyone but you have definitely helped me." - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit)

"They were able to help support me with the problem I had with my mental health. I am able to think much more clearly and I now know what I need to do before it gets worse." - Service User (Ward 12)

"The staff at Ash Villa were caring, friendly and supportive." - Service User (Ash Villa)

"They were so caring. I feel lucky to be in receipt of this standard of care." - Service User (Conolly Ward)

"The staff are brilliant and really looked after me. If I could post before and after pictures you would see the change and how they have given me a brand new life. Thank you." - Service User (Ash Villa)

"Dr Shahpesandy, the MDT, and the team at Ash Villa have given me 100% dedication. Changing my medication has enabled me to become well again and go home. Thank you to all of you." - Service User (Ash Villa)

"All the staff were amazing. They listened and understood and I knew I wasn’t being judged. I would like to give a special thanks to Rachel. I felt as though she went above and beyond and I could feel that she genuinely cared, which helped a lot considering the mindset I was in at the time." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Lincoln)

"All such good people. The doctors and nurses are the best." - Service User (Ward 12)

"I felt alone when I first came to the ward, now I feel like I am part of a family. I feel sad to leave. Everyone is so nice here." - Service User (Conolly Ward)

"Everything was good, they made me feel safe, warm and welcome. All the staff were easy to talk to and helped in every way possible. There was no judging, they were just good at listening and helped with my anxiety lots, and really good advice was given. The crisis house saved my life when I was at my lowest. I can’t thank the staff enough." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Louth)

"The staff ran everything smoothly. They are dedicated workers. The building is nice and clean and it made me feel welcome. If I needed help I could ask for it." Service User (The Fens)

"The staff were fantastic. Thank you." - Service User (Health Based Place of Safety)

"There was nothing CRHT could have done better. It felt like a quick response and all the staff were brilliant." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Lincoln)

"I felt safe. All the staff made me feel relaxed and communitive." - Service User (Hartsholme Centre, Lincoln)

"The thing that was good about the services was that there were people to talk to when needed and lots of support. They can't do anything better than what they are doing at the moment. Thank you all for the support." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Lincoln)

"The staff were very good and friendly. They were very approachable and good at their jobs." - Service User (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"I felt listened to, the services were good." - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit, Lincoln)

"I feel like I was listened to and got the support I needed." - Service User (Ward 12, Boston)

"The staff have been brilliant and helped with my mental health and put me in a better place. A brilliant experience." - Service User (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"I learnt a lot here and loved everyone here greatly." - Service User (Hartsholme Centre, Lincoln)

"The staff are amazing, I felt like I got the support I needed. Can't think of anything they could have done better." - Service User (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit)

"My response was given as a genuine patient. I never thought I was ill, but after the staff on Conolly ward showed care, I soon realised just how much I was stuck in life and I now feel free. And without then interfering, they have stood by me with kindness." - Service User (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"I am very grateful for the support I received during this dark time. I felt genuinely supported by the team and I was provided with help and resources to cope with the difficulties I was experiencing." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Grantham)

"The team has compassionate and attentive staff." - Service User (Charlesworth Ward, Lincoln)

"The staff were very helpful. The consultant is the best I have been given and the care service was second to none. The greatest Pscyhiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) I have been referred to." - Service User (Hartsholme Centre, Lincoln)

"The staff have been wonderful and I mean that from the bottom of my heart" - Service User (The Wolds)

"I had most of the treatment that was available at the time. The staff were good." - Service User (The Wolds)

"All the staff were kind, helpful, considerate and always attended to my needs, even as far as filling my water jug. The ward has helped me with my recovery and getting back into the community." - Service User (The Wolds)

"Excellent service and I was surprised at how quick I was seen. Thank you!" - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Boston)

"Attentive staff - I was listened to and made to feel safe. I have had my life changed, you have returned me to myself again and I'll be forever grateful. Thank you." - Service User (Charlseworth Ward)

"Every part of being here was brilliant and there is nothing that could be better, it is a great help and place.  Love to all the staff, I will miss them all. - Service User (PCDU)

"The people who came listened to what I had to say and answered my questions.  I was never made to feel silly." - Service User (CRHT Boston)

"You’ve been like a family to me." - Service User (Ash Villa)

"My stay was very helpful and I got lots of support from staff." - Service User (Maple Lodge)

"Absolutely amazing." - Service User (Urgent Care Assessment Centre)

"He felt the team that visited him listened and gave him time to talk he felt he got help from the team a big thank you to such a great team" - Relative of Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Grantham)

"A lot of support, encouraged to use taught skills." - Service User (The Wolds)

"All the staff are very helpful. They smile all the time & were coordinated. They always give a good response to patients needs, they’ve really looked after me well." - Service User (Maple Lodge)

"Good visiting hour."  - Service User (Maple Lodge)

"Fantastic staff who visited me. Professional, patient and informative, Kirsty (and colleague) were empathetic to my needs." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Boston)

"I've found the service to be truly life-changing and extremely helpful." - Service User (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Boston)

"The gentleman we saw was I believe called James. He was absolutely superb. He had my notes also knew my story. He went above and beyond to help." - Service User (Mental Health Liaison Service, Boston)

"The care I received was very good indeed." - Service User (Mental Health Liaison Service, Boston)

"Because the staff have a broad base of in-patients to be concerned with. they deal with us with quite a skilled and professional manner" - Service User (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"The staff are exceptionally caring and always available to help in any situation needed." - Service User (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"All the staff have been very caring and supportive towards me and other patients. Amazing staff." - Service User (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"Staff are excellent and very caring. Thank you! - Service User (Charlesworth Ward, Lincoln)

"All staff have given me so much help and support which has put me on the right road to recovery. I can't thank all the staff enough." - Service User (Charlesworth Ward, Lincoln)

"The service was brilliant, [they] couldn't have done anymore when I was poorly." - Service User (Crisis team, Boston)

"They listened to me and helped me feel better. They made all the referrals for me to gain the help I need." - Service user (Mental Health Urgent Care Centre, Lincoln)

​​​​"I felt I could talk, and staff responded when I asked questions. I felt supported." - Service User (Mental Health liaison, Boston)

"I was very satisfied with the treatment I received. It felt as though I was really listened to, and I built up a good relationship with the main person who was looking after me.  The way I was treated by this person was very empowering and they gave me lots of positive feedback about how well I was doing when I started to get better which speeded up my recovery. If I called the Crisis team at night, there was obviously a good record of my previous contact with members of the team, so I felt I received good continuity of care." - Service user (Crisis team, Grantham)

"They were able to be that helping hand and care for me in my time of need. They were able to offer me reassurance and comfort in my really low point and gave me a long list of help and support. They made me feel stable enough to leave the Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit (PCDU) knowing I can make myself better and that there is always help.  Thank you." - Service user (Psychiatric Clinical Divisions Unit, Lincoln)

"The people I saw actually seemed to listen and take what I was feeling on board in planning my care and safety." - Service user (Crisis team, Lincoln)

I was referred in crisis and at the lowest point in my life and Lincoln Crisis Team have been incredible. They have given first class care and I have been made to feel valued, welcomed and supported at all times. The crisis team are playing a huge role in my recovery, and I wouldn't have got to this point without them. First class, professional care with an understanding team. Thank you. - Service user (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Lincoln)

"Staff were 10/10 always nice and cheerful." - Service user (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Boston)

"The whole team here, MDT ward staff from all discipline are exceptional." - Service user (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"All of you were outstanding - I can't thank you all enough." Service user (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Boston)

"Nothing they could have done better support workers do a good job." - Service user (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Lincoln)

Supportive staff and great help." - Service user (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Boston)

"Down to the staff been attentive and approachable, and going above and beyond" - Service user - (Ash Villa, Sleaford)

