Governor elections

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This summer we were holding elections for our Council of Governors (CoG). Governors play a vital role in ensuring that your views are heard and that our services continually improve.

The results of the 2019 elections:

Service user and carer elections 2019

Governors starting with the Trust on 1 October.

  • Milly Allinson (service user governor)
  • Pauline Mountain (service user governor and lead governor)
  • Jane Avison (service user governor)
  • Zachary Kellerman (service user governor)
  • Simon Hallam (service user governor)
  • Rachel Higgins (service user governor)
  • Thomas Dunning (service user governor)
  • Susanne Swinburn (general carer governor)
  • Daniel Fleshbourne (general carer governor)
  • Tracey Roberts (general carer governor)
  • George Badiali (staff specialist services governor)

Future elections

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