Help us celebrate our first ever LPFT Patient Achievement Awards

Published on: 18th June 2024

Do you want to be directly involved in celebrating the achievements of patients who use LPFT services? Now is your chance to give recognition to those with mental health conditions, dementia, learning disabilities and autistic people who are cared for by the Trust.

For the first time ever, we as patients have worked collaboratively to organise an annual awards ceremony to recognise patient’s achievements. We know that people in hospital, full-time carers and those struggling with their mental health, learning disabilities and autism are unfortunately often overlooked. No matter how small a project may seem; we believe it deserves to be shared and rewarded.

We only take patient-focused nominations. These projects MUST be led by patients themselves or co-produced by patients with support staff/carers. So why not have your say and together we can bring as much publicity and awareness as possible to a one of a kind event.

Sharon Harvey, Director of Nursing and Quality at LPFT said:

"I'm so excited to be able to support this first ever event for LPFT. Our new strategy is all about co-production and the value that people with lived and learnt experience bring to and enrich what we do. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the fantastic nominations we receive and celebrating these achievements."

Nominations are only open for another few weeks until Friday 28 June, so hurry or you might miss out.

 There are six categories to make sure we don't miss anyone out. These include:

  • Health and wellbeing award
  • Proud to be me award
  • Celebrating what makes you, you award
  • Recovery and creativity award
  • Sense of community award
  • Outstanding patient achievement award

Does one of these categories fit a patient that you know? Find out more by using this link and making a nomination.

Alternatively, paper copies are available by emailing or calling 01522 309194.