"Kind staff. Great communication. Supportive doctors" - Service user - (Charlesworth Ward, Lincoln) 

"The staff have been very friendly and helpful. They answered all my concerns and were understanding. They put my mind at ease knowing that my son was being looked after by caring and compassionate staff" - Service user (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"I have felt comfortable throughout my stay here" - Service user (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"You listened to me and i am ever so thankful.  I'm not sure what you could do better. Thank you" - Service user (Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team, Lincoln)

"Phenomenally amazing service! THANK YOU GUYS!" - Service user (Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit, Lincoln)       

"The team as a whole have been so very supportive.  I believe they have literally saved my life." - Service user (Lincoln Crisis Team)

"Mental health nurse Sophie made me feel unjudged. I felt listened to in a situation I struggled to talk about, I now know its ok to not be ok and available support." - Service user (Mental Health Urgent Assessment Centre, Lincoln)

"All of the staff are amazing and I would not have got where I am without their support and help." - Service user (The Wolds, Lincoln)

"Greatly appreciated all the help received." - Service user (The Vales, Lincoln)

"Caring and supportive." - Service user (Castle ward)

"I feel like a short term it is a really beneficial admission." - Service user (Ward 12)

"The progress I have made has been remarkable. Thank you." - Service user (Ellis Ward)

"Amazing support from staff. Calm and relaxed environment. They really helped me. Thank you so much." Service user (Ellis Ward)

"The service was first class and informative.  Excellent advice and caring.  Really impressive.  The amount of time and care given to me was exemplary." -  Service user (Lincoln Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment)

"Very empathetic and chatty staff. It is always a safe space." - Service user (Conolly Ward, Lincoln)

"They spoke to my carer and they got all the information they needed. They were very helpful." - Service user (Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment , Lincoln)

"Excellent communication skills privacy and dignity maintained. The staff are easy to talk to, [and have] empathy and sympathetic to my needs. Cheerful staff, excellent manager. Excellent service and provides help when you make a query." - Service user (Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment , Boston)

Very friendly and supportive, gave me lots of time and kept me informed, Great medical help from the nurse. Nothing was too much effort but I hope not to be going back." - Service user (Mental Health Liaison Service, Boston)

"Everyone I spoke to genuinely seemed to listened and care about how I was feeling." - Service user (Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment , Lincoln)

"I have been given first class treatment throughout.  I have been supported every step of the way your team have nursed me back to health.  Thank you for everything I will be eternally grateful." - Service user (Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment , Grantham)

"Everyone at MHLS has always been supportive and helpful, especially my Care Co-ordinator.  I feel I am always being well looked after." - Service user (Mental Health Liaison Service, Boston)



Adult Community Division

"They were very understanding and really listened to what I was saying and helped me go on to find the service I needed to help with my depression so now I feel confident I’m on the right path." - Service User (Primary Care Mental Health - Meridian)

"The practitioner was very attentive and understanding. Her response was excellent following my request for support." Service User (Primary Care Mental Health - Improvement)

"I definitely feel more positive about the potential for recovery or significant improvement with this condition. I now understand the basics of the challenges and ways to deal with them, and I'm interested to research more now and build on this so if I am eventually diagnosed with this I can help myself much better. I think the techniques discussed could help me improve my life even if it turns out I'm not diagnosed with this." - Service User (Recovery College: Let's Talk About It - Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder)

"I will use the 5 ways to wellbeing in my own life and also with my service users. It gave me a much better understanding in the 5 ways and has made me think how I use them now and how I can improve." - External professional (Recovery College: 5 Ways to Wellbeing)

"I found the service to be excellent.  I think that it is of great benefit having someone specialised and devoted to mental health.  The simple fact that someone is there and available to you acknowledges the need for this service and I believe that that in itself helps to reduce the reluctance to seek help and makes communication much easier. The follow-up service after the consultation was also excellent, and I would contact them again if I felt I needed help. I also wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone else needing help." - Service user (Primary Care Mental Health/Meridian)

"It was nice to call and just have someone to talk to when I was having a really bad day. It was nice to have that support. And you got in touch with me quickly and really helped me." - Service User (Perinatal Mental Health Team)

"Everyone was absolutely lovely to me, very professional and more helpful than I can imagine." - Service User (Integrated Place Based Team, Lincoln City)

"Treated with respect and felt I could discuss anything that was bothering me or on my mind." - Service User (Integrated Community Mental Health Team, Louth)

"Through having assessments, I found out what truly was happening to me and why I felt the way I did. Thank you." - Service User (Integrated Community Mental Health Team, Grantham/Sleaford)

"I want to thank Dee-Anne Greensmith for helping me to gain the job that i have always wanted to do. From help around the interviews, how to complete job applications and after employment supporting me into settling in and having the ongoing support to stay well and thrive in my job. The amount of time that was invested into me over the time I have been in the service is fantastic and I’m beyond grateful for the help and support that has been given to me. Fantastic service and within my role as a peer support worker I will always be telling people about the great experience I have had." - Service User (Individual Placement and Support, Lincoln South)

"I could never have made such terrific progress without Janet's kindness, patience, support and strategies to deal with the horrid anxiety attacks that had be plaguing me for so long.  Now I feel like my life is my own." - Service User (Place Based Team, Lincoln City South)

"Excellent occupational therapy and general help. Stacey, my occupational therapist, has visited regularly to talk and to learn coping mechanisms. We have even been for coffee and the library to get me outside. Really good staff." - Service User (Community Rehab, Lincoln/Gainsborough)         

"Adam was extremely supportive and helpful. Thank you." - Service User (Place Based Team, Grantham)

"My son and I were treated very well by Vicky, and the doctor was much better than any other place we have been to." - Service User (Integrated Community Health Team, Skegness)

"I would like to extend particular praise to Natasha who was so very kind and caring. She listened carefully to everything I said and went above and beyond to help me, not only with my mental health, but my physical problems too. I really do feel that she should receive recognition award if at all possible." - Service User (Integrated Community Health Team, Lincoln South)

"As a first meeting I believe it went well. The practitioner soon picked up on my needs. I do not believe they could have done any better." - Service User (Primary Care Mental Health Meridian).

"Brooke, Emma and Siobhan are all a massive credit to the PNMHT (Perinatal Mental Health Team)! They showed me so much care, respect and that there was light in what was a very dark time. I truly feel they saved me and I will be forever grateful for the service and those three amazing people." - Service User (Perinatal Mental Health Team)

"The team were very supportive, worked with me as a whole person and looked at all aspects of my life which were affecting my mental health. They worked with me to find coping mechanisms and put then in practice. Rachael was an amazing support and helped me grow and have a better quality of life. They are an essential team who have helped my recovery journey." - Service User (Place Based Team, Lincoln City North)

"Thank you for your support and service." - Service User (Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion)

"The team have always been fast and efficient whenever there have been concerns about my mental health. I feel able to talk freely without being judged." - Service User (Perinatal Mental Health Team)

"Jackie has been extremely friendly and supportive." - Service User (Community Mental Health Team, Gainsborough)

"Everything was exceptional about your service and as far as I was concerned from beginning to end your services were outstanding." - Service User (Community Mental Health Team, Lincoln North)

"I have no complaints, excellent service." - Service User (Community Rehabilitation, Lincoln/Gainsborough)

"Jasmine let me go at my own pace and was really supportive I would 100% recommend." - Service User (IPS Grantham Sleaford)

"Daniel was very good at listening and stayed in touch and supported me." Service User (Community Rehabilitation)

"I could not fault anyone or anything. I received more support these last few months than at any other time in my life." - Service User (Community Mental Health Team, Skegness)

"Excellent service and excellent care. The NHS are the best in world." - Service User (Integrated Place Based Team, Skegness)

