Psychiatric clinical decisions unit

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The Psychiatric Clinical Decisions Unit (PCDU) is available for people in severe mental health crisis who would benefit from a period of extra support in a day unit. The service is based on the Lincoln County Hospital site at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre and provides a safe space for patients to have a thorough assessment of their needs. Patients work with professionals to help decide the best treatment and support for them, whether this is returning home with intensive support from professionals, or being admitted to a specialist mental health ward.

The unit is able to care for up to six adults at a time, for up to 48 hours, in a safe, purpose-built environment away from A&E.  This enables the team to spend more time with patients to better assess their needs and decide with them and their carers what would best help them through their current crisis or severe episode. The team includes mental health nurses, psychiatrist, social workers, support workers and admin. The team provides psychological interventions, medication review and practical problem solving, with help, advice and liaison with other services such as housing, debt management etc to support the person in crisis.

Referral to the unit is via the LPFT Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Team.

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