"Ambica was very professional, very polite, very friendly and made me at ease. I don't trust people very well and can be very not willing to talk but she slowly got me to talk to her." - Service User (Place Based Team, Skegness)

"The sessions I had with the Psychologist worked very well and also helped me to identify different emotions." - Service User (Community Mental Health Team, Lincoln South)

"It is very helpful.  The service is worthwhile." Service User (Community Mental Health Team, Stamford)

"I always know that the team are at the end of the phone if I need them. They are always quick to follow up on how I am doing." - Service User (Early Intervention in Psychosis, Countywide)

"I want to say a special thanks to Jo. She came to my house to see me. She was very professional, caring and made me feel safe and secure. Also, thank you to Joseph who called me and again. He was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble. They are a credit to the service and the NHS." - Service User (Perinatal Mental Health Team)

"I was asked to look at spiritual intelligence. I think it could be a great help to people with mental health issues, reiki treatments are very good. Learning reiki it can be used to treat yourself mindfulness and mediation are all good and not invasive. My session was very positive- it was the best I have ever had!" - Service User (Integrated Place Based Team, Louth)

"Jackie has helped me beyond what I expected.  She is the reason I am still alive.  Much appreciated." - Service User (Integrated Place Based Team, Skegness)

"I have no complaints at all. Without this therapy I don't think I'd still be here. I can't thank Janet enough for all her time and help, a lovely lady." - Service User (Integrated Place Based Team, Lincoln)

"Fantastic service provided to me by Dr Rebecca Dickenson." - Service User (Perinatal Mental Health Team)

"Everything was good about the services and nothing could have been done any better." - Service User (Community Mental Health Team, Spalding)

"There were friendly faces and supportive voices. I felt that the team cared and were there for me at any time." - Service User (Community Rehabilitation, Lincoln/Gainsborough

"The course highlights the importance of psychoeducation" - Service User (Recovery College - Let's talk about Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder)

"Amazing as always." - Service user (Commuity Mental Health Team, Spalding)

"It was a quick turnaround from assessment to receiving help." - Service user (Perinatal Mental Health Team)

"I feel more confident that I could help a patient with Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) in distress. I would feel able to help them safety plan and write lists for alternative options to try before they were to self harm." - Carer (Recovery College)

"Natalie took me on when I felt no hope and took the time I needed to understand things." - Service User (Commuity Mental Health Team, Stamford)

"I had help identifying my issues and understanding my underlying causes. I feel more confident talking about issues."  - Service User (Place Based Team, Skegness)

"Ms Bronwyn is a caring and thoughtful therapist.  She made me feel at ease all the way through my treatment.  Ms Bronwyn is a credit to St Johnson Hospital Mental Health Dept. without her guidance and knowledge I feel I would be lost forever.  A big thank you from me.  Ms Bronwyn you are a super hero." - Service User (Commuity Mental Health Team, Spalding)

"Our services worked well, efficiently and respectfully." - Service User (Early Intervention in Psychosis)

"Conversation was great and given me time to speak and work through with me to support my situation." Service User (CMHT Stamford)    

"I now know more about self esteem, the importance, benefits, where my low self esteem has originated from, how my past might have influenced my beliefs surrounding myself. - I also learnt how I protect myself, types of self esteem etc. which I found super interesting and lots that I had never heard of or come across before which I’m incredibly pleased about. I will try to remember the models of self esteem, relearn about myself and try out new experiences, recognising low self esteem in myself and incorporate ways of growing self esteem into my daily life and I’m excited to make changes." - Service User - (Recovery College) 

"The team made me feel very welcome and looked after.  They provided support and recognised when I needed more/less support.  Very caring.  They made me feel valued and understood." - Service User - (Perinatal) 

"Ruth has been a huge support to me in many ways. She had a listening ear, was understanding, caring and she never rushed my appointments. Ruth always was there when I needed her and I'm truly grateful for all her help. She is amazing at her job, and I can’t recommend her enough. She has helped me understand and look at things differently. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better." - Service User - (Primary Care Mental Health, East Lindsey)

"I cannot praise Tiffany, Emma, Stacey and all the rest of the team. The work they do is amazing and nothing is too much trouble for them. They were always there giving my advice and level headed opinions. I really don't know what I will do without them all." - Service User (Perinatal Service)

"Being listened to and understood and offering support was a massive relief. Just to be believed and have a feeling that I could approach someone was comforting. I was signposted to different organisations with no pressure and allowed to make my own decisions. I felt in control which for me was a massive plus. I couldn’t have asked for more from my appointment. Thank you." - Service user (Primary Care Mental Health, IMP)

This service gave me the strength to carry on, the tools to cope with dark days. Drew McNulty was my home visitor. I trusted him after a few visits and believe I would not be here without the support. - Service user (Integrated Community Health Team, Louth)

"Charlynne and the CALMS Group have been without a doubt a life saver to me, she is so kind and compassionate. This has been my second time under the Perinatal Team, and I really feel so sad to lose them both, All of the staff involved in my care have been great. Compared to other services I have used the Perinatal Team have been wonderful." - Service user - (Perinatal, Countywide)

"The help I received was first class and put me on the road to recovery. I cannot thank Sophie Wicks and Voni Metcalfe enough!" - Service user - (Early Intervention Team, Countywide) 

"This is an exceptional service; without the care I have received I would no longer be part of this world." - Service user - (Integrated Community Health Team, Spalding)

"All the staff were friendly and very thoughtful.  Keep doing what you are doing.  This service has helped me a lot." - Service user - (Place Based Team, Skegness)

"Becoming a mother was such a huge adjustment for me.  Jess Wilkinson played a huge role in me coping with everything that came with it.  I honestly do not know what I would have done without her support through the first months.  Charlynree was also amazing and made me feel I was never alone.  Thank you." - Service user (Perinatal, countywide)

"I believe this course can motivate people who have been out of work for a long time to start thinking about returning to paid work. It restores hope that there is real support available to help people who are frightened about losing their benefits or being capable of keeping a job." - Service user - (Recovery College, overcoming barriers to employment)

"Brilliant service had a lot of involvement with MH services CMHT and Dr Elwood was the first Dr to take time to listen to me, really positive patient experience. Outstanding service from the team." - (Integrated Community Health Team, Gainsborough)

"It was lovely that my support worker came to my house for our appointments.  it helped me feel more relaxed.  The appointments were made to suit my time schedule with work etc. I felt listened to and supported." - (Integrated Community Health Team, Lincoln South)

"Very kind, friendly, helpful and caring. Made me feel extremely comfortable and able to say everything that concerned me." - Service user - (Primary Care Mental Health, Lincoln Health Partnership)

"I think that the future for those with depression is quite optimistic, that it is in small achievable goals reached over time that depression can be treated successfully." - Service user - (Recovery College, Let’s talk about it – Depression)

"I can't even put into words how incredible Olivia has been throughout these past few years.  The entire CMHT has always has my back but Olivia deserves as gold medal.  So empathetic, kind, caring, professional.  Couldn't have made it without you guys.  Thank you." - Service user -(Integrated Community Health Team, Stamford)

"Continued support through both pregnancies with no judgement.  Exceptional core and support from Charlynne Wright and Elizabeth Britz - they really understood me and because of those two individuals I am now in a better place." - Service user (Perinatal, countywide)

"Victoria was fantastic, she listened, supported and never judged my thoughts and feelings. I never felt rushed and she showed real care and attention. I can’t fault her service, thank you so much." - Service user (Perinatal team)

"I found it really helpful to motivate me as sessions were done in the comfort of my own home.  Both Alison and Jasmine were easy to talk to and very supportive in moving forward." (Service user, Lincoln City South Place Based team)

"Absolutely fantastic! Felt like a person for first time! So so happy with Lyona & Sam! :)" - Service user (Stamford Place Based team) 

"I was seen quickly, I wasn’t given false hope I was given maintainable strategies and a safe space." - Service user (Primary Care Mental Health, Lincoln)

"I would not be functioning now had it not been for Lyona (and & Emma). I am growing every week and I now believe life can and does get better!  The support I have received has been AMAZING!" Service user - (Place Based Team, Stamford)

"Rebecca Birch has supported myself for a number of years.  She listened to my worries and helped me navigate through the most painful times in my life.  I will miss her support very much." Service user (Integrated Community Health Team, Sleaford)

"James was the first person that had  time to listen to me and my problems for a long time. He explained to me in detail about my medication  which was very helpful to me as l worry about taking tablets and he was reassuring." -  Service user (Primary Care Mental Health, Boston)

"Jo Taylor was absolutely brilliant - empathetic, patient, understanding and supportive.  She not only helped with the difficulties I was having but with making me feel like a worthwhile person again.  Thank you so much." Service user (Perinatal, Countywide)

"I will take the time to be mindful in the moments of my day and bring that awareness to how I think and feel - observing it rather than judging it. I will think more differently about myself and my life and consider embracing it for what it IS over and above what I THINK it should be. I'll probably let go of some of the 'shoulds' I've been living with too." Service user (Recovery College, Living More in the moment)

"Mark really took the time to listen and relate to the things we spoke about. Mark made sure to keep updated on all of the things we spoke about and helped me try and work out the main issues I faced. Mark was especially helpful with helping me arrange my doctors appointments and spent plenty of time trying to help me learn strategies to feel better and sort out my sleeping issues. He was very easy to talk to and really gave me a sense that he cared and understood. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. This service was really helpful for me." Service User (Integrated Community Health Team, Spalding)

"The support I have received from IPS has been exemplary. First by Zoe, then for a short period with Jasmine, then more longer term by Dee-Anne. My confidence was very low and I had minimal belief in myself when I first started work with IPS. That vulnerability was nurtured and coached until my self-belief and confidence began to return. At no point did I feel patronised or just another service user. The support was genuine, authentic and effective. More importantly, it lead to employment. I'm grateful also as, IPS did not discharge me once employment was secured. Fantastic service and staff. Thank you." - Service user (Individual Placement and Support, Lincoln South)

"Amy Pesterfield has been working with me on my recovery and journey back to employment - and hand on heart, she has fully changed the way I see myself, my ability and my life - for the better. Amy and her team at the resource centre have gone above and beyond to make my experience as comfortable and engaging as possible - and I really mean it when I say this, but Amy has made me see that my life is worth something, and the support she provides is some of the best care I have received in my entire experience." - Service user (Individual Placement and Support, Stamford)

"Brooke French, Emma Turner and Siobhan Fox are all a massive credit to the Perinatal Mental Health Team! They showed me so much care, respect and that there was light in what was a very dark time. I truly feel they saved me and I will be forever grateful for the service and those three amazing people." - Service user (Perinatal, countywide)

Specialist Services Division

"The clinician listened carefully to my problems and was able to offer advice and support in a sympathetic and useful manner, including sending several links to me for further use. I couldn’t have expected any better than the excellent service I received." - Service User (Here4You, Lincoln)

"Staff were kind and caring, listened to my concerns and made me feel heard as a parent. Our experience of this service was nothing short of excellent." - Parent (Psychology Services, Countywide)

"The clinician was compassionate and was superb at describing a range of strategies. She made regular contact and was professional throughout." - Service User (Healthy Minds, Lincoln and West Lindsey)

"The new Psychiatrist is very nice. He listened to us and asked if we had any further comments." - Parent/Carer (CAMHS, Boston)

"My call was very good as the person on the other end was very supportive and understanding. I could tell that she was trying her hardest to figure out what needed to be as well as trying her best to answer my questions." - Service User (Here4You, Lincoln)

"My assessor was very patient and put me at ease. She was informative and attentive, and she quickly earned my trust. I felt that I was listened to and understood. The resulting assessment document was written proof of this for me." - Service User (Autism Diagnostic Service)

"She has felt comfortable opening up and talking freely about her struggles and has felt listened to throughout. She has been given some good techniques to support both her and us." - Parent (Mental Health Services Team (Parent/Carer), Lincoln)

"I was very pleased with everything and all of the support." - Service User (Autism Diagnostic Service)

"Zoe has been fantastic, explaining everything thoroughly, listening and showing empathy and understanding." - Service User (Healthy Minds, Lincoln and West Lindsey)

"Vicki was the perfect CBT therapist. In my opinion, she deserves all the credit in the world. She was the reason for my development and the smile on my face when I came and left. I felt understood and comfortable." - Service User (Mental Health Services Team (12-18), Grantham)

"My daughter's therapist listened really well and provided tools to help with her anxieties. She was calm, caring, and constant in her work with my daughter." - Parent (Mental Health Services Team (Parent/Carer), Grantham)

"I felt that my daughter was really listened to, helped & supported in the best way possible. She was given appropriate ways/tools in which to move forward with positivity going through life with all the challenges that it may present in the future." - Parent (Mental Health Services Teams (Parent/Carer), Grantham)

"LPFT always made sure my treatment was effective for my needs. I learnt, throughout my treatment, that my feelings were valid, and this gave me the reassurance to speak up. I was always given the best advice on anything I was struggling with." - Service User (Adult Eating Disorders, Lincoln)

"The practitioner being kind, patient and caring towards me supported me to feel comfortable and to be honest with them about how I was feeling." - Service User (Healthy Minds Lincolnshire, Lincoln and West Lindsey)

"The staff were great at being there through my struggles and never gave up on me." - Service User (Adult Eating Disorders, Lincoln)

"Kind and friendly. I was immediately listened to and understood. I passed straight through to a professional to complete a triage assessment and I got an outcome within a few minutes." - Service User (Here4You, Sleaford)

"The clinician has been amazing. As a parent I felt listened to, understood and never judged. She was able to create a open and honest working relationship and I felt she really cared for the wellbeing of my son. The clinician understood my working commitments and did everything she could to be flexible. Working with the clinician supported me in being able to apply practical steps to be able to support my son. I can honestly say, I was a little dubious commencing the Osi Grows programme, but it has definitely developed and grown my parenting skills to be able to support my son in growing his confidence and independent skills." - Parent (Healthy Minds Lincolnshire, North & South Kesteven)

"I felt respected and safe. I was seen quickly and taken care of and treated like a human being, not just a number on a board or quota." - Service User (Autism Diagnostic Service)

"I thought my eating disorders would kill me, but this service has helped me snatch myself back. I feel like I'm finally becoming me." - Service User (Easting Disorder Service)

"It was nice to have a small face to face group. The ladies were nice, helpful and listened to my concerns." - Service User (Mental HealthSupport Team, Boston)

"The clinician was so kind and supportive of both my son and myself. He was patient and gave us some helpful strategies which are helping us at home. He was also so mindful of how my son was feeling, i.e. keeping the online appointments shorter, as he recognised that he was getting tired. A great support to us, thank you so much." - Parent/Carer (Healthy Minds, East Lindsey)

"The call handlers were brilliant and so helpful. They couldn't do enough to help and I really felt like they cared about my son even though they have never met him." - Parent/Carer (Here4You Boston)

"I was supported at all times, and working with CFT has changed my life completely for the better thanks to them all!" Service User (Complex and Forensics Team, Lincoln)

"I think it was really good. The lady was very kind and understanding." - Service user (Young Minds Matter, Grimsby)

"The clinician really helped me when I felt down." - Service user (Learning Disabilities - South)

"The service was excellent overall, and particularly the lead dietitian. She explained matters to me thoroughly, competently and clearly, and as a result of her support I was able to make some fruitful changes to my 'bad habits' which have helped improve my state of health. Her approach is both highly professional and 'personal' enough to give confidence and encouragement." - Service user (Dietetics Service)

“I feel my child got on really well. The practitioner got on well with my child and built a relationship to support them.” -  Parent/Carer (Healthy Minds, Lincoln and West Lindsey)

“My worker was friendly and they really helped me.” - Service user (Young Minds Matter, Grimsby)

“The thing that was really good about the work we have done, is that before, I would just sit in my chair and be all stressed out, but now the practitioner has taught me how to deal with that in different ways. So I don’t blow up anymore and I am really looking forward to secondary school for the first time” - Service User - Mental Health Support Team (Lincoln)

"The team went above and beyond for my child. I am very happy with the support we received" - parent of a Service User - Young Minds Matter, (Grimsby)

"I feel the psychology team listened to my concerns about my child’s communication difficulties and were gentle in their approach." - CAMHS at Grantham Health Clinic (Grantham)

"We weren't judged on how we were handling things. We have had so much help and support, thank you." - Parent Carer - MHST (Skegness)

"The speed of us being able to access was support was fantastic.She was able to begin sessions within two weeks of her crisis episode. Although it was meant to be a group session, it was actually 1:1, which made it so much easier for my daughter to open up and form a relationship and trust, I feel completely assured that she was listened to and advised. I've seen a definite change for the positive in her health, and although I know it will take time to support her to completely get well, I know she has the best foundations from her sessions with Healthy Minds." - Healthy Minds (North and South Kesteven​​​​​​)​

"My child really connected with the practitioner and felt confident and comfortable to share her feelings." - Mental Health Support Team – Boston

"I have had the most genuine support and beyond and couldn’t thank the team enough." - SARC service user

"The worker assigned was amazing, she constantly made me feel validated and was incredibly supportive throughout. I don't have any improvements because she was exceptional." - SARC service user

"Everything was great!" CAMHS service user (Lincoln)

"I was really listened to and not made to feel that my worries weren’t important or valid. I also feel that I was given a lot of tools to help with my daughter's worries, which helps me and made me reflect on how I deal with things and look at my own anxiety to help improve my daughter’s wellbeing. It has been an all-round service which has helped – you sometimes need a third person to support and suggest changes as it's hard to see things clearly when you are in it." Parent of a service user - Mental Health Support Team (Skegness)

"It was good to have someone who came so quickly after our phone call (the same day). This is not only for the patient but also and maybe just as much for the carers." - Carer - CHAT

"The clinician really listened to myself and my daughter. She helped my daughter to learn coping skills for her anxiety and helped her to build up her confidence." - Parent of service user - Mental Health Support Team

"We had a 1-2-1 session online - this was excellent. It was useful to discuss ongoing issues and be a part of my child's support." - Parent of a service user - Healthy Minds

"My support worker was kind, really listened well to me and always made the effort to find out the answers to my queries, signposted me onto other helpful services that I was previously unaware of and helped me to understand certain aspects of how autism manifests itself in my life. My support worker helped me move towards a greater place of self acceptance and showed me practical ways that I could be kind to myself in my day to life in order to not end up feeling so overwhelmed by life. I feel very grateful to have had the privilege to have access to this service. It really was wonderful." - Service user - Autism Service

"My practitioner put me at ease, listening to my concerns and made sure she had understood me and I had understood her. She provided sound advice and suggestions for help and confirmed where future assistance could be gained whenever it may be needed." - Service user - Here4you

"We had such a calm, caring, professional individual who held these sessions. She was so helpful and the help we got has been invaluable. We were kept in the loop at all times." - Service user - MHST (Skegness)

"We have used Healthy Minds twice now for my child and both people we have seen have been very caring, easy to get on with and have been great listeners. They will help with whatever they can, it doesn't matter if it's small or something big,they have helped us a lot." - Service user - Healthy Minds (East Lindsey)

"It was good to have someone who comes so quickly after our phone call (the same day). not only for the patient but also for the carers." - Service user - Learning Disabilities - Community Home and Assessment team (CHAT).

"Their approach, knowledge and support was amazing; personalised based on what I shared. They were supportive and listened before offering advice and confirming THE next steps. She was confident within her role and this filled me With confidence. I was incredibly impressed that I only called yesterday and received a triage call back today. I wish I had been aware of this service months ago." - Service User - Here4You (Spalding)

"The team we saw from our initial appointment to our discharge have been exceptional." - Parent/Carer - CAMHS Eating Disorders

"The therapists were all fantastic. Amazing work by them all. I can't recommend this service enough. I want to help myself now!" - Service user - Adult Eating Disorders

"My worker was patient, calm and very easy to engage with. She listened to me and advised where needed. At times in my life, I have felt different and alone but she helped me to understand my feelings and emotions better. I don’t think there is anything that could have been done better." - Service user - Autism Post Diagnostic Service

"The service has been nothing but supportive. As we waited to get to the top of the list, we were provided with support prior to diagnosis. When things got worse and right up to appointment, Dr H was nothing but assuring and has come up with some fab ideas for treatment while we wait for the after diagnosis team." - Parent /Carer (Autism service)

"Everything was good. It was a good service and I was very well supported and cared for and I was given the right advice. I think the service went really well. I was happy with the help and the support I was given." - Service User (SARC)

"The people I spoke to were brilliant- both supportive and helpful. I received advice and a referral and information on what would happen next." - Service User (Here4you, Lincoln)

"CHAT were very supportive, they made contact everyday. It was useful knowing they were there to help." - Service User (Community Home Assessment and Treatment team)

"The lady I spoke to was very friendly. She listened, she understood, she asked questions which I was happy to answer. She explained everything." - Service user (Here4You, Lincoln)

"Everything that was done was at my pace, anything that I did not understand was explained. if I needed more time to answer, this was given, and  I could come back to something at a later time, if needed. This enabled me to feel more comfortable about this service, and I could do this at home which was best for me." - Service user (Autism Service)

"Your service has supported both my daughters amazingly, it’s also helped myself to understand the mental health issues that my girls face, all the staff are so very helpful and friendly it makes it a warm relaxing atmosphere." - Parent of a Service User (Young Minds Matter)

"The doctor and clinician were lovely. I was nervous when the doctor came in the room but once he started talking I felt very relaxed. He explained everything to me and talked me through the steps of the medical." - Service User (SARC)

"Keep up the fantastic work, I felt I had nobody and so did my child. In just six appointments we both felt heard. We have been let down by a lot of services but I'm happy to say that Healthy Minds was a big positive and gave me the confidence and energy to keep on fighting for my son’s needs, just when I was at the point of giving up after constant let downs from other services. - Parent of a Service User (Healthy Minds)         

"The service was very easily accessible. Very helpful lady. I was put through to triage straight away and told the following steps as soon as soon as the triage assessment was complete." - Service User (Here4You, Grantham)     

"Well-rounded and pretty well thought out, and the clinician was very knowledgeable and was able to get the assessment back on track when I strayed off topic for example." - Service User (Autism Diagnostic)

 "Everything, they have been amazing and dealt with all of (my child's) health care needs." Parent (Lincolnshire Secure Unit)   

"The team have been brilliant giving me the best support ever and getting me ready for my next move to my Uncle and Auntie’s."  Service User - (Learning Disabilities)                                                                       

"The lady I spoke to was brilliant. She explained everything and put me at ease. Hopefully I can get some help for my son with her recommendations." Parent - (Here4You, Spalding)

"The Clinician approached our sessions with understanding and empathy, she was always available for advice outside of our sessions and went above and beyond to support our family." - Parent -

(Healthy Minds, Lincoln & West Lindsey)

"My therapist has to be one of the most amazing people I have met. She is kind, caring, very knowledgeable and all I can do is offer 100% praise to LPFT Adult Eating Disorder Team." - Service user (Eating Disorder)

The practitioner always involved every young person and listened to everyone. He was very understanding and had a lovely way of explaining how best to manage worry and anxiety. I felt valued as part of the group. Thank you. - Service user (Healthy Minds, Lincoln)

The Clinician was incredible!! Knowledgeable and very welcoming! She made the assessment easy and comfortable as I was very anxious about the whole process." - Service user (Autism Diagnostic Service)

"The practitioner was very easy to talk to and put me at ease. She took the time to listen to me and explained in detail about people with autism. She reassured me as to some of my symptoms and has made a referral to my GP about other issues that resonate with me such as the ADHD issues that have caused me problems all my life and could help me, because for many years I have had issues and could not understand as to why until now." - Service User (Autism Diagnostic Service, Countywide)

"My health has improved as a result my involvement. Staff are kind, understanding and help me work through my challenges." - Service user (Adult Eating Disorders)

"The service has been brilliant, very quick, respectful, and thorough. I felt so relieved to have been given so much help already, such as online information, distraction techniques, podcasts etc, while we wait for any therapy sessions to be arranged." - Service user (Here4You helpline, Boston)

"The person was gentle. They let me be emotional. They heard what I was saying. I was referred to a practitioner immediately who was able to chat to me on the phone there and then. When I asked specific questions about my child during the referral, they answered them and didn’t just palm me off. I felt heard and understood." - Parent of a service user (Here4You, Stamford)

"My support worker has been the most consistent aspect of this journey. At times when I was lost and overwhelmed, she took the reins and relieved an unbearable amount of stress. I will be forever grateful to her for getting me through this." - Service user (Sexual Assault Referral Centre)

"The practitioner was absolutely fantastic! she makes her sessions so interactive and is kind, empathic and very skilled at what she does." - Service user (Healthy Minds, Boston)

"It was very open, accommodating, and friendly and all too willing to explain something you didn’t understand" - Service user- (Autism Diagnostic)

"Brilliant, definitely very nice to have face to face support" Service User - (Learning Disability Community Home Assessment and Treatment)

"I was listened to all the time, even if it seemed not so important. They treated everyone equally, and treated us as people as individuals that do other stuff outside of the meetings. We didn't have to share anything we didn't want to." - Service user - (Mental Health Support Teams, Lincoln)

"Good balance of pushing to be better without overdoing it and excellent environment, non-judgemental and supportive." - Service user (Adult Eating Disorders)

"The sessions were enjoyable and I got something valuable out of most of them. The person working with me was really kind and was understanding when I had issues joining or attending. I also really appreciated the worksheets i got sent in the post." - Service user (Healthy Minds Lincolnshire, East Lindsey)

"Both the person answering the call and the practitioner who helped with my query were very polite and helpful. They took the time to listen to my query, to ask me relevant questions to clarify what support was already in place for the child and then to explain different next steps I could take. This was followed up with a detailed report of the telephone conversation and included all relevant documents and links I needed to then make a referral." - Professional (Here4You, Stamford)

"The clinician was very kind and made me feel very at ease and comfortable during the appointment." - Service user (Autism Diagnostic Service)

"The team have looked after me extremely well. Kept me updated and have been there when I need them. I don’t think there is anything you could do better as you're amazing as you are." - Service user (Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Lincoln)

"I felt like I was being listened to and understood without any judgements. The advice and support was useful." - Service user (Here4you, Louth)

Very relaxed atmosphere showing understanding ,concern and knowledge allowing me as a parent to feel able to talk." Parent /Carer (Child and Adolscent Mental Health Services, Lincoln)

"My Psychologist routinely went above and beyond to help me in the best possible way. It is the first step in my journey to get my life back. Thank you." - Service User (Complex and Forensic)

"My son has been given coping mechanisms and someone to talk to that isn’t me, his mum, and he’s not had that before. The Practitioner has bent over backwards to make sure my son has been seen and that times when I have come to sessions, they have been really helpful. It’s been really positive, and my son has always come home feeling much better, his whole attitude and behaviour has been much better." Parent /Carer (Mental Health Support Team, Lincoln)

The flexibility I had around my appointments the fact I did everything in the safety of my own home nothing was to much I felt listened to." - Service User (Transforming Care Liaison)

The ISVA was incredibly supportive. I nearly left before the examination. Both members of staff made me feel comfortable. When I walked in I was a bit of a mess, when I left I was okay. I was incredibly anxious but I wasn't when I left." - Service User (SARC)

"Someone was always there to help me or listen when I needed anything. No complaints couldn’t have been any better thank you." - Service User (Eating Disorder Service)


Older People and Frailty Division

"I think all the staff have been very good and I don't think my care could have been any better. Excellent." - Service User (Home Treatment Team, Countywide)

"Answering on behalf of my mother who has Alzheimer’s. All the support we have received has been caring and helpful." - Relative (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Skegness)

"Excellent help and support from everyone I met.  all staff and doctors were very professional and explained everything very well.  Thank you to all that I met." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Countywide)

"A lovely experience in a difficult and potentially upsetting situation where the Practitioner took time to thoroughly explain each step of the process. She was calm in manner and made us feel at ease. I have no negative comment to make." - Service User (Older Adult Community Mental Health Teams, Grantham/Sleaford)

"An excellent service. I feel more confident. I know I still have a way to go, but by following the support and guidance, I know I will get there." - Service User (Older Adult Community Mental Health Teams, Spalding)

"Throughout my appointment I was made to feel comfortable discussing my concerns regarding my short-term memory. Good follow-up." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Countywide)

"The support was consistent and reliable. Dealing with mental health is very sensitive, and progress is influenced by the competence and the sense of rapport between supporter and patient." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Lincoln)

"Excellent appointment. Clear, concise; a pleasure." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Lincoln)

"We feel we received excellent care from the staff. We could not ask for more." - Service User (Home Treatment Team, Countywide)

"I was very pleased to have an interesting conversation with Susie. I feel that there is now some help available if I need it in my capacity of carer for my husband suffering with dementia." - Carer (Memory Support, Grantham)

"Your dementia support worker was excellent. She was warm and friendly and was a pleasure to discuss my problems with. Susie spent a lot of time with me and came up with many ideas and a variety of options. She was very good." - Service User (Memory Support, Grantham)

"Your services are prompt, professional, and extremely respectful." - Service User (Memory Support, Skegness)

"Very respectful and felt able to ask questions and be open. Good tips given. I got helpful insight into how brain injury can affect everyday tasks and functioning." - Service User (Neuropsychology)

"Excellent service. I don't think it can be improved." - Service User (Memory Assessment Practitioners Service)

"Dr Anand was extremely kind, respectful and patient while explaining everything to dad and to ourselves.  He was absolutely excellent." - Relative of Service User (Older Adults Community Mental Health Team, Lincoln)

"Each and everyone of your staff were excellent. I wish the rest of the national health service were like the HTT girls. Thank you all so much."  - Service User (Home Treatment Team)

"Everyone we have spoken to has been very helpful. It is reassuring knowing that we can contact you in the future if support is needed." - Service User (Memory Support, Spalding)

"A pleasant environment with friendly staff who were very knowledgeable." - Service User (Memory Support, Louth)

"Easy to contact, willing to help, and very knowledgeable." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Skegness)

"Excellent service from Kelly and Susie. Follow up email was greatly appreciated." - Service User (Memory Support, Grantham)

"Good service all round.  Sophie was excellent." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Boston)

"Your staff - and I mean all people who have given me support - have been amazing. I am where I am now, and without them, who knows. Thank you." - Service User (Home Treatment Team)

"Couldn't have done anything better." - Service User (Memory Support, Skegness)

"Susie discussed the situation in a straightforward way.  She provided a great deal of information and answered questions without hesitation." - Service User (Memory Support, Grantham)

"The support was very good and very friendly." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Services, Gainsborough)

"All the staff were pleasant and patient with me and I was listened to." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Services, Boston)

"Friendly and good." - Service User (Memory Support, Grantham)

"Obviously a shock to get diagnosis of Alzheimer's for my mum but the support has been amazing - within 48hrs Becky contacted me as mum's carer, listened, explained and offered future support from agencies which I can contact.  I feel reassured I can contact them should I need. Thank you." - Service User (Memory Support, Grantham)

"Since my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's I have been so very grateful for the support from various NHS agencies.  Some days I didn't know which way to turn for help but the dementia support service gave me extremely useful information and contact numbers.  Its also comforting to know that I can all them should our circumstances change. Thank you." - Service User (Memory Support, Louth)

"Knowing I had support when at first I felt so alone.  The difference these people made to me was astronomical. With their knowledge, guidance and kindness I was able to give my husband the right amount of care needed for his stage of dementia. Thank you." - Service User (Memory Support, Louth)

"Dr Gillespie is so kind an caring.  I feel like I am understood and was made to feel at ease." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Services, Gainsborough).

"Couldn't do any better.  Very pleased." - Service User (Home Treatment Team)

"Your service was very much appreciated and a great help. I don't feel I would have got through my bad time without your support." - Service User (Home Treatment Team)

"Very informative and conducted in a calm and respectful environment. Keeping all involved reassured and easy talking space for everyone." - Service User (Memory Assessment Practitioner Service)  ​​​

 "Services were excellent. Staff visited or phoned. Carer felt involved: plenty of time allocated to talk and listen. Lots of encouragement. Guidance for worksheets given so they could be used effectively. Felt well supported and thank you to all staff." - Service User (Transitional Team, Grantham)

"Dad was very resistant about attending but we needn't have worried. Staff were great with both of us." -Service User (Memory Support, Grantham)

(Dementia Support Service – Lincoln and Gainsborough);"...listened to everything I said and gave me good advice for my situation. Very caring and positive in every way." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Services, Skegness Team)

"My wife and I felt very supported from the start. This was so appreciated at a time when our lives had just been turned upside down. Thank you." - Carer (Memory Assessment and Management Services (MAMS) Lincoln Team)

"She is a very nice lady." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Services, Gainsborough Team)

"It was nice being treated with respect and listening to me." - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Services, Skegness Team)

“I felt that I could call them anytime if I needed advice and support, they were very compassionate” - Service User (Dementia Support Service, Lincoln and Gainsborough) 

“Everyone friendly, sympathetic, listened to my comments and happy to involve my husband and listen to his views/comments or answer his questions.”  Relative of a Service User (Dementia Support Service, Lincoln and Gainsborough) 

“Very informative and easy to talk to, very helpful” - Service User (Dementia Support Service, Lincoln and Gainsborough) 

“Things were explained in plain English and my questions or queries were answered” - Service User (Memory Assessment and Management Service, Lincoln)

" [They] have been excellent spending time with me and my husband, really helping us to understand the illness and how I can improve. A really positive approach for which I am grateful” - Service User (Neuropsychology, County-wide)

"He listened with patience to my husband's problems and answered any questions we had.” - Community Mental Health Team, Stamford

"All the team have been brilliant with the support and explanation for my father and to me with helping him come to terms with his condition. I can't thank you all enough." - relative of a service user (Dementia Support Services)

"… was very friendly, professional and made sure she collated plenty of information and of external organisations to help me as a carer for my husband. She made further contact and made it clear she was available if needed in the future. - wife of a service user (Dementia Support Services)

"The service continued to provide me with the opportunity to be involved with my care and treatment which is very important to a patient." - Service User (Dementia Support Services)

“I feel very lucky to have had such kind and caring help and advice without exception. All staff were so very informative and interested in my husband and I. I was very impressed with how easy it was to get access to the HTT doctor and to discuss ongoing issues with my medications. It was good to use your knowledge with things I am unsure of or worried about. I am more than satisfied with the service I received” - Service User (Home Treatment Team)

The session we had was organised, clear and practical.  She delivered the activities with understanding and dealt with issues sensitively.  We felt able to ask any questions, which were all answered clearly.  As a carer, I appreciated the opportunity to chat to her one to one as well.  All in all a thoroughly professional service, followed up with a quick diagnosis.  We are just awaiting further support now. - Service User (Digital Memory Assessment and Management Service ( Digital MAMS)

“We received excellent support at the new and difficult time. As well as support for mum, she provided good emotional support to his family carers. The lady we are in contact with has been amazing. She calmed me down, gave us lots of information that we can access as and when we need to. She was very good with my husband and gave me information for another lady who needs support. We feel blessed to have her help us. All the team were kind, considerate and listened to me. Thank you for explaining the journey of my mother is now with dementia”  Carer - (Dementia Support Service, Lincoln & Gainsborough)

"Excellent service. Friendly staff. Cannot fault anything in Brant Ward. Everything is absolutely immaculate Have been looked after by staff very well. I have been impressed by the friendliness of everyone. Food is excellent. I enjoyed activities and games. I enjoyed watching television at night. The accommodation is superb. I will back with good memories of Brant Ward." Service User (Brant Ward, Lincoln)

"Support staff were professional, yet friendly - gave us all the information and listened to and answered any questions we had." (Dementia Support Service)

“Provided lots of information.  Very knowledgeable.  Explained things to mum.  Know they are there if needed." (Dementia Support Service)

"I was amazed how much help and services there are.  Although at the moment not ready to receive any of the services yet.  I feel a back-up is there for me so I'm no longer anxious." (Dementia Support Service)

"It was a kind, personal approach. We felt that we were no longer dealing with dementia on our own." -Service user - (Community Mental Health Team [CMHT], Skegness)

"Everyone I have dealt with to date has been very understanding and listened, thank you." - Service user (Community Mental Health Team [CMHT], Skegness)

Everything was fantastic, all of you are brilliant. I'll never be able to thank you enough. (Home Treatment Team [HTT], countywide.)

"The doctor had lots of time and patience to examine and explain things to myself and my mother. We felt included in the process and ongoing treatment." - Service user (Gainsborough Older Adults, Community Mental Health Team)

As newcomers to the dementia team we are very happy with the services you have provided already and look forward to more friendly encounters with Susie and Vicky.  I intend to visit the Sleaford dementia support activity group with patient on Wednesday 14 May for the first time." (Dementia Support Team, Grantham).

"Everything was thorough and didnt feel rushed, very good. Nothing to improve on." - Service User (Brant Ward, Lincoln)

"Three members of staff gave us their full attention.  They treated us so well, I was amazed by how fast they collected information for us.  We cannot thank them enough, they fitted us into their busy schedule, treated us with amazing respect, they listened and put a plan in place quickly." - Service user (Memory assessment and management service, Lincoln)

"The doctor explained everything clearly etc.  She was very approachable and all in all I had a good experience." Service user (Older Adults Community Mental Health Team)

"It was nice to know there is always someone there to talk things through with, just pick the phone up and talk to family." (Dementia Support Team, Skegness) 

"Susie answered all my questions fully about my mother's diagnosis of combined dementia. I was sent via email lots of helpful information. She was very thorough and I am grateful for her help." (Dementia Support Team, Boston)  

"I would like to say that I appreciate everything you did for me." (Home Treatment Team, Countywide)

"I am very pleased to have Dr Gillespie as my psychiatrist. It has made a big difference to me. Thank you very much." (Older Adults, Community Mental Health Team, Gainsborough) 

"In terms of getting assessed and in quickly really helped. I recognise the effort people have gone to, great activities - Mandy, Amy, Chantelle. Jo, Charlie were great and calming. You get a positive feeling when you call up. You feel supported." - Service user (Brant Ward, Lincoln)

"Louise was helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly.  Like a breath of fresh air. She improved my experience of my journey 100%. I just hope more for the future of dementia care." - Service user (Dementia Support Team, Louth)

"I could not have better support that I have or I am getting. Thank you." - Service user (Dementia Support, Lincoln and Gainsborough)

"Excellent service, couldn't fault it.  Thank you." - Service user (Dementia Support, Boston)

"Nurse Lou Davis was always on hand to reassure me and offer advice.  She has been a great support for me and I really appreciate the time she spent with me." - Service user (Community Mental Health Team, Boston)

"I was so pleased, as I was feeling a little lost, but the staff I spoke with helped no end, now I feel more confident.  Thank you to you all." - Service user (Memory Assessment and Management System, Lincoln)

The service I received was first rate.  I was dubious about coming but after talking to Janet I felt relaxed and very much at ease.  Thanks very much Janet." - Service user (Community Mental Health Team, Louth)

"The services were excellent - I have nothing but praise." - Service user (Community Mental Health Team, Stamford)

"Once we were referred to you everything was explained well and we were happy to have a clearer view of his condition. Also referral to help with legal forms and claims was prompt." - Service user (Dementia Support, Skegness)

"Your dementia support service has reached the status of VERY GOOD in my opinion with carer Heather Watson and team being professional with a relaxed and unrushed informative approach with appointments be in in person or via the telephone." - Service user (Dementia Support, Lincoln and Gainsborough)

"Vicky was very helpful and polite caring person." - Service user (Community Mental Health Team, Grantham and Sleaford)

"Both my husband and I felt we were respected and informed well of our situation." -  Service user (Dementia Support, Spalding)

"Very happy, everything you did was great, stayed in touch, mum's needs were put first." - Service user (Brant Ward, North Hykeham)

"You couldn't have done anymore for me just to hear a voice at the end of the phoned offering advice I felt there was someone who will listen to me and always be there.  Thank you."  - Service user (Dementia Support, Lincoln and Gainsborough)

"Excellent very reassuring to know there is always someone to help when needed for both of us."  - Service user (Dementia Support, Lincoln and Gainsborough)

"Excellent service given by all members of the team.  Their support enabled me to stay at home and recover quicker in my own surroundings.  Thank you." - Service user (Home Treatment Team, Countywide)

"I am writing this on behalf of my husband who was diagnosed with mixed dementia in 2020.  He attempted suicide on 10/07/2023 and I was advised to take him to A&E that is where we were put in touch with the DHTT.  They now visit us everyday and I don't know where we would be without their support.  My husband would be sitting in a mental health ward getting progressively worse." - Relative of a service user (Dementia Home Treatment Team, Boston)

"I can't think of anything more HTT could have done.  You were all amazing.  Thank you." - Service user (Home Treatment Team, Countywide)

"They were able to talk to me in words I could understand. Involved us both in helping with my needs I didn't feel frightened in having the conversation." - Service user (Dementia Support, Grantham)

"Very professional, friendly and put me at ease." - Service user (Community Mental Health Team, Stamford)

"Very informative friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Extremely helpful service and much needed." - Service user (Dementia Support, Grantham)

"Very helpful, kind, supportive and friendly." - Service user (Dementia Support, Skegness)

"I felt very comfortable talking to your staff. My husband was allowed to stay with me so we both got my information first hand." - Service user (Memory Assessment and Management Service​​​​​​, Boston)

"Made welcome straight away and was comfortable at all times." - Service user (Memory Assessment and Management Service​​​​​​, Skegness)

"I was seen by Cindy Cox, my appointment was thorough. I felt very comfortable throughout." - Service user (Dementia Support, Spalding)

"We were both surprised and pleased the way we were treated and supported.  Could not have done better." Service user - (Home Treatment Team, Countywide)

"A very helpful and pleasant meeting.  Certainly helped to address the feelings of being left high and dry for so long." - Service user (Dementia Support, Louth

Feedback from carers

"Communication was really good. It has been clear and concise. Staff are all professional, friendly, and amenable. No improvement needed – can’t fault anything at all. I have felt very supported; even when living miles away the ward has still kept me in the loop of what is happening, and they have listened to me and my concerns." - Carer (Acute and Inpatient Services - Ellis Ward)

"Therapeutic relationships were made with the staff and they were all very empathetic. I feel that there isn’t anything that the team could do better. They all did an excellent job with my wife. 

"I felt supported as a husband. I was playing an active part in my wife’s care anyway, and when the Home Treatment Team got involved I still felt really involved in the treatment. I wasn’t pushed out the way, which was really good." - Carer (Services for Older People - Home Treatment Team)

"The team are absolutely wonderful. We had no support before admission and now I have my wife at home with support and it's just wonderful. Having the carer Peer Support Worker call me is very helpful. It's nice to know I’m cared about." - Carer (Services for Older People - Dementia Home Treatment Team, Witham Court)

"They cheered his son up a bit more; he felt that he was more positive. They really looked after him there and were good with him. Got support from the lady on Ellis Ward; Carmen, I think it was. I had two calls from her. It was really nice to be able to speak to someone and just chat -- sometimes about my son, other times about things that were on my mind. You are all lovely and really helped. I am so thankful." - Carer (Ellis Ward)

"Good - caring, had the ability to talk with the patient and open him up a little bit, always there, and always listened to concerns. The patient felt he built up a relationship with Sarah and so did I, and I was able to talk to her whenever needed. She listened to what I had to say and reassured me in every way that she could." - Carer (Integrated Place-Based Teams)

"I was happy with the care my wife received and the compassion that I was shown. Communication was good, and I was invited to the ward rounds if I wanted to attend. There was no problem with me visiting my wife everyday which was good. I felt supported as carer, as I was always asked how I was feeling; it was not just my wife getting the support, but I got support too. I received a carers pack which had lots of information in it which was good." - Carer (Brant Ward)

"Communication was very good. We were happy with the service that was given to us, and I couldn’t recommend the home treatment enough. They were absolutely brilliant with my husband but also as his carer. I felt very supported by the Home Treatment Team. They even phoned me up after the visits to check in to make sure that I was OK, which meant a lot to me. Very happy with all the service." - Carer (Witham Court)

"We have felt very supported, and have been involved as much as we can be with living so far away, but we have joined in our ward rounds on the phone which has been very good." - Carer (Brant Ward)

"I have had so much information, support and help. Staff have been really great at looking after me as well as my husband. I felt that staff always had time for me to listen and reassure me any time I rang, often twice a day." - Carer (Ellis Ward)

"I can’t fault the ward at all. Special mention for Natasha. She is very caring. She was outstanding, can’t praise her enough. The role of the carer champion is so helpful and she believes it should be available in every ward of the country, as it makes such a difference. Even though W12 were really good, she doesn’t know what she would have done without her. - Carer (Ward 12)

"As a carer for my wife, I am delighted to tell how impressed I am with your service I have received. During the past four years I have had 10 calls for help when I can see my wife is having a relapse and showing signs she is struggling. I have called them and in no time they have arranged the care she needs. I would be lost without them and it's comforting to know they are always there when I need them." - Carer (Services for Older People)

"Very happy with the service, couldn't wish for any better support. All the staff are lovely, genuine people who have given lots of help and advice. 1000% the best care." - Carer (Witham Court)

"The compassion and understanding that was shown towards my mum was second to none. The time that was given to my mum but also me as a carer." - Carer (Home Treatment Team, Witham Court)

"Cant’ fault anything. Everything was good. The way we were treated and the consideration we were given was excellent." - Carer (Witham Court).

"Smashing!  The people that visit are lovely and friendly." - Carer (Home Treatment Team)


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